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Masterchef: The Professionals – Episode 2 – The Pop Up Brings Pressure

The Adelaide radio DJ whose interview Marco Pierre White walked out of because he had queried that the reason his marriages had broken up was because he was a “prick” may have got it wrong.  Maybe the reason was because he repeats everything. Would he say “Get me my coffee, get me my coffee, get me my coffee” or ” Where are my sock, where are my socks, where are my socks?” or “Kiss my….”, OK I will try and keep it clean but I suspect for some fans he might only need to ask once to get some things that he wants.

Or maybe they dissolved because he is a bit of hypocrite. Tonight on the pop up restaurant challenge he criticised one team for serving up raw beef for the entree, but then told the other team they should have gone for the raw seafood option.

You have to love Marco and his mind games.  On tonight’s episode the two team of chefs had to cook a meal for diners on a pop up tram. These off site challenges are nearly always entertaining,as tension and pressure are heighten as the contestants are taken outside their comfort zone. Fans of the UK version of the show might think differently, however first night ratings for the show were great hitting 1.2 million.

Rhett, the slightly cocky chef from Queensland who is head chef at swanky Jellyfish, was captain of the green team and Nick who landed in the bottom three the previous episode was captain of the red team.

Each team had to prepare three courses, cooking in Federation Square, and serving up across the road at Flinders Station. The winner of the team was to be determined by the diners on a voting system. The winner of the previous challenge Cassie also got to go on the tram to discuss the dishes with Matt Preston.

Rhett who appears to talk a big game, was put under the pump about his choice of serving Asian Style Beef Tartare. He even admitted to Marco only 25 per cent of diners at his restaurant order it. It was risky, but then Marco queried Nick, says he is  good at doing raw, why he had not done a ceviche. But not everyone likes raw seafood either?

The red team did Seared Scallops with two types of carrot puree. The puree was served cold and with only one scallop. However it being cold might have been because they were plating 15 minutes before service!

Cassie told Matt Preston said she thought the Tartare were strong flavours, however Matt Preston was positive about it.

For the main the green team made Pork and Prawn Boudain Blanc under the charge of Sarah who runs Plunge in Summer Hill Sydney and Nathan served up an over smoked eggplant puree. He also cooks in the inner west at Blancmange.

The red team cooked stuffed quail. Nick who was a bit of a stunned mullet under pressure, was dishing up a degustation sized portion, until Luke, who looks like he is there to win,  stepped in and cooked the breast as well which appeared to save the dish.

Marco was also stepping up to his role on the pass this time pointing out to the red team that there was no carrots on one plate. No duck like incident tonight.

Not that missing a carrot would have mattered as the green team’s main tanked. The bourdain blanc was described as gritty, and one diner said “It tasted like the remnants of a bonfire in their mouth”. Though have to take umbrage with Cassie saying the plating up was old school and that she would have liked to have seen foams there. Is foam fetish a Gen Y thing – personally a lot of the time I think they are affectations on a dish. It would be interesting to get Marco’s opinion on this.

For dessert both teams did meringue based desserts. Chrissie and Kylie did Poached Meringue with Tapioca Mango. Rhett freaked out about the presentation but it was Marco who came up with the suggestion that they add more tropical fruit to it.

On the red team Kiah’s suggested plating up of the Pavlova Roulade was over ruled, does this mean his team mates don’t rate him as a chef? I thought his was a better look.

Both desserts were received well, with Matt Preston trying to put some tension into the outcome by saying he loved how the green team’s dessert wobbled in the tram.

However in the end it was a land slide win for the red team who won all three courses. Tuesday night the green team members have to cook for their lives as one person will be eliminated.

Masterchef: The Professionals on Sunday to Tuesday nights on TEN at 7.30pm.



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How Marco refrained from commenting on Anthony’s parting words, took a mighty tongue bite! What a creep intimating that he was better than (them? the show?) An arrogant ‘man’ with a huge ego, small dick and attitude problem. Boy, those fingers of his were a’tapping on his arm too – lots of repressed anger. So glad he’s out of the show.

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