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My Kitchen Rules – What’s To Know About Season Four And The Contestants

My Kitchen Rules kicks off Monday night and twelve teams of two will be hitting our screens to hopefully keep the viewer entertained over the next few months.

This year is seeing some changes there is a new judge Colin Fassnidge and there is going to be blind tastings. It will be interesting to see how both of these changes pan out.  Pete Evans revealed in a very informative interview with TV Tonight that the producers monitor the social media to see what the viewers do and don’t like about the show and tweak it. He says the show like a menu for example the more popular dishes are kept. So in those terms poor Toby Puttock must have been the offal of the menu and was replaced with something a  bit tastier.

Pete Evans who told me on set a few weeks ago, that he reads this blog said he thinks the readers here make intelligent comments, which of course I agreed with, however  let’s try and keep it that way in 2013.

The TV Tonight interview also has information about the length of time it takes to film the home restaurants, how two endings are filmed and intrusion of media into their private lives.

One thing MKR have been fantastic at is casting. They always have a good mix of contestants, last year Peter was particularly memorable as a villain. This year Jake also from Queensland looks like he is going to be the bad guy. Which raises the issue of whether gay guys get cast as the villain a lot of the time. Are they cast purposely with this role in mind or does it just happen? Gav and Waz from The Block managed to avoid villainy but they would be in the minority.

It would be a concern if gay people were put on reality shows to be type cast. Having said that there are probably a few other contestants who will also be edited to portray some stereotype.

The cast is:

New South Wales – Jessie and Biswa (High school friends)
South Australia – Lisa and Stefano (Newly dating)
Tasmania – Mick and Matt (Father and son)
Queensland – Jake and Elle (Brother and sister)
Western Australia – Josh and Andi (Dating hipsters)
Victoria – Kerrie and Craig (Childhood sweethearts)

New South Wales – Luke and Scott (Personal trainers)
South Australia – Jenna and Joanna (Domestic goddesses)
Tasmania – Ali and Samuel (Mates)
Queensland – Dan and Steph (Married)
Western Australia – Lisa and Candice (Former beauty queens)
Victoria – Sam and Chris (Cousins)

My Kitchen Rules starts Monday 28 January at 7.30pm on SEVEN


1 Daisy { 01.27.13 at 5:44 pm }

OK then Pete, if you are reading this; we love your show and can’t wait for Monday; even if we make jokes about your nuts. That’s just because we like to make jokes.

2 Daisy { 01.27.13 at 5:50 pm }

On the other hand it’s a worry…. I hope poor Matt Moran doesn’t read it.

3 Daisy { 01.27.13 at 5:54 pm }

As for villains, the gay couple; lawyers or whatever had NOTHING on Thomas and Carla for ggrrrr factor. I hope Thomas had to clean up his own mess.

4 Georgie { 01.27.13 at 6:20 pm }

I bet MKR trounces MCP in the ratings on Monday night.

5 Isabel { 01.27.13 at 6:39 pm }

How can it be blind testing when they are in home restaurants. Perhaps the scoring is secret – I can’t remember if it usually is. Perhaps I’m thick:-)

6 Stacey { 01.27.13 at 6:43 pm }

I was JUST about to post that Daisy, Thomas and Carla were the true villians from last year. I think I remember them giving someone a 1 just because it would keep them in the competition. That was just bad sportsmanship, they should’ve been fair.

It will be interesting with the blind tasting this year. I wonder if they had done blind tastings in the past the winners would have been different…

The promos have even hooked my mother in law who claims she is allergic to cooking shows!

7 Georgie { 01.27.13 at 6:47 pm }

Isabel I don’t think you’re any thicker than me! I figure it can only happen after the home restaurant rounds unless we’re both missing something.

8 Stacey { 01.27.13 at 6:48 pm }

Isabel- I think the blind tastings refer to group challenges and elimination cook-offs. And in the home restaurants the other contenstants scores are confidential, but Manu and Pete’s aren’t.

9 Daisy { 01.27.13 at 7:00 pm }

Cutest winning MKR team? Sammy and Bella?

10 A.P { 01.27.13 at 7:09 pm }

I’m glad Pete reads our comments and its good to know that our wishes have been acted upon as in the blind tastings.
At this stage without even knowing the contestants I will be barracking for Dan and Steph in the second group because they come from my town.
Can’t wait for this to start!

11 Anna { 01.27.13 at 7:18 pm }

Newly dating and going on reality tv show??? If they come out on the other side still together, then they’ll make it :-)

12 Littlepetal { 01.27.13 at 7:35 pm }

I am still sceptical with the blind tasting. The filming crew will know who cook what. If they want to let the judges know they can. At least they are trying to do the right thing.

13 Golo i Wesolo { 01.27.13 at 7:38 pm }

Matt is a little cutie. I’d love to show him my French flipper trick!

Jake and Sam are obvious homosexuals and deserve to be culled ASAP.

14 Daisy { 01.27.13 at 7:49 pm }

I will barrack for the best and nicest cooks. As for WA, I’ll be happy if they don’t make dicks of themselves. I’ll be proud of them is they are funny and good sports. Stilll it’s only fair to rotate the dicks from state to state. I think Melbourne has had a turn.

15 Gabby { 01.27.13 at 8:36 pm }

Bring it on!

16 Daisy { 01.29.13 at 12:28 am }

What a flying start.
Fabulous villains in the Indian and Bengali girls. Didn’t I see one of those girls go for someone with a butter knife on Current Affair recently. Equally obnoxious offerings from the ballet dancer boy. Love it. Miaow.
Love the Tassie Devils; they look like Grandpa and Junior Flight of the Concords. Shaping up to be one of the nice guy teams.
WA not embarrassing themselves so far. Other nice guy teams to roll their eyes at the villains.
I have to however hang my head in shame when I realized that I too don’t like large pieces of cooked tomato and capsicum, I would balk at eating a baby wallaby, and I don’t like chocolate and orange together, and I don’t like rich chocolate. I suddenly realized I was that girl. It was like the time I suddenly realized how many things Rolf and I had in common with Kath and Kel. Oh and Pete’s starting well for the show because he’s looking a bit thin around the face. It’s either result of too much health food or he has slimmed down in prep for all the eating he has coming up.
Well done MKR. No affectatious poncing on about the food and no sob stories. Just a battle for the best. Good cast so far.
Now to my MCP recording.

17 Anna { 01.29.13 at 9:13 am }

Daisy, I pre taped MKR & watched MC…

The annoying ‘Spice Girls’ …. it’s a cooking show, so a chance of having to eat what they don’t like is guaranteed 101% :-)

The fact that one of then cannot tell a difference between French & Italian accents is hilarious

The brother & sister team should be interesting to see in action… He thinks he us an expert in everything …

Early days yet!!