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Reality Tidbits – Sunday Edition

The Shire’s Sophie and Vernesa were styled by the Sunday Telegraph and they did not want their tits covered. Well if you pay $10,000 for something you probably do want to show it off. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Jessica Mauboy may be going to Hollywood with US buying The Sapphires for distribution. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Jesinta Campbell from Celebrity Apprentice Australia is flashing her hot body for Valentines Day. She won’t stay single for long. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Ricky Martin is in town to film The Voice the blind auditions are due to start filming on Thursday. If you want to see a live show you can go here to register your interest. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Joel Madden’s advisor on The Voice, Benji Madden, has a new girlfriend and she is here in Australia with him. (Source:

The Swan which was a bizarre plastic surgery make over show is coming back, this time with female celebrities. Since they turned each contestant out looking like porn stars, maybe this will be the calibre of the celebs. (Source: EW)

Mel Grieg from The Amazing Race Australia but more famous now for being one of the DJ’s behind the hoax call to the hospital where Kate Middleton was staying will not be charged, however it appears they have been sacked with their show being shelved. (Source: ABC)

Malcolm and Shambo did not want to return for Survivor Caramoan. (Source: Inside TV, but hat tip to Carole thanks). Also clearly I am not the only person who wonders if Brendon Hantz was emotionally strong enough to come back on Survivor however Jeff Probst said he has been passed by a psychologist. (Source: EW)



1 Barney { 02.03.13 at 5:04 pm }

Malcolm is returning. It’s some guy called Matt from Redemption Island who isn’t.

2 Daisy { 02.03.13 at 5:27 pm }

Shambo will hopefully return eventually to do the Survivor Mixed Nuts season, along with Dectective Pink Undies, Tarzan, Dreadlocks from this season and a few others.

What about a Survivor Brain v Braun. Outrun or out smart.

3 Carole { 02.03.13 at 8:01 pm }

Actually Daisy, Detective Pink Undies, I assume you mean Phillip, is returning this season. Should be interesting.

4 Daisy { 02.03.13 at 8:10 pm }

Oh Carole. I wonder if he’s changed them. The sight of that FBI agent in those drooby pink undies is forever etched in my mind.
Was it Tarzan that washed his undies in the cooking pot?
At least we haven’t had any going all European on us, eg 80 yrolds wearing large spud in the front and Gstring at the back. Oh that’s right they always blur out the bums and boosies when they fall out. Thank God for the yankee censoring sparing us that sight.

5 Carole { 02.03.13 at 10:19 pm }

Well, he said he was bringing pink undies again, and was going to be putting something in his sneakers that everybody is going to be talking about. So I am curious about that. He said he wasn’t going to be blowing up all the time. Lets see how long that lasts. Boston Rob won’t be there this time manipulating everyone. It was him who took Phillip to the end because it suited him, and he ended up winning so it worked out well for him. Be interesting to see how he plays this time without him.

6 Georgie { 02.04.13 at 12:52 pm }

“…Benji Madden, has a new girlfriend and she is here in Australia with him.”

So the imported talent are importing their talent too! What about a nice Orstrayan girl Benji – hmmm?