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My Kitchen Rules – Spice Girls Fizzle Out In Spectacular Style

The most anticipated episode of My Kitchen Rules with fans of the show having to  wait four nights to see if Jessie and Biswa were going to get the perfect tens they had been talking about or if karma was going to bite them on the proverbial.

In the end it was the latter and the villains in Bollywood movies have had less humiliating denouement then the spice girls did.

As viewers know this show is not only a cooking contest, it is also a popularity contest. Other teams will add or subtract extra points depending on their feelings for you so the girls were always going to find it tough.

Biswa did not help with endearing herself to them by declaring as they seated the other teams “no more boring meals!”. At some stages of the evening the diners would have just liked to have seen ANY meal.

Their restaurant was called Taza meaning fresh. Their menu was pani puri, lamb samosa and yoghurt lassi for entree,  main was  goat sindhi biriyani, and dessert is Gulab Juman,

Andi bitched they are cooking what they know. Excuse me? This from someone who confessed to making cous cous once a week which was on her menu. Most of the teams are cooking dishes that they know.

Lisa was looking for faults. Clearly shagging a younger man doesn’t make you happy, as she always looks sour and barely smiles, tonight was no exception. Maybe she is just exhausted.

At first it looked like everything was going smoothly, however first issue was the pani puri dough did not work properly and had to be redone. At this point it meant Jessie had to do the filling for the lamb samosas something that was meant to be Biswa’s responsibility.

Problem was both of their entree dishes were fiddly and this meant it was nearly two hours since the arrival of the guests and they were nowhere near in serving the entree.  It might have helped if they fried the samosas in bulk rather than individually. The other guests thought it might be a growing up lesson for them.

The girls were working in a  kitchen  that was not very big and the benches looked quite packed. As was the pantry but those pesky testra packs of Campbell’s stock keep on popping up in them. In fact those stock containers are starting to remind me of the Travelocity gnomes in the US version of The Amazing Race.

As an aside I hope those girls turned off the oil each time they went to the door to greet guests, as you felt there could be a “oh my goodness the samosas” moment occurring.

After finally serving it the reviews were not great. Manu liked the spiciness of the samosa,but thought the pani puri was bland. Pete agreed with Manu and thought the lassi was not a necessary part of the dish. Jessie was upset with Biswa for not putting enough filling in the pastry.

Actually was Jessie upset a lot, and you could tell a disaster was unfolding as in Jessie’s too camera pieces she had red eyes and was clutching a tissue.

After two hours for a not very big entree it was an hour and half between entree and dessert. What were they doing? Biswa had a brain explosion and started serving up huge mounds of rice for people and then realised she had run out in the end.

Then there was an hour and a half between entree and main. Then they realised they did not have enough rice, this problem occurred after they served up huge portions on the serving plates. Jessie had a mega meltdown. What I could not work out was why they served the goat on top of the rice why they had not stirred it through it. Which I thought that was what you did with a biriyani.

Pete thought flavour was there with the goat but some pieces were tough. – the rice was lacking flavour and he said some seasoning would not have gone astray

Manu complained they had waited too long. He said his meat was melt in the mouth with great flavours but then he said it read better on the menu. I thought he was being overly critical, that goat looked like it was good.

Jake and Elle from the Queensland team thought it was bland.

Their dessert was Gulab Juman with a baked yoghurt. The judges hated the yoghurt and yes it did look like baby puke. Pete told them they needed to taste their food. The dessert was pretty much inedible. They had added the yoghurt as they thought some people might think the Gulab Juman was too sweet. Was the dessert worse than Tom and Carla’s Lavender Cheesecakes?

Andi and Josh were happy to score them a three, as did the rest of the teams for a total of 15 out of 50. The girls continued being deluded about how disastrous the evening was thought there was strategic voting going on.

Jake said “Jessie and Biswa should take a note from the other Spice Girls and call it quits!”

However the judges scores were not much better. Pete scored the entree a six, gave the main a six, and dessert a measly one.

Whilst Manu scored entree a five, main was a six, and dessert was a two.

This gave them a grand total of 41 so Andi and Josh with their inflated score are safe.

Tonight the other Jake and Elle must be feeling confident as they head into their home restaurant round knowing that as long as they plate something they should be safe from a elimination.

It is sad the girls will likely be eliminated as they have given this series a lot of colour and chatter, however with them gone it may give some more chances of other personalities to emerge, and yes I am looking at you Lisa.


1 Gabby { 02.05.13 at 9:16 pm }

Annajjj@5. I am with you and BDD about Tassie dad, becoming a bit obnoxious now. Would not like it if he was my dad or a guest at my dinner table. Want s to say a bit less.
Also I think Pete and Manu were far too generous were far too generous with their entre and main scores. I think points should have been taken off due to the amount of time they were made to wait for the meals. No mention was made about that during scoring.
Those numbskulls certainly brought themselves undone, but we all knew they would.

2 Gabby { 02.05.13 at 10:08 pm }

Yes , Tassie Dad getting on my wick too annajjj@5. Needs to keep his mouth zipped as a dad and as a dinner guest. A shame, I liked him last week. Now he’s getting a pain in the neck every time he opens his mouth.
Also I think Pete and Manu scored the girls too high on their entree and main. They didn’t take into account the amount of time they had to wait in between each course. Nothing was mentioned about that and I think that is a huge component.

3 Dane { 02.05.13 at 10:10 pm }

The spice girls need to grow up and stop being so immature. they are giving a bad name to the Indian culture.grow up

4 Momo { 02.06.13 at 7:43 am }

i’m quite disturbed by how the spice girls ate with their mouths opened (at jake and elle’s) and talked with their mouths full.

5 Jollen { 02.16.13 at 1:05 am }

I am not sure that’s how I want India to be represented. They are extremely loud and obnoxious. I am Indian (ok, so I haven’t lived there long, visited more but still Indian) and I know the food – that’s not how it’s supposed to be cooked and it didn’t look right. Esp pani puri – they ruined my fav. street food!
And I’ve never had or heard of that baked yoghurt. AND THAT’s NOT HOW YOU SERVE GULAB JAMUN. It looks like most of it is what has been handed down, slowly losing the authenticity and flavours.
Clothes, jewellery and bollywood doesn’t make you a part of the culture – if anything, it’s not even 10%. So no – you do not represent India at all. Please just be yourself, if you’re more familiar with other food – cook that!

6 Muststopwatching { 02.16.13 at 7:32 am }

Few posts back – I think Tassie Dad is morphing into Alf Stewart.

7 luke { 02.21.13 at 7:31 pm }

Did anybody else realise that at Jake and Elles restaurant, they complained about the steak and were shoving it into their mouths. They even said “I can’t eat this!”

skip to 35:55 36:20 and 36:25 It makes me laugh so much!

8 luke { 02.21.13 at 7:32 pm }

Did anybody else realise that at Jake and Elles restaurant, they complained about the steak and were shoving it into their mouths. They even said “I can’t eat this!”

skip to 35:55 36:20 36:25 and 36:35 It makes me laugh so much!