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Selling Houses Starts Tonight on Lifestyle Channel

You have to love the innovative promo for the sixth season of Selling Houses Australia.

It starts tonight (Wednesdsay 6 February) on the Lifestyle Channel. The show is about revamping houses that people are having difficulty selling. Andrew Winter, Shaynna Blaze and Charlie Albone go in and give their advice and also razzle up the property to try and sell it.

It is always an interesting and entertaining show to watch if you have pay TV, sometimes there is those “what were they thinking when they bought the house” moments.

The comedian Akmal is on episode six  as they brought a house well actually a shack in the Byron Shire in a town called Huonbrook. However the alternate lifestyle was not for them, and now they have to sell it but the one bedroom house they were living in was not an approved dwelling, and that is where selling houses comes in.

Tonight’s episode set in Frankston where the house that is on the market is opposite a cemetery. The other issues are no working kitchen nor bathroom. This one could take a miracle.

Selling Houses Australia – Lifestyle Channel on Wednesdays at 8.30pm


1 A.P { 02.06.13 at 3:52 pm }

This is a great show, it could show “The Block” a thing or two!
Trouble is its on the same time as MKR .

2 Golo i Wesolo { 02.06.13 at 8:25 pm }

And here I thought Frankston was a cemetary.

3 Gabby { 02.07.13 at 2:08 pm }

I am looking forward to it as well. I grew up I Frankston, many, many years ago when it used to be quite an elite place to live, not that we were elite, it’s just that it was elite compared to what it is these days. I hear poor old Frankston has a really bad name now. I love this show.

4 Helen { 03.17.13 at 1:19 pm }

I’ve always like Selling Houses Australia. I think it needs something different added (not sure what) but it’s the same thing every time. The only thing that makes it interesting to stay and watch is the different house and owners but if they could somehow make it different it would be better considering this show has been going for years.

5 Gabby { 03.17.13 at 3:26 pm }

Helen, are you going through all the old postings and having a clear up? Nothing wrong with that.
Funny you just mentioned this show. I have about six of these shows sitting in my in box and finally decided to watch one this morning. As usual it ran exactly the same as they all do, I enjoyed it but I wonder why I haven’t been drawn to watch them sooner. So maybe it is getting a bit tiring. I think these home owners are damn lucky to get the team in and get a fantastic makeover at a rock bottom price though.

6 Helen { 03.18.13 at 1:28 am }

Hi Gabby, that’s funny. I just got on a roll and browsed through some shows and people and had to put my bit in. It’s very addictive sometimes. Must have had too much time on my hands.
A for Selling Houses I tend to watch the beginning, fast forward to the end to see the transformation and price – if I am pressed for time or it’s a bit boring.

7 Gabby { 03.18.13 at 6:47 pm }

It would be great to see you commenting more regularly on the the shows Helen. I will be watching out for you.

8 Tinka { 05.02.14 at 9:42 pm }

I love this show. I caught a really old repeated episode on TV earlier this week of a gorgeous home in Adelaide the owners were trying to sell, and wouldn’t budge on price for. They wanted around the late $900s for it, but then after the work they wanted $1.1m! I don’t think the lady of the house wanted to move … even though the house was newish, they’d left lots of stuff undone; when Shayna and Charlie finished making the improvements she tut-tutted over a few things and just didn’t seem happy with anything. But I think that was just her – she wouldn’t have liked anything she’d done either.

I often wonder where the folks find the cash for the improvements from, though – Andrew often says in his commentary that they’ve run out of money – yet they somehow manage to find $15-20k (on average)? Maybe they take their cut after the sale or something. But then again, if it doesn’t sell, then how do they get paid in situations like this?

9 Chrissie { 06.06.14 at 2:35 pm }

Does anyone know if Akmal ended up selling?! Hate it when it’s left a cliffhanger!!