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Top Chef Seattle – Another Cracker Season With Some Returning Contestants

For fans of reality TV cooking shows Top Chef is one of the best. Unfortunately it is only shown on pay TV.

The show has professional chefs who fight it out for the title of Top Chef. The prize is $125,000 and a showcase the the Food & Wine Magazine show in Aspen. This is the tenth season of the show, and it does not get dull. They refresh it with new cities and new judges and guest judges. Padma Lakshmi is still host with Tom Collicchio, they and Gail Simmons continue to be the stalwarts on the panel. However this series Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Legasse and Hugh Acheson are also guest judges.

One of the twists of this season is they brought back three chefs from previous seasons. Cocky Stefan, lanky CJ and Josie who was on Season two, a series I have not watched.

The great thing about this show is the cooking as well as the casting. They also film in their house and the holding room whilst waiting to hear who the judges are going to send home, and this can take hours a few beers and tempers can explode. These chefs have egos. John Tesar the 54 year old from Texas who had a big rep in New York in the ’80’s but drugs were his downfall is great to watch. He is rubbing a few contestants up the wrong way. Also Stefan who considers himself a pants man is trying to rub up some female contestants in a flirtatious way. It will be interesting to see if he succeeds.

The contestants are:

– Lizzie Binder, a 37-year-old from Napa, CA

– Tina Bourbeau, a 42-year-old from New York, NY (eliminated ep 1)

– Chrissy Camba, a 30-year-old from Chicago, IL

– Stephanie Cmar, a 27-year-old from Boston, MA (eliminated ep 1)

– Micah Fields, a 28-year-old from Los Angeles, CA

– Eliza Gavin, a 38-year-old from Telluride, CO

– Anthony Gray, a 35-year-old from Macon, GA (Eliminated ep 1)

– Jeffrey Jew, a 34-year-old from Washington, DC (eliminated ep 2)

– Gina Keatley, a 32-year-old from New York, NY (eliminated ep 1)

– Kristen Kish, a 28-year-old from Boston, MA

– Danyele McPherson, a 31-year-old from Dallas, TX

– Daniel O’Brien, a 32-year-old from Washington, DC (eliminated ep 1)

– Carla Pellegrino, a 43-year-old from Las Vegas, NV

– Jorel Pierce, a 28-year-old from Denver, CO (eliminated ep 1)

– Sheldon Simeon, a 30-year-old from Lahaina, HI

– John Tesar, a 54-year-old from Dallas, TX

– Joshua Valentine, a 32-year-old from Oklahoma City, OK

– Bart Vandaele, a 41-year-old from Washington, DC

– Tyler Wiard, a 41-year-old from Denver, CO

– Brooke Williamson, a 33-year-old from Los Angeles, CA

– Kuniko Yagi, a 35-year-old from Los Angeles, CA (eliminated ep 3)

Currently in Australia it is up to episode four.

Top Chef – Seattle on Arena TV Monday nights at 9.30pm