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Masterchef: The Profesionals – Matt Embraced The Theme, But Marco Did Not

Matt Preston busted out his cowboy outift for the challenge at Mansfield in the Snowy Mountains, but thankfully he left the horse at home, anyway it probably would have messed up his new crisp white jeans.

The challenge was to cook a banquet over campfires for fifty people. They had four hours to prep and cook it. Ater a random draw, there was the green team led by Rhys, with Michael, Cassie, Nick and Rhett, though they appeared to defer to Rhett on direction. The other team aka the red team was Β captained by Sarah included Bonny, Luke, Coop, and Nathan.

It was a race for the protiens which the red team won by grabbing pork and trout, while the green team took different cuts of beef and venison. However they won the race back to the campsite so this meant the green team got to serve their banquet first. It was seen to be an advantage filling up the diners/voters first as they would have lost their appetite by the time the red team served up.

Sarah when talking about the menu stated the obvious when she said “Whatever we do it needs to be full of flavour.”

The biggest drama in prep for the red was whether to fillet their trout. The fish was small and it was going to be time consuming. Sarah was phaffing trying to make a decision about to bone or not to bone, then finally she decided to go with Luke’s view that it needed to be done.

He was hacking into the fish and Marco came over and said it was very messy. Sarah then tried to flick the blame of deciding to fillet the fish onto Luke.

Rhett was worried about the red team’s menu as he thought it was the perfect protein mix, particularly when both teams had been gifted a lamb, which they both put in an Argentinian grill.

Unsurprisingly Cassie was making dessert on the green team and she was making a crumble. She said to Rhys she was having trouble taking the full frontal heat from the campfire when she was cooking her crumble, and he said to her ” you have been there for three minutes, try two hours like I have.”

She should have quipped back “well there has to be some advantage to being stuck on doing dessert…. AGAIN”. Bonny was cooking a crumble for her team as well.

However in the crumble cook off Bonny’s won. Considering they were all out of the cooking comfort zone things were pretty calm.

The green team presented grilled venison, lamb with lemon and parsley, beef brisket with onion jam, and osso buco, the sides were roast vegetables. Neither team cooked the iconic drovers dish of damper. Dessert was apple, berry and rhubarb crumble.

Red team reinvented the cassoulet making it with cider, they presented their lamb with tomato and capers and they also had a trout salad, and a few other side salads to go with it.

If Marco had been voting he would have voted for the green team, he thought there was too much going on in the red teams dishes and he could not pick out the individual flavours.

Of course it was Matt Preston who managed to find a fish bone. However this did not hinder them as the red team were voted the winners. It was close as it was 31 votes to 27, which means there were more than 50 guests there obviously, unless a couple voted twice!

Cassie was immediatley concened she was going to be in eliminated in the service challenge on Tuesday as the other four chefs were so strong.

She will be hoping a weak player is in the tasting challenge tomorrow night stuffs up Β as one person from the winning red team will be joining the green team in the elimination challenge. This is a bit unfair as they all thought they had cooked themselves to safety, but they must need it to balance out the teams.

Masterchef: The Professionals on TEN – Sunday to Tuesday at 7,30pm



1 Simon { 02.17.13 at 11:36 pm }

Matt did mention that 58 people turned up.

2 Dr T { 02.17.13 at 11:46 pm }

I thought Nathan was very interesting in this episode… he correctly concluded that filleting the fish was a big mistake, but just kept quiet about it and got on with his work. He also put pressure on Sarah to make a decision too (“You’re the captain”)… was very interesting seeing as I think they are room mates too if I heard correctly…

I’m pretty sure it was Nathan as well at the produce station who got the red team to hold back and sort out what they were going to do rather than trying to shoot through straight away.

On the other hand, I thought the pirate was quite good at planning, evidently not…

I am really hoping it’s Rhett and Nathan left towards the end.

The other great thing about tonight – no back stories!

Wondering if there is only 1 elimination this week (would appear to be the case)

3 Daisy { 02.18.13 at 12:15 am }

That’s sneaky! I thought, “Oh no. The green team has all good chefs so one of them will have to go”. Seems like the MCP producers might have thought the same thing and altered what they said and will be throwing one or two of the red team in as well. I think Bonnie, Luke or Coop seem to have been less successful so far.

But how beautiful did Vic look and what a great Aussie vibe to see and hear all those horses and their riders. Well done MCP on tonight’s venue.

4 Daisy { 02.18.13 at 12:17 am }

Dr T I agree Nathan was a good team player. He understands leadership.

5 Littlepetal { 02.18.13 at 7:35 am }

So many dishes on the table but its the crumble that put the green team into the elimination challenge.

6 Joseph Skyrim { 02.18.13 at 8:35 am }

Oh no, I think jowlsy ate my post! O_O

7 Muststopwatching { 02.18.13 at 9:02 am }

Daisy at 3 – the high country looked impossibly beautiful!

8 Anna { 02.18.13 at 9:13 am }

Jowlsy, needs to stop talking about food. The more he talks it becomes more apparent that he knows a little bit more then B1 from MKR.

She wanted carbs in Tassie. Carbs bind things like protein. So crumbs on squid & veggies didn’t count. Neither did peas that came with salmon.

She ate rice with dessert where there were no rice. Impossible that producers put her upto it

9 Barney { 02.18.13 at 9:31 am }

I don’t know if ’58 showed up’ or not. They showed footage of an old bloke saying it was too close for him to call, so he was putting a nail in both buckets and showed him doing just that. It made my blood boil.

10 Carole { 02.18.13 at 9:47 am }

I thought the countryside looked beautiful too. Thought it was funny Cassie whinging about the heat, when she had been there 3 mins, when they had all been there a couple of hours.

And what a surprise that Matt got the bone. If there is a bone in a fish, he will always find it.

I thought Sarah, as team leader, should have stuck to her guns and did the fish the way she wanted. But it worked out in the end, despite the bones still in it.

I thought all the food looked good, and it would have been hard to choose between them. I did see one person vote for both teams as they couldn’t make up their mind.

I don’t think it’s very fair that someone from the winning team could be eliminated too.

11 Dunbi { 02.18.13 at 11:02 am }

It’s interesting the difference between what the chefs think is good and what the ‘ordinary’ people like. That very al dente pasta in MKR was praised by Pete and Manu and not liked by the other diners (except for Stefano) Almost raw meat always praised by the chefs and yet sent back by the diners. I had picked the red team, their food looked amazing and yet Marco would have chosen the green team.

12 Muststopwatching { 02.18.13 at 11:12 am }

Emporer Matt was floundering with his buttery, biscuity simperings about a crumble.

13 Anna { 02.18.13 at 11:15 am }

Fish has bones!!! I’ve ordered with whole at a restaurant & they warned me that it still has all the bones…
Bones add sweetness. Wish Jowlsy will stop complaining when he finds bones in the fish that was cooked whole

Dunbi, best quality meat should be cooked medium rare.

Some diners like it blue. Others like to kill it!

14 Joseph Skyrim { 02.18.13 at 11:29 am }

In the event that RR can’t retrieve my missing post I just wanted to restate my dislike of flies, and man – were they everywhere this episode. o.o

15 Dr T { 02.18.13 at 11:54 am }

Anna @ 13 – yes, but the problem with a bone in a fish prepped by a professional is that when you are told it’s “boneless” (as per the footage and the vision), it’s probably not unreasonable to be annoyed. They should have done it whole as had been suggested.

16 Muststopwatching { 02.18.13 at 12:01 pm }

Dr T at 15 – the producers should have piped in the Psycho shower scene music when bandanna was doing the filleting/butchering of the trout. It was ugly!

17 Muststopwatching { 02.18.13 at 12:08 pm }
18 Dr T { 02.18.13 at 12:09 pm }

I don’t call him the pirate for nothing MSW

I liked Rhett – “The poor little fish” or something along those lines…

19 Danielle { 02.18.13 at 12:14 pm }

You can get bones in fish at Pubs and those cowboys probably wouldn’t go to restaurants. They made a lot of food for 60 people. The crumble on both teams reminded me of the army challenge in season 2 where the two teams meals were so similar they had to change! That wasn’t possible in this challenge.
Did you read last week’s OK magazine. Cameron is bald now! Rhys and Cameron were shown to huge surfers. Coop surfed but not much because of his family.
Manu said in his interview that contestants have 6 hours to cook for 12 people but Jessie and Biswa needed 9 hours to cook bad food. I still can’t watch a full episode of that show because of all the bitching and it is only going to get worse!

20 Anna { 02.18.13 at 12:24 pm }

Dr T the fish was whole. They only removed the skin & the main bone. Country people wouldn’t have been put off by finding bones in fish

Since Rhett is a fish ‘expert’ he should have taken the fish & not only red meat .

I’m doing reality TV overload. MCP, MKR & the Block. Amity is installing HUGE mirror/ TV in the bathroom WHAT is she thinking ???

21 brain dead dave { 02.18.13 at 1:53 pm }

Important to note that the immortalized in verse ride of The Man From Snowy River took place nowhere near last night’s location, but in A.C.T.

The flies were no doubt attracted to the bullshit Ma$terchef span last night.

22 A.P { 02.18.13 at 2:00 pm }

BDD, getting off the track but did you watch the Matthew Newton interview and what did you think?
Talk about a contrast between the poor soldier who lost his legs and him!

23 brain dead dave { 02.18.13 at 2:06 pm }

Briefly, no A.P. I saw some promos and thought that M.Newton would only be doing it for the money and would because of his family connections to Ch9 be treated with kid gloves .

Last interview I saw with him Tracy Grimshaw crawled up his ar$e and I suspected last night would be similar. I watched Ma$terchef instead.

24 Gabby { 02.18.13 at 2:20 pm }

A.P., I tossed up whether to watch and in the end had no choice, I lost channel 9 coverage. I have no time for Newton and he would have made me so mad. Did you watch and what did you think? Maybe RR will write something about it today.
BDD, agree entirely with Ch9, Grimshaw and his family.

25 A.P { 02.18.13 at 2:38 pm }

Usual stuff, he said he felt sorry for that man on the floor in the hotel lobby, it took a few seconds for Liz Hayes to realise he meant himself, not the hotel clerk he’d hit!
Matthew has no empathy and blames everyone else except himself, he needs to grow up!
Sorry to get off track again. he makes me mad!

26 Muststopwatching { 02.18.13 at 2:56 pm }

The Burrinjuck Dam Chainsaw Trout Massacre.

27 Gabby { 02.18.13 at 3:16 pm }

Thanks A.P., Know exactly where you are coming from. Will wait and see if RR comments.

28 LB { 02.18.13 at 3:40 pm }

BDD – think they were referring to the fact that The Man From Snowy River was shot in the Vic High Country around Mansfield. I think it was MPW who said something along the lines of “a region made internationally famous by the film ‘The Man From Snowy River'”.

The countryside looked so amazing. Made me homesick.

29 Muststopwatching { 02.18.13 at 3:44 pm }

Wherever they shot – they hadn’t been short of rain. Quite a shock after a summer of bushfire footage.

30 Muststopwatching { 02.18.13 at 4:09 pm }

Great point, RR, a simple fresh damper containing dried fruit and served with butter and golden syrup would have been a smashing (challenge-winning) dessert!

31 Carole { 02.18.13 at 6:06 pm }

I was wondering how long ago it was filmed, and if it was during one of the many heatwaves they have had there in recent times.

I hate bones, so never order fish when I am out. Whenever I have fish & chips and find bones in it puts me off. It’s hard to enjoy it when you have to check every bite for bones.

32 sittingbison { 02.18.13 at 6:34 pm }

All that food for 60 people reminded me of a feedlot to fatten the herd. Seriously did the caterer completely screw up the quantities? Why did they suddenly require ans extra TWO whole sheep?

Matt is defo a Fatted Calf, but still needed some extra “condition” with buttery crumbly goodness πŸ˜‰ they would have needed a Clydesdale and a hoist to get Matt into the saddle

Marco needs a cattle prod in the rump steak, what has happened to the bloke that made Ramsay cry? All he could muster was a tepid complaint about the quality of “butchering” of the fish then wandered off for a four hour nap under a Coolabah tree.

I’m unsure of the adjective, but I didn’t think fish are “butchered” even if done excellently. Gutting, boning and filleting are what fish mongers do, so boning? Although Luke did butcher the boning πŸ˜‰

Sarah failed dismally, the first time she has lost the plot. Its funny how some people cannot handle the pressure of leadership. I have no idea why Lukes hare brained (mmmm they should have had some rabbit protein) was even entertained let alone aced upon.

Cassie might as well have been popped into the Cassolet for all the use she was. Last week she would have failed to cope with single handedly servicing 120 people so was given a free pass, this week she is incapable of dealing with a fire. GoldFinger is under pressure.

Rhett is in another elimination :)

33 Anna { 02.18.13 at 9:13 pm }

Carole, I don’t mind bones in fish. In some restaurants you can order it whole from the grill

Bones add sweetness. Funny how 59 people didn’t mention bones only Jowlsy did

34 Dr T { 02.18.13 at 9:23 pm }

SittingBison – “butchering” the fish was a compliment… I think MPW does know the correct word

35 Littlepetal { 02.18.13 at 9:53 pm }

LOL when MP talk about acidity and lemon grass.

36 Reality Raver { 02.18.13 at 11:52 pm }

Recap won’t be up until tomorrow but just have to be a bit pedantic about the taste test. When were egg noodle hokkien noodles or when Sarah said coconut cream, matt preston lifts up the cloche and goes or coconut milk, there are two different products.

37 Anna { 02.19.13 at 4:09 pm }

RR, Jowlsy doesn’t know much about food…

He is positively looking more and more like an oompa lumpa.. mean nasty arrogant oompa lumpa

38 Littlepetal { 02.19.13 at 5:29 pm }

Anna, the laksa was MP’s recipe!!!! Its on the official website. I have never seen so many ingredients in laksa. I am happy with just a creamy laksa with rice vermicelli, fried beancurd and bean sprouts. In Singapore I will only order the laksa if they have cockles. Not many people serve it with cockles because of hepatitis.

MP is lying-laksa must have fish balls and Hokkien noodles. Not true.

Bonny said egg noodles and MP said Hokkien noodles. Some Hokkien noodles have no eggs.

39 Anna { 02.19.13 at 5:40 pm }

Ooopma Lumpa is out of his mind… 40 ingredients??? Bet Marco thought it was over the top.

Littlepetal, do they serve cockles in Australia? I’m yet to try Laksa.

Smart girl Bonny wasn’t even trying it, just picking through it!!

Pirate tried an ingredient, sput it out back into the plate and said it was a scallop. What’s wrong with him? it didn’t look like a scallop

Sarah said milk and he said cream?!?!?! The fattier the better? bleagh

40 Littlepetal { 02.19.13 at 7:19 pm }

Not sure how Luke can mistook fish balls for scallops. He should be able to tell from the taste. Also there were more obvious ingredients like bean sprouts.

No, can’t get laksa with cockles in Australia.

41 Dunbi { 02.19.13 at 7:39 pm }

I do wish Nathan would wear a hairnet.

42 Dr T { 02.19.13 at 7:42 pm }

I want to see him wear fishnet stockings and black stilettos Dunbi… But we don’t always get what we want

43 Anna { 02.19.13 at 9:55 pm }

I love Marco !! Classic comment today ‘I’m easy to please! I’ll settle for perfection’

44 Daisy { 02.19.13 at 11:32 pm }

Little Petal, bet you did well on the laksa test. Rolf and I were very pleased with ourselves because we got nearly all of the ingredients from our lounge chair.
I wish I could get fresh tumeric. I love tumeric.

45 Bolders { 02.20.13 at 2:22 pm }

I’m with you Dunbi @41 – Although I do like the look of his cooking, that globular, oil infested, sweated infused limp hair that hangs over his food as he cooks turns my stomach every time.

Yuckity yuck.

46 brain dead dave { 02.20.13 at 2:29 pm }

Hair that oily catches fire very easily, too,which I think is a genuine concern in a busy kitchen.