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My Kitchen Rules – Dan and Steph Cook Again….Badly

Well and Angela and Milina must have been peeved scoring less from the other teams for a meal that was nice but not fantastic, when Dan and Steph dished up a meal which had two dud courses and one good one.

Samuel and Ali from Tassie were basically voting on friendship when they gave them a seven, though Samuel’s hawaiian shirt was pretty tight so maybe blood was not getting to his brain.

Again Dan and Steph went for a calorific meal with a high fat quota. It was duck sausage for entree, pork knuckle with Blue Cheese Potato Gratin for main and Orange Tian for dessert. I almost felt sorry for Pete Evans having to eat it……almost.

It is interesting that Dan is presented as the one in the relationship who is the foodie/chef with his dream of being the sausage king where people would come from 100 kilometres away to eat his sausage and not that was not a double entendre.

The problem for him now is that he did not nail the duck sausage, the judges thought it was too dry and thought the texture was too fine. It was surprising Manu did not ask him where the sauce was to go with it.

The pork knuckle was always going to be a disaster after the cry-vac machine did not work and he had to put it in the oven with only two hours to cook it. No surprise half of the hock’s were raw. Then he decided to chop it up and braise it but the meat was tough. There were tears and they decided not to serve it until Manu, sent in by a producer, told them it was edible.

However it appears Pete Evans did not think so as he scored it a one. Which puts it in the Jessie and Biswa baby vomit dessert disaster category.

But they could have just plated up the red cabbage and the undercooked gratin and they probably would have beaten the Victorian Housewives score….

Manu after he had tasted said “hats off ” for not throwing in the towel, and said the sauce was the best he had eaten in the competition.

Sophia was a bit more scathing and after tasting the pork knuckle uttered the iconic line ” my dogs eat better than this”. She does not hold back with what she thinks, but at least the NSW team appear to be scoring fairly.

Though they are not doing themselves any favours with the other teams. If they are being “strategic” they should realise that you get more points from people that like you. Even the other gatecrasher Angela thought Sophia is arrogant.

The dessert of Orange Tian looked great had a fair degree of difficulty and was the highlight of the meal. However was it worth the seven that Samuel and Ali gave a seven, Lisa and Stefano busted out a four out of ten clearly thinking this meal was three points better than the “real housewives” who they had given a one. New South Wales and Victoria handed out a three, and Western Australia gave a generous five. In the end they received 22 out of 50.

The judges were not so generous and their score was lower than what they gave Angela and Milina.

Pete scored the entree a four, the main a one,  and dessert was an eight.

Manu scored the entree a five, the main a three, and dessert a nine.

This was a total of 52, which keeps them above the italian team.  They were very lucky indeed. Hopefully the nerds from Western Australia will bust out some good food, not that it will matter as they will be scored on other factors probably.

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1 Georgie { 02.24.13 at 12:54 pm }

Daisy #140 – that’s unbelievable stuff about Disney when you consider ALL the cartoon villians that have made the cut since the first cartoon was aired. The PCP sure look hard for things to get their knickers in a twist about!

To name but a few:
Thilvesther P Puthy Cat
Wiley Coyote
Scrooge McDuck
The Beagle Boys
Brutus (Popeye)
Dick Dastardly
Boris and Natasha

I guess now that everyone is so careful about what they say, the PCP don’t have much to do so they start looking in the archives.

2 Georgie { 02.24.13 at 1:05 pm }

No sport on the telly today Sybil?

Hmm – oh no, don’t tell me it’s raining too!

3 Littlepetal { 02.24.13 at 1:27 pm }

So mum is proud of her daughter. Say a lot about her attitudes. Go Braces, go and make your mum proud. You got your 15 seconds of fame/shame.

4 brain dead dave { 02.24.13 at 1:31 pm }

Au$tralia’s “bracing” itself for your instant restaurant.

Just cos’ we won’t emBRACE you doesn’t make us racists.

5 brain dead dave { 02.24.13 at 1:52 pm }

Being bracist is okay. Braces is “bad mouthing” herself.

6 Georgie { 02.24.13 at 2:36 pm }

Miss Congeniality.

I guess she’d have to have a high opinion of herself, because no one else does.

7 Littlepetal { 02.24.13 at 2:52 pm }

From Melina, one of the Italian mammas:

One team who have started out on the wrong foot are NSW newcomers Ashlee Pham and Sophia Pou.

“What you see is what you get – there’s no editing there,” Bagnato laughed. “At first, we were giving them the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe they were shy, but the moment they walked in, body language doesn’t lie. That’s when I thought ‘These chicks are more than just playing in a cooking competition’.

“Sometimes you just don’t get along with people and that’s what we see over the next few weeks.”

But Bagnato assured WA viewers that they would be better represented by Swan Valley “food nerds” Nastassia Jorre de St Jorre and Kieran Reidy.

“Kieran and Nastassia are gorgeous, we got to know them so well and they’ve got such great personalities,” she said.


8 Daisy { 02.24.13 at 3:22 pm }

BDD 154 HA HA. I guess Braces will stick.

9 brain dead dave { 02.24.13 at 3:45 pm }

I don’t know why there’s a problem mentioning Braces’ braces.

This is show business. Dazzling hair and teeth are critical to one being accepted by an audience. James Brown made this clear to his band that these were two of the most valuable assets a performer could have.

10 Anna { 02.24.13 at 6:55 pm }

What does this say about mumsy if she is proud that her rude pretentious brat?

Think mumsy wants her 15 seconds of fame as well…. I agree with Italian mummas, I’d be ashamed if braces was my child.

11 Mark { 02.26.13 at 10:17 pm }

Why was the fat one mowing a dead lawn?

12 Mark { 02.26.13 at 10:20 pm }

And to the blue-eyed judge, pushing food onto your fork with your finger is rather unseemly.

13 Daisy { 02.26.13 at 10:55 pm }

Just starting to watch now. Stefano’s on drugs.
Points for ‘Man-baby’, from Claws.

14 Daisy { 02.26.13 at 10:57 pm }

His balls will soon legally be hers.