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My Kitchen Rules – The Asylum Was Indeed Torture

Didn’t the other teams realise that waiting five hours for their food was the torture part of the dining experience at “the asylum”. In what was a disaster night of dining with prolonged waiting times, but  every MKR applicant for next year is hopefully making a note to slip a protein bar in their handbag to avoid agonising hunger pangs.

It was Western Australian gatecrashers, Keiran and Natassia’s night to cook and ten minutes into the episode you knew it was going to be a train wreck. After describing themselves as quirky, and not your typical individual it was not surprising that they started their instant restaurant day late. Apparently they had been caught up with playing Mortal Kombat.

After being stuck in traffic, they then had to find the rainbow trout for their main which Natassia said was not a common fish. I am pretty sure many years ago I did actually buy some in Coles however maybe it was out of season. In the end they had to spend an hour to go and buy some from a fishmongers. This meant they started their prep an hour late.

Their menu on paper looked fantastic for entree it was Spinach and Walnut Ravioli, for main Rainbow Trout Baked in Salt Dough with a Lemon Sauce, and dessert was Pears Poached in Champagne  with Cinnamon Ice Cream and Pistachio biscuits.

Keiran who is probably more at home handling the online stress or War Of The Worlds, started unravelling in the kitchen pretty quickly and it was only up beat Natassia who kept it all going.

First he did not make the pasta dough properly, maybe he should have put it in the fridge. However when they realised it was not going to work he realised he did not have enough flour to make some more. This was probably a good thing as the teams would have been waiting three hours for their entrees as well.

The teams were getting restless, and Lisa was not looking happy with the Italian girls getting jokey with Stefano. Lisa did not have to worry about this occurring with the NSW girls. The look on Ashlee’s face when she realised she was stuck beside him again was priceless. “He is sooo dumb” she wailed. This was line of the night and probably explains the relationship between Lisa and him.

Tension was increasing between the “Real Housewives” and the Asians and have to confess I am quite liking both teams. Angela was confused about the Baked Salt Dough and said she did not like anything with dough around it as it dried it out. Sophia quickly put her in her place saying she was expecting something moist because of the dough.

It was surprising how many around the table were a bit confused about the role of the salt dough. Don’t they watch Masterchef this technique is on at least once a year and if you go on a cooking show as a contestant wouldn’t you watch a lot of cooking shows.

Steph from Queensland said she would not cook that way, which was non-surprising as there was no fat involved.

The WA nerds were in all sorts of trouble with their main. Firstly because they could not fit all the fish in the oven at once so had to be cooked in sequence. Also it was taking Natassia about 30 minutes to roll out the dough for each one.

The presentation looked fantastic, even though the lemon sauce was contaminated with Kieran double dipping when he tasted it. The fish was dry but the Asian girls like it but they were just being contrary to anything the real housewives were saying.

Though anything must have tasted nice after waiting that long.

The prep for the dessert went far more smoothly except some of the pears were harder than others. Pete thought the dessert was near perfect, Manu who got the hard pear not so much.

With the long waits tempers were being frayed and the ‘real housewives’ had a crack at the NSW team for giggling when they were talking about dessert. Melina said “Am I interrupting you?”. Needless to say this is just the foreplay to Monday night’s episode where it apparently explodes. In an evenly matched battle who knows who will come out on top.

However with all this going on Lisa and Stefano are quietly slipping under the radar giving out another one point for a meal that was better than that.

Victoria scored a two, Tassie gave a four, Qld gave a five, and NSW gave a six. For a total of 18 out of 50 which was the same as the housewives.

Pete gave a three for main, a six for main and an eight for dessert. Manu was not quite as generous he gave a one for entree, a seven for main and a five for dessert.

They received a total of 48 out of 110 which means they are on the bottom of the table.

It is the halfway point of the third round of instant restaurants and not one team has made a pass mark.


1 Anna { 02.24.13 at 8:31 pm }

Shouldn’t they have put the knifes back?

Each time Jowlsy talks to Bonney it seems as he is trying to act superior… Marco on the other hand always encouraging & supportive.

What was that BS about beer?

2 Littlepetal { 02.24.13 at 8:39 pm }

Marco is so sweet tonight. He just made me cry.

3 Anna { 02.24.13 at 8:53 pm }

It’s a possibility that this is the real Marco … lol

4 sue { 02.24.13 at 9:47 pm }

help can any one tell me if The Amazing race USA 22 started tonight i read that it was to be on Seven MAte bu ti couldnt find it could any one help advise me is it on ????????

5 Littlepetal { 02.24.13 at 9:59 pm }

Where are you,Sue. I saw on the TV guide for Syd, The Amazing Race was on at 6.30 pm. :(

6 Anna { 02.25.13 at 2:08 pm }

Spoiler alert courtesy from NO IDEA.,. The ape is going to propose on tonight’s episode ….

7 sue { 02.25.13 at 2:18 pm }

hi little petal gold coast, it was in the paper as starting on seven mate sunday night but i couldnt find it ,,,, thanks you

8 michelle26 { 02.25.13 at 3:06 pm }

Anna@96 I’m disappointed that Sophia’s mother thinks that her rudeness towards others is acceptable behaviour. The eyerolling and the snickering is nothing to do with “being straightforward”.
I don’t care that her opinions differ from those around the table .. it is her rude behaviour (and that of Ashlee’s) that is so hard to go past.
And if that is a “true depiction” of the girls – I’m sorry but they are not nice girls.

9 michelle26 { 02.25.13 at 3:14 pm }

Daisy @40 wouldn’t you get back in the kitchen and run about like a mad person trying to make up time. And Keiran need a wake up and get with it slap on the back of the head. He was useless.

Izobel2 @44 i would have been drunk by then end of the 3rd drink without any food to help absorb the alcohol. I wouldn’t have made to main course.

10 Anna { 02.25.13 at 3:38 pm }

michelle26 I agree!

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… and may be the mother thinks that it’s a normal behavior for 20 something females in Australia if that all she sees

11 Anna { 02.25.13 at 8:34 pm }

It’s official Stallion doesn’t have balls to stand up to Cougar. He said 7, She said 4… he replied ‘ I agree 4’

May be that’s why he has to flash her every morning,… inspection to see if he grew a pair during the night…. argghhh cannot stand weak men

12 annajjj { 02.25.13 at 8:40 pm }

Completely agree Anna, no balls at all

13 PollyB { 02.25.13 at 9:44 pm }

That biatch has to go down! It is an insult to cute emu’s to compare her them. Aaargh, I hope they get a 5 from the other contestants!

14 Morgan { 02.25.13 at 9:54 pm }

Good on Sam and Ali tonight. They really redeemed themselves, all their food looked great. Stefano is whipped to the extreme, on a snap he agreed to lower the score to a four. I hope he and Lisa go this week. I’m not sure why Lisa felt the need to jump in on the Gatecrasher’s fight, and she’s one to talk about being cold. Let’s not forget the death stares she gave Jessie and Biswa when they were flirting with Stefano.

15 A.P { 02.25.13 at 9:57 pm }

Lisa and Stefano are the baddies here scoring only a 4, what an insult!
Were Pete and Manu even there at the table for the fight because they didn’t say a word!
Dessert looked yummy, good on them.

16 Littlepetal { 02.25.13 at 10:01 pm }

Lisa has nothing to gain to give a low score. She should know that Ali and Sam cooked well tonight and will definitely get above average scores from the other teams.

She is dumb because the other teams will not be generous went it is time for them to cook

17 Georgie { 02.25.13 at 10:07 pm }

Ball-less: I’m thinking a 7 out if 10.
Mirthless: I’m thinking more along the lines of a 4.
Ball-less: I agree 4 out of 10.

18 Littlepetal { 02.25.13 at 10:16 pm }

Chocolate and Avocado mousse is very nice but it is not your usual chocolate mousse/sauce.

Here is a recipe that I used. From Teresa Cutter:

1/4 cup honey
2 ripe avocadoes
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste
1/4 cup good quality dark cocoa powder
Combine all the ingredients in a good powerful high speed blender like a Vitamix adding the honey first, followed by the avocado, vanilla and cocoa.
Blend for about 30 seconds until smooth and creamy.
Spoon into a bowl and allow to set in the fridge. The addition of banana or a little water makes for a lighter mousse.
Enjoy – serves 10 – 35 g serve.
This mousse is delicious on it’s own or used as a topping for cakes and cupcakes.

19 Daisy { 02.26.13 at 12:04 am }

Anna@98I’m sorry I only just read your post. I watched and deleted last nights already. It’s a wonder Little Petal or one of the other eagle eyed viewers haven’t already answered your question. I haven’t deleted tonight’s shows yet.

20 Daisy { 02.26.13 at 12:09 am }

Mirthless Georgie; apt.
I think Knackered and and Mirthless (she may be sucking on a nut) might be hoping a proposal might boost their scores.
Manu looked sharp tonight in his 60s Rock around the clock band member style shiny maroon jacket.

21 Anna { 02.26.13 at 10:03 am }

Daisy, Lisa was wearing an engagement ring last night. Which might mean that episodes are filmed & shown out of sequence

Surprised Lisa didn’t score them a 1. Her scoring is not strategic but bitchy

22 Littlepetal { 02.26.13 at 10:16 am }

Anna – you miss nothing. Tonight episode is all about the proposal and nothing about the cooking. I don’t whom I want to be kicked off more, Braces or Lisa.

23 Anna { 02.26.13 at 10:38 am }

Littlepetal, definately Cougar has to go this week.

Her scoring is not strategic, the Judges loved the food. She should understand that their femal score will be high

She is studying law / criminology … She will make a crap lawyer.

Everyone will be guilty if she doesn’t like them…. Only balless males she will take a shine to….

24 Daisy { 02.26.13 at 5:49 pm }

Noooo. Keep Mirthless and Knackered a bit longer. They make great blogging. They are hilarious.

Lisa looks like carved lady that sits on the front of old ships.

I know, Stefan made her in wood carving and made a wish just likeGeppetto and Pinocchio. “I am a real woman”.