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Survivor Caramoan – Interview With Francesa The First Person Eliminated From Fans V Favourites

Francesa Hogi made Survivor history when she was the first contestant to be voted out of the the game twice in her two seasons. She was in the favourites tribe and found that the people she had thought she had formed an alliance with had turned against her.

In an elimination interview we discuss strategy, whether alliances were formed prior to the game starting, if females are more likely to be targeted in the early elimination rounds, Special Agent Phillip and there should be a Survivor season of The Amazing Race.

Reality Ravings (RR): First out in Redemption Island, did you go into this game with a different strategy?

Francesca Hogi (FH): It was different this time as the people I was playing with were not strangers to me. My strategy was to trust people who I thought I could trust and who I had some friendliness with them and them of me, and just to be an asset to my tribe –  work hard and be trustworthy. It did not really matter as  the people who were not going to trust me were not going to trust me no matter what.

RR: As you did know people when you went in. Did you know they were coming back? I know sometimes there is rumours on overseas sites about who has been cast before contestants have gone off for filming. Do you get some hints on who is going and do you think some alliances may have formed prior to people hitting the island?

FH: I can’t speak to what other people did, I had heard rumours [about who was cast], I did not know for sure about most of the people there. You hear lots of rumours but you don’t want to get to invested in them because until you are actually there you don’t know what is true and what is not. It is pretty difficult as everyone knows everyone there except for Malcolm. It is an interesting question on who had their minds made up and who knew they were going to work with and trust. I probably took for granted that Andrea was someone that I knew and Cochran was someone that I knew and was friendly with, and Dawn was someone that I knew and was friendly with. I figured I don’t need to worry about them going after me soon in the game because they know me and they know I am a trustworthy person and I am not gunning for them. They had bigger fish to worry about than me or so I thought…

RR: Why did they go for you?

FH: They are just so scared of me, what do you think that is about? (laughs)

RR: Have you broken bread with them since? I know you were friends with Cochran before?

FH: I would be lying if I said my relationships were the same as they were before we went into the game. For me it is not about not a matter of not forgiving it is a matter of people showing you who they are and it is a bit hard to continue to see someone in the same way. They could have given me a heads up, they could have just talked to me about it or even have that conversation. I am not going to pretend that none of that didn’t happen and pick up in our real life friendship, it is not really possible. I have such great friends in my life and a lot of love in my life I don’t feel I need to be friends with people who have betrayed me in the game. It doesn’t seem necessary.

RR: Just before I spoke to you I had a quick look to see who had been punted off first in each Survivor series and if you are a female you are more likely to be eliminated first {Ed. Note – In 26 seasons 17 female have been evicted first versus nine male}. In last week’s episode you and Andrea were the targets. Do people just naturally think that the women are naturally weaker for the team and that is why they try and get them off first. Did it feel like that out there that it was the women out there that had the noose hanging around their necks?

Fran: We were not aiming to get Andrea off. The only reason we wound up voting for Andrea was because it became clear she was gunning for me. The person my alliance wanted off was Phillip [Special Agent]. The reason we were going for Phillip was he is not very good in challenges, he is an insufferable person to live with, so that was an easy choice. How is he benefiting the tribe. He seemed to be an easy vote. I personally did not consider voting for any of the women until it became clear Andrea was playing both sides.

RR: Why was she gunning for you?

FH: That is a great question. You can ask her one day when you talk to her. Apparently she said I was a threat to her. I wanted to work with her. People keep on asking me that and I am just as confused.

RR: The strategy in the last few seasons seems to be to align yourself with someone who is unpalatable to the jury and align yourself with someone strong. Do alliances really solidify as soon as you get on that island? If you don’t create the strong links in the first day or so does that make it twice as difficult for you as a player?

FH: I think it does. I thought I had an alliance solidified with Andrea from Day One, but it was an alliance in my mind but not hers. You just don’t know or can’t really know all the factors that people are considering. You trust who you think you can trust but sometimes you are wrong.

RR: You don’t watch yourself on TV. Is that true?

FH: It is true, I am not even remotely interested in seeing myself on television.

RR: That is interesting. Why did you go on Survivor in the first place?

FH: Because I have a problem saying no to things. (laughs). People say in life you should say yes to more things. I should say no to more things. It is an opportunity that presented itself and I like to say yes to opportunities and experiences. I don’t think participating in Survivor means you want to see yourself of television but you want the experience. I actually have it on good authority that Amanda Kimmel who has been on three seasons of Survivor has never watched an episode that she has been on. So I am not alone.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show and which one would it be?

FH: If I had any talent for design I would go on Project Runway, because I love that show and really the show I would really like to be on is The Amazing Race. It is a show I think I could definitely win. There is no voting, there is just you and your wits and resourcefulness. It is my kind of show.

RR: Hopefully we will see you on a futrue season of The Amazing Race, they should have a Survivor series of The Amazing Race, as they had Rob and Amber they could have a season made up of Survivor contestants.

FH: That is a great idea.

RR: Thank you for your time.

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1 chasingvegas { 02.22.13 at 1:50 pm }

Great interview RR. I bet you can’t wait for Brandon to get booted?!! LOL

2 Daisy { 02.22.13 at 1:57 pm }

RR, if you can please let Francesca know, I for one, would love to see her do AR. A good strong woman!
Can she please take Phil with her.

3 Carole { 02.22.13 at 3:00 pm }

Great interview RR. What a great idea, a Survivor version of Amazing Race. Like she says, you don’t get voted off, you just have to not come last. Someone should tell Phil.

4 JStar { 02.22.13 at 3:24 pm }

Great interview RR. Sad that both Cochran and Dawn did not have the guts to tell her beforehand that she was going home. But the real mystery that this interview failed to reveal was how did Fran enjoy eating that rock with a drizzle of lime go?

5 Christina { 02.23.13 at 8:14 am }

Good honest answer to the broken bread question. Would love a Survivor Amazing Race!