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The Block All Stars – The Bathroom Reveal – Did The Right Team Win?

It was the third room reveal on The Block All-Stars this week but only my first recap so apologies. Josh and Jenna won the first one (the main bedroom), and Mark and Duncan won last week with their kids bedroom.

Dan and Dani who were the powerhouses of last season are struggling, apparently Dani nearly quit in week two.

Josh and Jenna have changed from their retro style to a more minimalist one, they appear to have an eye on the main prize which is auction day. Their strategy seems to be to have the house people will love but they will also be able to add their own touches to once they move it. Basically nothing too offensive.

Mark and Duncan have their jokey schtick going on to camera, but they have also amped up their design side and there have been some bold choices made, including a main bedroom which was a homage to Alice In Wonderland.

Finally can there be any nicer couple than Amity and Phil, they are the only team who does not have a tradesman on The Block however they never seem to lose the tempers with each other. Quite a feat considering how stressful it must be. Amity must be hoping the tv exposure will boost her performance career.  Next week on March 4 and 5 she will be performing at the Adelaide Fringe in a new show she has written called So You Want To Be Famous? Also her other musical Mother, Wife and The Complicated Life is touring major cities in April/May. Go to for tickets and tour dates.

Tonight it was the bathrooms and they were all pretty deluxe, however there were also some impractical features in a few considering it was going to be a family bathroom.

Here are a few thoughts on the rooms:

Dan and Dani have not found their mojo yet but their massive bathroom was a good start in the right direction. The judges loved the granite tiles that had been causing them drama all week. However they were criticised for  minimal storage. Other negatives were the lack of blinds and lighting. Shaynna Blaze said shadows would be on the face when looking in the mirror.

Josh and Jenna’s bathroom was luxe. Darren “got chills” when he walked in. Shaynna loved the white tiles and Darren liked the handmade macrame plant holder, which was subtle advertorial as  you can now able to buy them online at The Block Shop. Though it may be cheaper to look up a YouTube tutorial and make your own. This bathroom was the full enchilada, it had marble, roof to floor shower door and floor drainage at the edges. The judges did query the lighting and storage, and I query how you would clean that shower door.

Thankfully this will be the last time we see the boys bathroom as I think every “horn” joke had been made…twice. They had a white steer and a rhino heads on their walls. A risky move but the judges liked them. The bathroom just had a lot going on, including a urinal. For the record I hated that. There were double showerheads in the not that large shower and the bath in the middle of the room. The judges loved that, but said they were let down by lack of storage, well all the teams were.

Phil and Amity were confident of having the winning bathroom, and she was particularly proud of her feature pieces, the gas fire and a HD TV/mirror.  They judges like the TV but were mixed about the fire. Fine for a hotel but a waste of space in a bathroom. They would have preferred storage there and also large towel racks.  Amity who thought she was going to have the winning bathroom looked like she had swallowed a cat fur ball when she realised she had not won, but was also chump of the week.

Josh and Jenna won the $5000 with their bathroom.

Which bathroom did you like the best?

Also if you want to see the houses in real life The Block is open for inspection on Saturday March 2nd, and Sunday 3rd March between 10am-2pm it is in Tasman St Bondi. The neighbours are going to be thrilled when thousands of people show up.

If you want to see the floor plans to Dan and Dani’s and Amity and Phil’s (minor spoilers) go here on TV Tonight.

The Block All Stars on NINE weeknights at 7pm.



1 Remued { 02.24.13 at 10:31 pm }

Josh and Jenna’s was personally my favourite, but I felt Dan & Dani’s probably had more design wow factor.
Dan & Dani: The tiles looked amazing, but I’d worry that they will look really dated in 5 years.
Josh & Jenna: loved the marble & felt it was the most sympathetic to the heritage features
The Tradies: hated it. The tile is too overbearing & the animal heads gave it a country saloon feel. Their mini bathroom was better. The thought of the urinal makes me feel ill. The bathroom would put me off buying their house, it’s too much of a statement that’s not my style.
Phil & Amity: the design looked ok, but I didn’t like the fireplace. I’m not a parent, but I am a klutz and would worry about burning myself on it & would be really concerned about little kids near it. The tv seemed a bit too high to watch it comfortably. I’d also be very concerned with construction quality with their half arsed builder.

2 Jade { 02.24.13 at 10:53 pm }

Cant believe Phil and Amity didn’t won that bathroom. It was BY FAR the best!!!! Fire place, TV what more could one want

3 Maz { 02.24.13 at 11:15 pm }

Didn’t like any of the bathrooms. Last season the judges made comments about the practicality of cleaning the bathtubs and the same could equally apply this season.

Dan and Dani’s looked like all the fittings were squashed into one corner.

Why would you want a tv in the bathroom. The other thing with the bath tubs doesn’t Sydney get hit with water restrictions during summer? Nothing was said about water efficiency.

What a waste of the third bedroom. Has anyone got pictures/link of the house before the Block moved in.

4 Elsie { 02.24.13 at 11:23 pm }

Jenna & Josh had the nicest bathroom followed by Dan & Danni and Phil & Amity. I hate the idea of a tv in the bathroom, give me music anytime! I live in a hot climate so it is hard to imagine a fireplace in a bathroom. Really how often do people actually have time to have a nice luxurious bath? So do they really need a tv or a fireplace in the bathroom? The guys bathroom was not very nice, it wasn’t really bad either. A urinal??? Yuk. Didn’t go for the same tiles on the floor and walls. But didn’t really mind the horns. I love a light airy bathroom which is why I liked Josh & Jennas best but I did think Dan & Dannis bathroom was nice. A bit dark for my personal taste but still nice. Phil & Amitys was nice but they tried too hard and put too much in there.

5 Christina { 02.25.13 at 12:35 am }

Am so sad for Amity and Phil!! Easily the most likeable couple and as you say, copying so well (guess the sleepless nights and multitasking experience from having kids has come in handy)! But even with. Great bathroom, what you all and the judges say is probably true. Remued I hadn’t thought about the kids and the fireplace being a safety issue (but such a shame because I’d love a fireplace and a big bath to relax in)! They had the best lighting and didn’t deserve Chumps. That should have gone to the boys. I get the urinal idea, but I don’t want to clean that as well as a toilet! The wood look tiles looked better in their challenge bathroom earlier in the week too. I did like Josh and Jenna’s, much better than their bedrooms and the marble feature peace was gorgeous.

6 Christina { 02.25.13 at 12:40 am }

Oh, and does anyone else CRINGE when the chump jackets come out? Completely over the top and definitely a joke gone waaaaaaay too far. It’s not funny anymore (was it ever? Maybe the first time when it was relevant). Even though I agreed Dan and Dani should have been 4th the other week, I totally agree with Dani when she said it is humiliating. Its a family show…shouldn’t we really be teaching kids to try your best, focus on success not failures. Learn from mistakes and move on. Don’t celebrate the failings and humiliate others! Definitely a low moment of a show otherwise I enjoy.

7 Kaz { 02.25.13 at 2:02 am }

I really liked Josh and Jenna’s bathroom (the marble was gorgeous and not too OTT) , closely followed by Dan and Dani’s. Phil and Amity’s tried a bit too hard with the fireplace, and did anyone else notice the glare on the tv? It would make it quite difficult to watch. As much as I love the boys I hated their bathroom, the tiles were way too much, and totally inappropriate for a house in that area, the buffalo & rhino were just weird, and the urinal would put me off buying the house.
Amity’s attitude when they ‘came forth’ surprised me a bit, I don’t know how she could be so convinced that they deserved to win, when they hadn’t seen anyone else’s bathrooms yet? Although I totally agree that the whole chumps idea is a bit mean spirited and unnecessary.
On a side note we met Dan and Dani at our local K & D on Saturday and they were so lovely. Our 7 year old daughter loves thèm, and they were wonderful with her and even sent her a personal email later that night which made her year so far! I know they don’t always look the best on tv (which they are the first to admit to), but in person I was very impressed.

8 Jason { 02.25.13 at 5:56 am }

It is interesting that most of the “yuk” comments so far about the urinal come from women. It is probably a good idea for those concerned with the whole “seat up/seat down”scenario but I would prefer it to be a bit more private – perhaps in a corner with a wall next to it (like in mens bathrooms).

9 Sue N { 02.25.13 at 7:23 am }

Jason- great idea for urinal, if it has to be there. I totally disagree with Phil & Amity being chumps, and yes the stupid jackets need to go anyway!!!

The boys room was the worst (imo), and the others all had a similar amount of pluses & minuses. We did not like J&J and D&D’s bathrooms- as there was hardly any storage and the lighting was very poor- (22 yr old daughter says this is a must, lol 😉 ).

Phil & Amity’s was over the top, but in terms of practicality, it was probably better than J&J and D&D’s. these 2 were quote boring to look at we thought, & personally we weren’t fans of the very veiny marble.

SO, not sure who should have won, but the boys definitely was the worst (& i like them :)) & should have come last- did not like anything much about their bathroom.

10 gidgetvonlarue { 02.25.13 at 8:32 am }

It’s mean but I was kind of smug after watching the promo for this week & how they are all nearly skint. End of the day MASSIVE amounts of money is pissed against the wall on all of those bathrooms. Heated floors are only really needed in very cold places – not a BEACH SIDE SUBURB! And these ‘top shelf’ tiles etc are just spending money for money’s sake. I was at Bunnings the other day and their selection of bathroom tiles are gorgeous…and about a tenth of the price. All of them spent too much on their bathrooms and even then all four were not well thought out.

I could not agree with Shauna more. Lighting is vital in a bathroom – especially for women, but even for men shaving etc. And I have a bathroom half the size of any of The Block’s – but with ten times more storage! I’d be lost without it. And four towel racks with 3 hooks.

And over three grand for a bathtub? This lot should know better having done this before. Budget & spend wisely then you maybe WON’T run out of money by week three.

And I did not like Dan and Dani’s bathroom at all.

11 Weeezza { 02.25.13 at 9:04 am }

I didn’t like the boys room at all. It looked cluttered.
A bath in the centre of the room is only for a huge space.
The judges did not even mention the wooden shelves! WTF?
And the animal heads are ugly.
The urinal on the wall just closes the room in even more.

I feel like the judges are soft on the boys.

YES! Christina (comment 6) I cringe at the chump jackets. They need to get over it.

12 Veronicali { 02.25.13 at 9:17 am }

Maz the bathroom was originally a 3rd bedroom. I’m supposing the producers didn’t get the DA for the second storey master bed & ensuite approved in time to undertake.

Surprisingly I liked Dan & Dani’s best, not usually a grey fan. Also floor to ceiling tiling makes it too enclosed. Josh & Jenna’s was light and bright in comparison. Philamity went overboard, bathrooms get hot enough without a fp. Re kid safety, I reckon the fp would have cool-touch glass. Mark & Duncan’s woodlook tiles are ok on the floor & in shower, on the walls is too much. Urinal looks like a pelican beak.

Not a fan of the cistern behind the wall, no access for blueing tablets – I like my loo to be foaming blue!

13 PollyB { 02.25.13 at 9:45 am }

I like J & J’s the best. A & P’s was way over the top. Under floor heating and a heater is not required in Sydney. I feel the cold big time and I’d only need floor heating here in Vic. I’m not sure about the TV either, although my next TV will definitely be a mirror TV. The best invention I’ve heard of in a long time.. I agree with the lighting being shite and not enough storage in all of them. I like kitchens and bathrooms to be practical. D & D’s looked good for a hotel but as mentioned it will date quickly. That urinal is just yuk in the bathroom. In a separate toilet space, great idea, but not smack bang in the middle of the bathroom. I’ve seen ‘wooden’ tiles used in US reno shows for a while and they are the 2nd best invention I’ve seen. The boys went overboard with tiling the walls, the floor would have been great.

14 2ndhand { 02.25.13 at 11:36 am }

My problem with the winning bathroom was the very small open space between the marble feature and the bathtub – making it impossible to clean and/or wipe up any spilled water, droped soap etc. A small thing perhaps – but not if you are trying to clean it yourself. Also, the overflow ‘split’ in the bath clearly shows the marble wall behind – so where does this overflow water go to – apart from straight onto the floor?

15 Warble { 02.25.13 at 1:38 pm }

I like the TV idea but who is going to sit/lay there and twist their head to the side to watch it? You’ll relax in the bath only to get out with a crook neck. It clearly needed to be at the foot of the bath to be practical.

I also agree with the whole cleaning aspect. Those baths so tightly against the wall is a terrible idea.

Doesn’t seem much practical thought went into any of the bathrooms. Give anyone enough money and they’ll make a nice bathroom – doesn’t mean it’s practical.

16 Irene Lambert { 02.25.13 at 4:50 pm }

I was very impressed with all of the bathrooms. I was extreamly surprised and disapointed that our sweet, dear, mature married couple got only 7 1/2 for such a luxury bathroom. Come on at least 8-8 1/2 or even 9. The urinal is an excellent idea. As for luxury and hygene why not a bidette in all bathrooms? Shame bath rails were considered small in some bathrooms,especially since they were large enough rooms. Well done everyone. Looking forward to more developments and auction day. Irene

17 CAM { 02.25.13 at 4:59 pm }

I agree with many of the comments made here: the tv was impractically placed, you don’t need a fireplace in the bathroom in Sydney, the urinal was overkill, the huge baths are fairly useless next to water restrictions and poorly placed to clean and lots of the tiling seemed way over the top to me.

I liked the boys’ bath placement and didn’t even mind the animal heads but I loathed the tile and was no fan of the urinal. The double shower was awesome though.

Dan and Dani’s was depressing, way too dark for a bathroom.

I liked Josh and Jenna’s light and airy feel but am not a huge fan of marble so that didn’t float my boat. I LOVED the plantation shutters though.

Phil and Amity’s was gorgeous but the fireplace was redundant and the TV in the wrong position.

I actually didn’t go WOW over any one bathroom. I don’t think any couple really nailed it considering how much money were spent on the rooms.

I loathe the chump jackets and agree that it is a lame joke that has been taken waaaaaay too far. I would be very surprised if they survived into another season of The Block.

18 AJ { 02.25.13 at 10:49 pm }

As always, the judging on the block baffles me. I can understand Josh and Jenna winning since their bathroom seemed to have the nicest “feel” to it. Second place should have been Phil and Amity. Even though the TV and fireplace were completely unnecessary, everything else seemed to work well.

Dan and Dani’s bathroom was decent, but far too dark for my liking. Maybe if they had better and brighter lighting it would help, but it seemed to have more in common with a dingy and dark nightclub toiler than a luxury hotel bathroom.

Mark and Duncan’s bathroom was horrendous. The wooden tiles. The urinal. Tha bathtub in the middle of the room. The ceramic animal heads. None of it appealed to me in the slightest. Even though they’ve approach the “design” element head on this series, they seem to be copying and pasting from random magazine spreads because they haven’t created a consistent style and their rooms seem to be getting more and more bizarre.

In reality, I thought all of the bathrooms were quite poor. These are all one bathroom houses, unless Phil and Amity manage their second bathroom, yet no-one thought to create a three-way bathroom or to at least create a small powder room with toilet and sink separate from the main basin/s and shower/bath? The area that they had to work with seemed huge, so I was surprised no-one tried to separate the toilet so that it was possible for the main basin or shower/bath to be used even if someone was using the toilet.

19 Sue N { 02.25.13 at 11:09 pm }

…& now we find out D&D’s floor leaks and there is not enough structural support for the bath!!!! & I’m sorry- but they are all on “struggle street” with their budgets but some put in $3-5000 bathtubs- get REAL!!!!!!

20 Christina { 02.25.13 at 11:54 pm }

Agree Sue-N, seems a huge amount of $ wasted on things perhaps not necessarily needed! D&Ds bath was 5.5k pretty sure.. Total overkill if you can’t put a deck or some grass in the backyard!! I’m thinking they are confident there will be some money challenges coming up, even if they don’t win rooms. There is usually the gameshow where all teams win something, but they shouldn’t count their chickens…

21 Jane { 02.26.13 at 12:05 am }

How come Phil & Amity could fix a tv to their wall in the bathroom, but Dan & Dani can’t do the same in their formal lounge??? Keith playing favourites?

22 Sue N { 02.26.13 at 6:41 am }

Jane- I am pretty sure that is an extra feature- the wall that was added to house the fireplace too- so it is not a heritage wall- I may be wrong but that is my impression.

if architect agreed to them adding that section then I would think the heritage rules would not apply to that bit- is it called a bulkhead???- anyway the bit where the fireplace is. I know they had to consult about the fireplace.

I don’t think Keith is playing favourites- but I do think he gets irritated by D&D- they do seem to flout a few rules, or just ignore what they are supposed to do (eg “the moving forward” with the concrete floor) I get the impression they haven’t really looked at the heritage rules much! just my opinion (& yes, Dani does bug me ;-))

23 Maz { 02.28.13 at 8:46 pm }

Holy crap! Duncan has just laid into Keith.

Looks like they are gearing for either J&J or D&D to win.

24 Rosemary { 03.02.13 at 2:20 am }

Mark and Duncan’s bathroom was a shocker .. with those tiles the best they could have done was go for a nordic /sauna feel ..
but No.. lets have African wildlife heads and a urinal !.. it was the wild west meets Africa.. and the judges liked it ?
D&D.. it was fine, I agree ,a bit dark and overpowering . I really like this couple , hope they do well this season.
J & J .. you have got to hand it to them, lovely simple clean lines
they are the most organized of the couples and plan ahead , notice they get to bed early with very few drama’s.
P& A.. very uninspiring tiles , they threw a lot of money at this room and expected to win ? well Amity did.Phil just does what he is told.. The look on this womans face when she doesn’t win is always priceless she is just plain greedy , no wonder she has a complicated life..with long suffering babysitting parents.
Also think turning the lounge into a third b/room is a huge mistake for them and the boys. This build has plans approved for two b/rooms upstairs!
Without the lounge room everyone is cramped into a rumpus dining/kitchen .. suppose they could go into the bathroom to get some quiet and watch TV.
The young ‘ens have definately got the edge in every way from taste to planning .

25 Jan Taylor { 03.13.13 at 12:52 am }

Anyone wonder about Phill’s father being an Architect? They were missing apparently at a “meeting”… All their ideas seem to come on camera from their ” builder”. Put on the spot decorating an apartment, they did not fair well at ALL . The stores they had access to to furnish said apartment were no brainers! Every other room they do look like a carbon copy of a magazine. No individuality ever shown. Wake up JUDGES! The only true living space in their house is fit for two people, even then they would have to be 160cm tops! Joke!

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