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Simon Cowell’s New Food Show Flops – Network TEN Will Be Concerned

What has Simon Cowell’s new food show, Food Glorious Food, got to do with Network TEN? Well the format is very similar to their new show Recipe To Riches, and unfortunately for TEN the debut of Cowell’s new food show in the UK was judged to be a flop.

According to the Mirror the audience turned off in droves and may be bumped from its slot.

On Food Glorious Food  they aim discover a great home-cooked meal, and the winning dish will find its way on to the shelves at Marks & Spencer.

The format for Recipe To Riches is a  food reality show where contestants turn their recipes into products on supermarket shelves.

This product can be anything from a sauce, dessert, meal or biscuit. Season Two winner in Canada won with a Butter Chicken Lasagne. Well it certainly was an original concept!

The low ratings for Cowell’s show of 2.6 million when the timeslot usually gets 5 million will have Network TEN executives feeling a little nervous.

Recipe to Riches is a based on a Canadian format which I suspect Cowell looked at and then modified. It was shown on the Canadian Food Network and it rated well for it with ratings of on average 624,000, which is great for a specialty channel.

If the Australian version follows the Canadian version each week there will be a different round. So the biscuit makers face off against the biscuits makers, the desserts against dessert etc. The winner of each heat then all face off in a finale. The format does not allow the viewer to connect with the contestant week after week.

However it is a new concept, and Darren Robertson a chef should be interesting to watch along with Carman’s Fine Foods owner Carolyn Creswell, and advertising industry star David Nobay.

 TEN will also be happy that the show has come up high on “talkability” on a social media ranking according to the Australian, however Randling and Masterchef were also in the top five with My Kitchen Rules nowhere to be seen.
Network TEN will be keen to see if the Simon Cowell food show can build an audience in the coming weeks and hope that something new might get the viewers tuning in.
Recipe To Riches on Network TEN later this year.