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Survivor Caramoan – Exit Interview With Allie Pohevitz

Allie Pohevitiz was the second person voted off Survivor Caramoan. She was one of the blonde girls in the hotties alliance. Unfortunately because she was not one of the more colourful characters on either the Fans or Favourites tribe she did not get to see much of her. Though she should take comfort that the tribe flicked her first because she was seen to be the most strategic of the four.

I was lucky enough to interview the spunky 25 year old bartender we talked about Shemar, how she did know how to do maths, and how she would love to be on Big Brother.

Reality Raver (RR):
You were in the cool kids alliance it was edited to make it look like you guys did not realise that only a four person alliance would get you over the line.

Allie Pohevitz (AP): We thought we had Matt with us but he then decided to vote for the other team.

Reality Raver (RR): Are alliances really formed on the first day do you get to the camp.

AP: On the first day the tribe was split in two doing different tasks. Sherri was trying to lock in an alliance then and there, but I was not keen on this. I wanted to work with Reynold as well as Laura. However Laura wanted to work with Sherri so went with that alliance. We thought we had Matt.

RR: Do you think the reason Matt switched was because it looked like he was in an alliance with two couples? And also that is one of the reasons the other alliance wanted to bust the alliance?

AP: Each of us wanted to take Matt to top three so he would have been in a good position.

RR: You’ve been quoted as saying Shamar was “waste of life” was he really that bad?

AP: He was yelling and cursing at us, and we would sleep on the beach. He was lazy and would order us around to get him stuff.

RR: Sherri has aligned herself with him, is it because she thinks no jury will vote for him if they make it to the final tribal council?

AP: Sherri knows she is safe while she has Shamar there as they will vote him out before her. It was a brilliant strategy.

RR: At tribal council Reynold threatened to use his immunity idol, did he end up using it?

AP: No he didn’t. At one stage there was talk about giving me the immunity idol to play but Reynold was convinced that Shamar would still be the one to go. Also I would have felt bad if he had been eliminated because I had the idol.

RR: You said after you had been eliminated that you had wanted to go on the show since you were 12 years of age? Was it like you thought it was going to be?

AP: The social side of it was harder than I thought it would be, you were stuck with people for 24 hours a day. Also you don’t go to work or can’t get away. That was harder the getting water and fire wood.

RR: What next for you?

AP: I will go back to my normal life and just continue to do what I do.

RR: If you could go on any reality TV show what would it be?

AP: I would go back on Survivor but, definitely Big Brother, that is a show I would love to do.

Survivor Caramoan is on GO Channel at 7.30pm on Thursday and repeated on Go Saturday afternoons at 4.30pm


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Yeah, he certainly lost it in last nights show, then he says he doesn’t want to be the angry black man. I think if you have anger issues, Survivor isn’t the show for you. Being hungry is one of the things that makes people cranky.