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The Voice Australia – Has Four New Mentors

Ricky Martin is not the only change to The Voice Australia,  Channel NINE have announced four new mentors for the show.

Not sure why the wholesale change, maybe they were not available or they wanted to mix things up a bit.

The new mentors  are Jessica Mauboy , Ben Lee, Connie Stevens, and Ryan Tedder.

The delightful Jessica Mauboy who is everywhere at moment will be paired with Ricky Martin. Ben Lee is with Joel Madden, hopefully he will get him to pick a more varied bunch as last year his hot looking pop contestants did not really go anywhere. Ben Lee apparently is a fan of reality and in a 2007 interview confesses to a love for the trashy The Hills. (Gives him a metaphorical high five). He also has timed his appearance on this show to coincide with the release of his next album Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work, “a sonic exploration of the consciousness-expanding jungle medicine”.  Now not sure if that is code for stoner music. If anyone buys it can they let me know.

Connie Stevens who is from the band Sneaky Sound System is paired with Seal, she will be pleased to know it is rumoured Seal has a new girlfriend as that man can get a bit hands on.

Ryan Tedder will be Delta Goodrem’s mentor. To quote the press release Ryan Tedder is a Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter and producer. He is best known as the front man of the pop-rock band OneRepublic, whose hit Apologise. For me he is an unknown quantity.

The Voice Australia will be on NINE later this year.

Photo sourced from The Voice Australia Official Facebook page.


1 Smee { 03.01.13 at 2:57 pm }

Not doing anything for me. A bit strange really.

2 Mrs T { 03.01.13 at 4:44 pm }

I’ve been a fan of Ben Lee for years, but why does he have to be so hard to like?

3 brain dead dave { 03.01.13 at 6:46 pm }

Black $abbath will be in Australia then. Bring us mentors with some real grunt, Ch9. Don’t be “Paranoid”

4 kess { 03.01.13 at 6:51 pm }

Great choices.
Apologise guy should negate the Delta hate, he’s awesome.
Jess – about time someone scooped her, but she is so busy. These 2 should be very cool together.
And love the other 2. Ben should give Joel more indie scope, and Sneaky will give Seal modernisation.

5 Reality Raver { 03.01.13 at 7:44 pm }

Kess – you make some good points there.

BDD – God are Black Sabbath still doing the rounds?

Mrs T – some stuff of his I have liked and other times I have found him a tad pretentious.

Smee – Did you prefer last years?

6 Anonymous { 03.02.13 at 1:18 pm }

Jessica Mauboy mentor? Seriously??..umm

7 edward t guida { 04.15.13 at 7:48 pm }

love the show the way it s been edited instead of all the not so good singers’ the process of choosing 14 is ok’except the coaches’ referal to whom they chose with generic of how wonderful singer are” when they have to eliminate to 4 perhaps comment could b less grandios’o’ eg ”I like yr talent heres yr chnc to see if u can make my final 4”’?! Anyway good second season”