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The Block All Stars- Room Reveal Of The Formal Lounge

No wonder Mark one of the tradies collapses tomorrow night on The Block: All Stars as the show has been rigorous and in the past week none of the teams have managed to get much sleep.

Phil confessed to camera that he had had six hours sleep in three days, and the tradies, in fact all the teams pulled an all nighters.

It was reported today in the SMH that an ambulance was called after he experienced a tightness of the chest. He won’t be returning to the show and will be replaced by Dale Vine, that is, of the Sophie and Dale team from last year. Good news for Duncan as he will have another tradie working with him, but also Dale does have some design aesthetic, something the boys struggle with.

It will be interesting to see how they split the profits of the sale of the house.

It was judgement day on The Block and after the usual fighting and snarking between Dan and Dani it was time for the room reveal.

This week it was the hallway, formal lounge and a linen closet.

The judges loved Phil and Amity’s hallways, as well as turning  the second lounge into a  kids bedroom. They also liked the use of the sliding doors as it also gives the option of it being another living room.  Neale Whitaker thought it was very clever. The only criticism the judges made was  they thought they should have made attic access.

Duncan and Mark’s  hallway art were too big and overwhelming. Shaynna said she did not like the fake brick wallpaper. They had not finished their storage room.

Unfortunately for the boys they had won a giant amour and had to put it in the room it was far to big for it and overwhelmed it, and it also did not go with the other bedroom furniture. It was a bit unfair for them as they had to use the piece.

Neale said it was claustrophobic.

Josh and Jenna’s hallway was underwhelming and bland, as Shaynna joked there was nothing to talk about, and it was the same thing as their lounge room Barely any furniture or decorating and blank walls. Their theory is to leave it a blank canvas to mak it more appealing for the buyers who want to put their own touches on the house. However then they put in a weird, but original feature of a freezer in the floor in the storage closet. OK it could be a good use of space but it implies they are not going to put a very big fridge in the kitchen. They would have done better putting in an under ground wine fridge for that area of sydney.

Dan and Dani’s hallway Shannon liked the floorboards in the hallway and the lights but again they wondered where the art was. Dan and Dani had built up and they had a lot of storage and even a man cave.

They also liked their dining room, which they described as modern, edgy and a little bohemian. However it was not enough to get the the win and the $10,000 this ended up going to Amity and Phil.

Did you think the right team won?

The Block on NINE weeknights at 7pm, and on Sunday at 6.30pm.


1 Sue N { 03.03.13 at 11:30 pm }

YES- I think the right team won :). I would have put J&J last actually- I preferred the boys’ efforts to theirs. The boys room was pretty good- except for the armoire- it was a “non prize” prize wasn’t it!

I did not like D&D’s lounge at all (artwork excepted)- but I love their floor treatment- the whitewashing.

I hope Mark is ok – he looked shattered for most of last week :(

I really hope that if there is any cheating with electricity next week- the teams are caught (which they should be- it is on film after all!) and penalised or disqualified for the week! It is 1 thing to joke about it (Phil) another to apparently do it- J & D….

2 JM { 03.03.13 at 11:38 pm }

I wasn’t bowled over by any rooms this week but am happy that Phil & Amity won. As usual Josh & Jenna were bitching about the result. Josh & Jenna and Dan & Dani seem to have a sense of entitlement, an expectation that they should win every week when really, both teams have been lazy and gutless with their decor. I don’t always like what Phil & Amity/Mark & Duncan do but at least they put in some effort and take risks. Josh & Jenna are doing what I call “nursing home/bedsit chic” – a depressing look which they seem to like but which reminds me of my grandparents’ homes in the 1970’s and not in a good way.

My mind is still blown by those ridiculous below ground freezers. What were they thinking, who wants to get down on their hands and knees and dig out 1 metre high worth of food, especially if what you want is at the bottom. Ridiculous.

Although I loved Josh & Jenna’s white bathroom last week I hope they don’t win because of their sheer arrogance and sense of entitlement.

3 Christina { 03.03.13 at 11:43 pm }

Yup…so glad A & P won. May be slightly biased as we put the same thing (versatile room with sliding doors) in our house! But also loved the colours, design, styling and the gorgeous lights in their hallway. Didn’t mind D&Ds – agreed with the judges that the hallway needed artwork but disagreed about the couch…looked cheap and like it belonged in a student house! The art in the living area was great though (are they friends with that artist or getting commission?!?!).

The poor boys just had waaay to much in the room, who could sleep?! Felt sorry for them though after the week they had. Can’t even comment on J&J – YAWN. Surely they need some kind of wow factor to win the auction?!

4 Maz { 03.03.13 at 11:48 pm }

Don’t think the boys should have been marked down for the lack of storage as theirs (as it would appear from the editing) the last roof to be finished so there was no chance they could do anything with the attic space.

As to the boys’ decor choice its almost if they are taking the piss.Agree about the armoire. What were the producers thinking?

The freezer in the floor is just weird (inspired by Criminal Minds perhaps?).

Thought the attic space created by Dan and Dani is a great cubby space. It should pay off for them on auction day (as the man cave did for Polly and Waz).

I think Phil and Amity should have won (though the producers probably nudged the scoring along so P&A can fund their mezzanine).

Josh and Jenna are doing themselves no favours and are coming across quite petualant this season. “Amity is a bitch so we shall steal their electricity” is not a good look.

The dynamic with Dale coming in should be interesting.

Anyway the scores for the formal lounge were(D,S,N):
P&A: 8,9,9

5 Christina { 03.03.13 at 11:54 pm }

Have to agree! I like all the couples to be honest, but not sure why the younger ones seem to think they are more deserving than the others. If they were all doing amazing work and spectacular styling then I could understand it, but I think it is quite the level playing field so they should keep their egos in check.

J&J have won a few times, and their bathroom was lovely last week so why are they so bitter? Especially when they say they know their style is lacking as it’s on purpose.

LOL Maz on your criminal minds freezer comment!
JM – I can kind of understand one freezer, but why two? Am wondering if perhaps they should have used the first space as stairs down (so you can access freezer better) OR just had the freezer in the first space, and then put shelving over the the space where the other one was (if that make sense)?!

I love this show, but does seem to be a question of duty of care with so many contestants having so little sleep and then working on a building site….

6 brain dead dave { 03.03.13 at 11:56 pm }

Exactly the same thought for me, Maz .Why freezers under the floor-unless one’s planning to stash bodies or body parts there?

Why the man cave for Dan? He’s still a little boy.

7 JM { 03.04.13 at 12:05 am }

Christina – I agree with you. Two season ago I loved Josh & Jenna’s work – it was quirky, original, warm and imaginative. This year they openly admit that they refuse to take risks or move anywhere beyond super bland yet get annoyed when others who have taken risks and been innovative are rewarded by the Judges.

Also, with the freezer thing, I’m not so much thinking criminal minds but an appointment with a chiropractor each time you use those damned freezers. I also hate to think that a small child could accidentally trap themselves in one.

8 Christina { 03.04.13 at 12:22 am }

Actually, all that said…they could have just put a freezer at normal level with shelves above it!!

JM – very true, would have to have a lock with kiddies around!

It really isn’t three levels of storage, because there are no shelves so if you use the middle level as storage you can’t access freezers. How annoying would it be to move everything every time you wanted to get something? Yes, in hindsight am sure they wished they’d spent the money on artwork instead!

9 Reality Raver { 03.04.13 at 6:51 am }

Maz – thanks for putting in the scores.

JM – Great point about kids.

Sue N – Yep he was not looking good this week, he had been putting his body under so much stress going on the show.

Christina – Re D&D’s artwork I thought they must know the artist or got a discount as he flew up with it to install it when really it did not merit it.
The boys artwork made the hallway feel claustrophobic.

BDD – yep just weird. Dan’s man cave probably to hide from Dani.

10 Lebay { 03.04.13 at 7:56 am }

I went to the open for inspections, and without giving anything away, Amity and Phils place is by far the best. The Boy’s place has strokes of genius, and some things that make you raise an eyebrow…. Josh and Jenna and Dan and Danni’s places were just bland (as I was saying to hubby as we walked down the hallway in J&J’s place, suddenly I get a sharp elbow from Hubbs, Josh was behind us and UNIMPRESSED at my comments)

11 Sue N { 03.04.13 at 8:17 am }

Lebay- yes Josh has come across as quite arrogant and a bit of a “know it all”- to me at least. any more clues or goss on the houses?????

we have been saying a lot of J&J’s looks bland and I have just not been a fan of D&D’s room reveals thus far…

12 Christina { 03.04.13 at 8:57 am }

Ooo LeBay, great you got to see them in person and thanks for the tips! I must admit had a quick squizz at them on I can already tell Phil and Amitys would be my choice if I was bidding. And seeing the boys werent chumps last week, please tell me their salon bathroom looked better in person than on TV?! I’ve nearly agreed with all the judges decision except that one so figured maybe they could see something we didn’t…

13 JM { 03.04.13 at 9:07 am }

Thanks LeBay, interesting. I think Josh & Jenna/Dan & Dani have been very cynical and this might bight them on the bum.

As for the boys’ house, it is not to my taste but they take risks and someone out there is going to absolutely love it.

14 drb123 { 03.04.13 at 9:14 am }

I know it was a prize, but I didn’t think the boys were under an obligation to use the closet. Selling it would certainly free up some funds. The boys seem to have lost their sense of proportion in the last two weeks. It is a shame as they are one of only two teams I have any time for

15 Barney { 03.04.13 at 9:38 am }

Maz – thanks for the scores. When I flipped the channel over, I thought I saw Mark and Duncan wearing the chump jackets though? Was that a hallucination brought on by their Alice in Wonderland theme??

16 Christina { 03.04.13 at 9:47 am }

Yes the boys were chumps this week. Sadly, because I love that they take risks! Although the last two rooms haven’t been to my taste, I really hope it is to someone’s though because it would nice if they could walk away with some decent coin at auction for their lovely families.

17 Ruby { 03.04.13 at 10:06 am }

Watching the show this week I mentioned to partner that the houses were in Tasman Street….an ‘aha’ moment for him. He was raised in Jackaman Street, one street back, and can remember being friends with boys from on of the houses, though can’t remember which. Will be interesting to see what these houses go for at auction as houses in Jackaman Street have sold for well over $1M. The house he grew up in was sold for 6,000 pounds back in the 60s.

18 Sue N { 03.04.13 at 1:15 pm }

I think (from memory ;-)) that whoever won the “armoire” challenge also had to use it in 1 room, so they did have to use it. I wonder if they can flog it now that room is finished and judged????

19 Maz { 03.05.13 at 12:11 am }

Note to Block Producers-no one is buying the crocodile tears from the Gen Ys. They are coming across as quite nasty.

20 Lebay { 03.05.13 at 6:13 am }

Christina – the boys bathroom looked great, not to my taste, but a lot better than the white on white blandness of JJ & DD. I have asked Santa for a fishtank just like the one in the boy’s kitchen.. But over all, Amity and Phil’s house is the one to beat. Also, Amity and Phil struck me as genuine, nice people (ok, so they did get an elbow from the producers for talking to hubby and I for too long, but I think that was because we were telling them just how awesome that bathroom was)

21 shelly { 03.09.13 at 3:27 pm }

Dan, Dani, josh and Jenna cheating on the show is not what you expect from ‘all stars’ and it is unfair on the other contestants. I hope they get penalised by the shows producers. That’s not a fair competition if you allow others to win by cheating. The cheats come across as jealous and childish.

22 Beagle { 03.11.13 at 3:15 pm }

I just have to say that I love the quirkiness of the Boys rooms. Although that horrible ‘armoire’ cupboard, really was a big let down for them. I like their genuiness. Seemed to me though that the porducers did them wrong with the roofing etc, Keith knew darn well about the roofing and that should have been one of the first things sorted for the couples.
Well done to the boys.