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My Kitchen Rules – Getting Their Spice On In The MKR Kitchen

It was the first time in the My Kitchen Rules headquarters and after the “drama” of the instant restaurants the episode felt a little slow, however the change of pace will probably be a positive thing in the long term for the viewer. In fact I enjoyed the Masterchef: The Professionals (recap here) episode much more.

Last night the teams that were cooking had to grab one of the herbs and cook with it to ensure the flavour came through. The bottom four would go into another cook-off where the person in that round would be in the elimination episode going head to head with Keiran and Anastasia from Western Australia.  Sam and Chris proved to be nice boys, and swapped their coriander with mint with Josh and Andi, but did not want to swap the mint with basil with Sophie and Ashlee.

However Ashlee and Sophie ended up having the last as they got through with their beef and basil dish whilst Sam and Chris had to go into the final four round with a very simple Chicken With Mint Noodle dish. Can these guys cook anything with more than five ingredients in it?

What was disappointing was the standard of cooking. Because all the teams were going over the top with the herbs not a lot looked appetising. Or maybe the end dishes did not end being as good as they should have been as there was “that classic MKR twist” where half way through the first challenge Manu yelled out “stop the clocks” and one of the team had to sit out for the rest of the challenge. Personally it was a twist that was not required at this stage of the competition and it means with one person sitting back there is less interaction in the kitchens and it is all about the cooking which frankly was not that great.

Everyone was overdosing their dishes with their signature herb. Joanne and Jenna had mint on everything, as did Kerrie with her Sardines and basil, however she needed to scale the sardines better. Jake did not even realise he had grabbed thyme for someone who in an earlier episode professed to “knowing everything about food” this was a rookie error.

No surprise they with Andi and Josh, Chris and Sam and Kerrie and Craig were in the bottom four.

The next challenge was to cook with spice. Jake and Elle who appear to going the let’s go the creative route, cooked chilli risotto with chilli fried prawns, it looked hideous, however it must not have been as bad as Sam and Chris’s as Manu said their Butter Chicken did not taste of any spices at all.

Josh and Andi did lamb with cauliflower two ways. Personally I thought the lamb was under cooked but in cooking show terms it was deemed to be perfect, but it looked red not a pink. However I thought Kerrie and Craig’s Poached Pears with Cardamon Rice looked fantastic and I am not even a fan of poached pears.

Tonight either the Western Australian nerds or Victorian cousin team will be eliminated.

Also at the moment I don’t have a favourite team, but which ones are you liking and loathing?

My Kitchen Rules – On SEVEN Monday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm.



1 Anonymous { 03.05.13 at 11:34 pm }

I would think a lot of the time during instant restaurants is also taken up by setting up and interviews etc

2 Daisy { 03.06.13 at 12:43 am }

BDD Perhaps we could pay you to wear a camera and a wire.