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The Biggest Loser Starts On Sunday March 17 – Here Are The Contestants

The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation kicks off Sunday March 17 at 6.45pm this year it is about children losing weight with thier children. So expect a lot of guilt.

There are 14 contestants, that is seven teams of two.

Here are the contestants that will be on the show:

GERALD AND TODD: Father and Son, VIC (Green Team)

Gerald is our real life “Kenny”. He’s the proud owner of a portable toilet business and carer for his disabled daughter. At 52, he wants to be a better role model for his son Todd and a better husband to wife Kate. He hopes to reverse his Type 2 Diabetes by eating better food and by getting fitter.

Todd, 15, is our youngest contestant. He dreams of making it as a world-renowned baseball player and nothing is going to stop him. Todd idolises his dad and would like to “make Dad proud”. They do everything together and were both bullied at school. As Gerald says: “The cycle needs to stop… now.”

SAM AND JESS: Father and Daughter, QLD (Red Team)

Sam is a 42-year-old used car salesman who wants to be a good role model to his children, including Jess. He wants to feel attractive again and be as fit and healthy as he used to be 15 years ago. Sam’s ready to give it all he’s got in the name of love. “I can’t wait to feel fitter and to go travelling to the top end of Australia to fish.”

Jess, 21, works in customer service and is sick of feeling “fat and lazy”. She knows her health is at great risk, and is “looking forward to feeling proud when I go shopping, to being a good role model to Mahlia (her step daughter), marrying Laurence (her fiancée) and looking beautiful”.

MANDY AND BRETT: Mother and Son, WA (Grey Team)

At 53, admin worker Mandy is the oldest contestant in the show. She would love to weigh in at less than 75 kilograms and dreams of looking fit and fabulous alongside her son Brett at the finale. “I shy away from social engagements – I am looking forward to walking in a room and feeling proud.”

Brett wants to make his dad proud, gain confidence and ultimately run around and play basketball with his local team. At 23, this IT guru is like his mum – shy. “I can’t wait to get healthier in order to travel to the States and continue to play basketball.”

RICHARD AND AMBER-ROSE: Father and Daughter, QLD (Blue Team)

Richard, 45-year-old salesman, is competitive, driven and wants to break the cycle of obesity from past and current generations, within his family. Ready for a new chapter in his life, he wants to “show everyone that I can do it and am not afraid to put in the hard yards”.

Richard’s daughter, 20-year-old Amber, dreams of running around with her niece and nephews and gaining more confidence. She wants to be able to wear fashionable clothes and have a busy social life – “I am sick of my current life and am ready to do something about it”.

JANET AND KIRSTEN: Mother and Daughter, VIC (Pink Team) YMCA liasion officer Janet, 52, wants to be the person she is “destined to be” and finally feel good about herself. She wants to look nice for her husband and be taken to a ball in a luxurious dress. “I want to be fit for my children and go on a safari in Africa. I have so much life to live.”

Her daughter Kirsten keeps herself busy as a part-time swimming instructor for special needs children and studies primary school teaching. At 20 years old, she wants to feel fit and healthy again and yearns for an active lifestyle. “I dream of looking beautiful and would eventually like to get married and have children.”

ROBYN AND KATIE: Mother and Daughter, TAS (Orange Team)

Tassie bus driver, Robyn, 45, has always felt that she is being judged by her weight. “I want to walk down the street and feel normal. It would also be nice to have a beach holiday and not worry about how I look.”

The other half of our “Tassie Sheilas” is Robyn’s daughter, customer service attendant Katie, who dreams of joining the army and become a dog handler. “I am sick of always having weight on my mind, I want to love myself and achieve good things”. At 19 years old, there’s no better time to start.

CHRIS AND MARK: Father and Son, VIC (Black Team) Other than being a better role model for son Mark, Chris is “longing to go on long hiking trips to fulfil my passion for wildlife photography.” The 48 year old works as a park ranger, and has gone from patrolling the park by foot, to driving around.

Competitive Mark, 23, can’t wait to push himself to the limits. “Hard work has to be done in order to realise my dream.”

The trainers are Michelle Bridges, Shannon Ponton and Commando. Host is Hayley Lewis not that you would know it as she has barely been sighted in the promos as TV Tonight points out.

Are you going to watch this season of The Biggest Loser?

The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation starts Sunday 17 March at 6.45pm.


1 Weeezza { 03.05.13 at 9:32 pm }

I love loser, but wouldn’t mind seeing some new trainers for a change.

2 Remued { 03.05.13 at 9:33 pm }

Oh I’ll be watching the Commando!


3 Rob { 03.05.13 at 9:35 pm }

Fat kids being ranted at…this is gonna be a bad one.

4 bron { 03.05.13 at 9:41 pm }

i have a gut feeling they’re all bogans, again.

5 Littlepetal { 03.05.13 at 9:45 pm }

I am afraid they will over play the sob story. Not sure I will watch. I
I have watch all the Australian series but the last few seasons were more about fake drama then about losing weight.

6 Dr T { 03.05.13 at 9:46 pm }

Geez… I know poor Todd needs help with his weight (I was in a bad way by that age too). I’m not sure who at Channel 10 has thought through the ethics of this decision to have them on the show. (But then again, the network is part owned by Packer and Rinehart). I’d be fairly sure that Todd has enough understanding to consent to go on a show like this in the immediate term, and also would benefit from the weight loss that he can achieve, but surely at the age of 15 he can’t foresee (and no one can) what the potential reaction in the community is going to be. The potential for this backfiring for the young man (and to Ch 10 -less of a concern for me) is huge.

7 antisceptic { 03.05.13 at 9:57 pm }

Comment 6 – cheap shot, with no evidence, against Gina Rinehart. Diagnosis, doctor, get over yourself, pal.

8 brain dead dave { 03.05.13 at 10:06 pm }

Gina Rinehart should be on the show shedding some lard.

I’ll watch. This is the most exploitative ,fraudulent reality show going around.

9 Dr T { 03.05.13 at 10:31 pm }

Hey, GR reckons it’s ok for people to work for $2 like they do in Africa… hard not to extrapolate

10 Veronicali { 03.06.13 at 7:46 am }

Yeah, I’ll be watching. At least there’s only one actual kid.
lol BDD

11 Jason { 03.06.13 at 12:57 pm }

I have often wondered how/why some parents let their kids get fat but then I guess if the parents are fat, they don’t see it.

12 LB { 03.06.13 at 2:09 pm }

Dr T, I agree about the ramifications for that boy. He talks about being bullied at school & is being put up for judging by the whole TV watching public. This has jarred with us every time this promo comes on.
However, I do wish his & his family well, and all the contestants for that matter, as it must be a hard place to be in.

13 LB { 03.06.13 at 2:10 pm }

Dr T, I agree about the ramifications for that boy. He talks about being bullied at school & is being put up for judging by the whole TV watching public. This has jarred with us every time this promo comes on.
However, I do wish him & his family well, and all the contestants for that matter, as it must be a hard place to be in.

14 Lee { 03.14.13 at 10:07 pm }

I disagree it’s bad for the children. It’s a great opportunity forvth them to prevent a lifetime of diabetes, etc. The tactics are not everyone’s taste but would they achieve it alone? I doubt it.

15 Tess { 03.17.13 at 10:47 pm }

Dr T, I’m glad someone else was thinking the same thing. I was looking for comments about this. I can’t believe they have a person under 18 on this show. He is a child. Legally, he can’t drink alcohol, vote or sign a contract. All the contestants say that the hardest thing about this show is not the weight loss, but the pressure, snarkiness and backstabbing. I know his Dad is there, but it’s a lot of pressure for a child to be put under whilst in the spotlight of the entire world. It would be better if his father could come home and teach him these things! I hope he does really well and this doesn’t adversely affect him.

16 Dr T { 03.17.13 at 10:55 pm }

Well… in Australia and medicine the standard is Gillick competency:

It refers to a legal case (I do not have a legal understanding), but basically if a minor understands what is going on, and the ramification of their decisions then they can provide consent without an adult or legal guardian present. It’s why adolescent girls can access contraception etc.

I think the young man and his father are courageous for recognising their health issues and opting to do something about it. I think, however, that this is one of those situations where the producers and Ch10 could have made a decision to support this boy and his dad outside the auspicious of the show, and had them as one of those teams outside the show competing for an “outsiders” prize like in other seasons.

The potential for things getting very messy down the track is there. This show does provide strong motivation for the contestants to loose weight, but it remains a reality show with an element of both healthy and unhealthy competition. I’m happy with the former, but how will the later come in to play with any fairness or restraint with a 15 year old in the house. I suspect that the other teams will moderate their behaviour towards Todd (the young fella), but at the end of the day the name of the game is crash weight loss with the goal of being the “biggest loser”.

Thanks for your agreement with my initial post LB and Tess.

Yours in junk food,
Dr T