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My Kitchen Rules – Well The Plus Side Was The Geek’s Got Something On The Plate

Well Kieran was a liability. In the elimination challenge he just looked out of his depth leaving Natassia to do a lot of the grunt work in their three course meal. He does not seem to know the meaning of multi tasking and was soooo slow. However to be fair he did have to do a lot of the cooking of the signature ingredients in their dishes.

First he had to cook the scallops and the black pudding for the entree of you guessed it Scallops and Black pudding and there was no criticism about the way he had cooked them. The same could not be said the main of Quail where he plated it up raw, and really that was no ones fault but his own. Manu even went over to the kitchen and told him he really should finish cooking them in the oven. Kieran told him that he normally just finished them by covering them in alfoil in the pan.

He then did think he should put them in the oven, but Natassia said do it the way you know how to do it, as apparently he had cooked the dish quite a few time. However he made one huge blunder he did not test the pieces and they were raw, in fact inedible. You knew at that point that unless Sam and Chris, the cousins from Victoria did not plate up a dessert the geeks from Western Australia were going home.

Kieran just always appear to be in his only little world this time it was thinking about Star Wars apparently. For some one who is 31 (yes same age as Melina) he might want become a bit more a mature. Not saying liking Star Wars is immature but adding up his life as a retail assistant at JB Hi Fi, a metal head, a gamer and Star Wars freak. This guy is not going to get a girl anytime soon.

Also when you have something like sugar on the stove it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. He had made the juniper berry sauce for the main three times. One time it was too sweet, the other time he burnt the sugar and the last time was also a near disaster when it caught fire. Seriously dude keep an eye on the stove. He is like Bob out of Silent Bob and Jay Strike Back. In fact that pair were into Star Wars also.

Tonight was the first time for blind tastings which looks like it should work well. The downside for the contestants is they need to ensure all their components are out of ovens and off stoves for any subsequent courses,before the timer goes as they are sent off set while the tasting occurs.

There is a new addition to the judging table this year. It is Colin Fassnidge who has been promoted as being a bit of a hard arse. He gave some tough but fair comments and Guy Grossi will not be happy that he is now not the only male judge with the zippy one liners. Karen Martini and Liz Egan both who I really like make up the four.

Sam and Chris made a delicious Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce and Truffle Oil which the judges loved though apparently there was something amiss with the actual gnocchi. Pete told them at the end that they needed to check their potatoes. Did they over cook them?

Interesting that Sam made his own stock for the entree, considering Campbells Stock has been secreted throughout the kitchens in the instant restaurant rounds.

Manu thought there was little technique shown in the Western Australian teams Scallops and Black Pudding dish, he said it is a cooking competition. I disagree with this comment, not that it is not a cooking competition as it looks like it is one now and not a soap opera, but about the lack of technique. If the ingredients go together and it tastes good what technique was used is irrelevant. Does this mean teams cannot serve up a nice salad? The other mantra viewers and contestants always hear is “respect the produce”.

The main course was a disaster for Western Australia,  however for Sam and Chris their Roast Lamb with Carrot Puree and Red Wine Jus looked great even though they had slapped it on the plate. Guy was not happy the asparagus was not peeled but Colin said that was how he liked it. They all criticised the presentation with Colin saying it looked like they slipped on the way to the table.

Natassia’s mini raspberry cakes with Strawberry and Balsamic Ice Cream received great reviews from the judges. Liz loved the zing in the ice cream, and Colin said he would pay for it.

Sam and Chris had made the pastry too think on their chocolate tart, however they at least did manage to get their praline on a plate unlike WA where Kieran had been in charge of it. It was interesting to see that each team had made it a different way. Sam and Chris just put in straight sugar to turn it into toffee, and Kieran and sugar and water.

There was no tension about who would survive with the Victoria received 4o out of 60 compared to the geek’s 27.  It looks like Colin Fassnidge is going to be the Lisa of the judges table with him giving a low three to the WA pair for their meal.

Kieran and Natassia were eliminated with Kieran saying he was going to follow his food dream, which is probably making burgers at White Castles.


1 Daisy { 03.07.13 at 12:06 am }

Ha ha bolders.
I’ll be watching if she cuts a line of icing sugar.

2 Stacey { 03.07.13 at 12:35 am }

Whoa I’m late! Last nights ep (Kieran and Nas vs Sam and Chris) was a good one but not exactly nailbiting. After the mains were served it was quite obvious that they were going home. Its a shame as they had cooked some interesting food, but was quite hit and miss. I felt bad for them, as it always seemed like it was one thing here or there that screwed up an entire dish. Also, I mentioned ‘Jesus and Denise Drysdale’ and my mother nearly wet herself with laughter. So whoever came up with that thankyou, haha.

Tonights episode was great. I too loved Jake and Elle’s dish and thought out of all of them that would be the stall I would walk up to. Kerrie and Craig’s looked great too. To be honest, everyone elses food did not appetise me. I love Sam and Chris (for some reason I always go to call them Sticky and Sam) but I’m not a fan of hotcakes\pancakes so that one for me was a bust.

Ugh now onto Braces and friend. Umm… are they for real? They fought while cooking… quite horribly actually! Then had the gall to go around and critisise everyone else (the comment about the mummas food being ‘a mess, just like them’ was incredibly rude). I realise this is a cooking competition but ffs! I know they’re food wasn’t the best but… wow. Way to be personal.

Feel like the Tassie boys deserved the worst dish of the day over Cupcake girls for sure. I saw they were doing chicken, onion, capsicum kebabs and thought oh thats pretty bland, then heard they did it in dry cinnamon? That made me cringe a bit.

3 Jill { 03.07.13 at 1:37 am }

I’m one of those who peeled asparagus and bean sprouts . Personal preferences I guess.

4 Jill { 03.07.13 at 1:38 am }

I’m one of those who peeled asparagus and (de-tailed)bean sprouts . Personal preferences I guess.

5 Littlepetal { 03.07.13 at 1:52 pm }

I remember growing up watching my aunt failing off the been sprouts all the time. Now when I am the one cooking, I couldn’t bother with taking the tails off.