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My Kitchen Rules – The Tassie Team Is Tanking

Move over risotto it appears pancakes are the new cooking show death dish last night Joanna and Jenna, tonight Ashlee and Sophia.

In My Kitchen Rules Headquarters the teams had to cook a breakfast dish but there was a twist, in fact there were two twists. The first was to go and stand behind a kitchen bench and create a dish with the  ingredient below the bench. They teams had either mushrooms, tomatoes,  bacon or fruit.
Sophia and Ashlee moaned about getting bacon, it is not like they are jewish, so not sure what their problem was. They were even more peeved when the second twist came and teams were told to move onto the next bench and they were stuck with fruit. It was unclear whether the contestants could go back to the pantry or if they had to use the ingredients that were on the bench.

Not sure why there are so many twists in the challenges early on particularly with some teams struggling to cook anything decent. Sophia and Ashlee decided to cook pancakes as the previous inhabitants of their bench, Matt and Mick, were going to do.
The NSW girls were dishing it out on Angela and Melina last night but some of the comments seemed a bit weird in the context and I did wonder what questions they were being asked off camera.

The Bondi boys were also having issues about having to cook with bacon saying they would have to do an extra push up. Bacon is not exactly pork belly fat wise. Are these boys Pete Evan’s disciples? In the end they cooked a Bondi style Bacon and Egg Burger which means served on a wooden board with no bread top on it. But hell it got them through even though Manu told them all the ingredients were cooked nicely but anyone could do that.

Sam and Allie received praise for their Bacon Huevos Rancheros and  were safe. As were Josh and Andi Roast Tomatoes and Middle Eastern Breakfast. Manu and Pete thought it was the dish of the round. Clearly tomatoes was the ingredients to get.
Dan and Steph made a banana pide with a berry compote. Pete thought it  showed flair and imagination however Pide was undercooked and they  had to cook again. Chris and Sam had baked eggs with tomatoes and they were safe.
The Asian girls blueberry pancakes were a bit of a diaster their first  batch stuck, did they oil the rings? However their plating up was  pretty awful. The girls knew this and said “It looks like a raspberry threw up on it”.

Mick and Matt were showing how bad a cooks they were  serving eggs two ways. Matt made an omlette and the Mick wanted to put scrambled eggs on it. No surprise they were going to have to cook again.

Melina and Angela made a weird omlette mushroom stack where they hollowed out the mushroom and were surprise when it flattened out like a pancake. Kerrie who was watching sniggered.

Their dish was over the top and Melina said she was used to cooking wog style. Well she should have just stuck with mushroom bruschetta.
Four teams had to cook again this time making a dish showcasing the chicken.

Mick and Matt again went retro with Chicken Pesto Pasta with Stuffed Tomatoes, at least there were no sun dried tomatoes in there. Their whole schtick last night was that Matt was going to lead, but Pa could  not help giving his opinion, and how many pine nuts were killed making that dish?

Dan and Steph made Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa with Dan saying  he wanted to change Manu’s mind about fruit being served with meat, which they did.

Angela and Melina made Lemon and Herb Stuffed Chicken. they argued over how to brown the chicken and then when they took it out of the oven it was undercooked and they had to pan fry it. Needless to say it was a bit of a disaster.

Ashlee and Sophie made Hainan Chicken with three sauces. It was barely cooked as they only poach the chicken for 20 minutes but they found  enough chicken to plate up. What was bizarre was their comment to camera”The is no way Angela and Melina have the mental capacity to  cook Hainan Chicken” where did that come from and what were they asked? And why do you have to be a member of mensa to cook the dish?

The on air feud between the two is getting ridiculous and a tad tedious, with the NSW pair just wanting to do better than the Victorian ‘real housewives’. This is not to difficult because as in the previous challenge both the Victorian and Tasmanian team bombed out.

As Ashlee and Sophia said it was ” Bad cafe style food”. Having said that Hainan chicken would probably be classified as street food.

Lucky for the Victoria they highlighted the chicken as that was the reason Matt and Mick were placed in the elimination episode with Jenna and Joanna. You got the feeling the NSW girls were disappointed the Victorian team survived but did quip “They can get back to us once  they are told their dish is perfect”.

Do you agree that Mick and Matt should be in the elimination round?

Thank you to the reader who emailed me the copy. It is very much appreciated.


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