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The Block: All Stars – Looks Like It Is About To Explode

The rules on The Block are all a bit vague, last night I learnt that the teams have to paint their own walls, but also that Dani could have her parents working on their site for a cut price fee. What is stopping anyone getting friends or relatives in and paying them $1.00 a hour.

The other issue is that Phil and Amity lost the kitchen room reveal because of a deal done between Dan and Dani and Josh and Jenna to win the point for the least amount of electricity use.

For those who were not watching last week, the challenge was to be the house to use the least amount of electricity, so Dan and Dani plugged their power products into Josh and Jenna’s and hence they won the point to take off another team on room reveal night. Was it cheating or good strategy?

Winning that challenge was probably the highlight of their week for them as Dani was not happy with her kitchen sobbing “I had been planning it for so long”.

She thought the splash back was too small, at one stage it looked like the concrete was not going to be polished, and Dani did not like the light apricot colour on the walls.

Their builder had promised to turn up at 4.00am to polish the floor, but he did not but then maybe he decided after the big blow up with Dan last week whether it was really worth it. Interestingly they did end up polishing it but no one could walk on it for two hours. Lucky for them the judges did start at Phil and Amity’s.

All the kitchens were white aimed at appealing to the buyer.

Phil and Amity have used their space so well. Neale loved the kitchen and mezzanine. They all liked the oven mirroring the original stove. Also turning the laundry into a second bathroom was really smart and will reap dollars on auction day. The others only managed to squeeze in a toilet.

Mark and Duncan’s was the usual wild look going on this time the splash back was cow hide, and there was a  fish tank in the old stove. Both looked quite good and add in the pew type chair at the kitchen table it had the most lived in feel to it.

Poor Dale he joins The Block but they still have Duncan doing all the talking, one of the things that was so much good about Dale was his personality. Hopefully he gets more time in the coming weeks.

Neale thought the kitchen was nuts but he said it feels good. Their kitchen was the last room in the house, whereas Josh and Jenna and Amity and Phil had swapped it so the lounge room was the one closest to the yard. Because of the all the interruptions, Duncan and Dale, did not complete their laundry.

Josh and Jenna wanted a luxurious kitchen which was a contrast to their barely there formal lounge the week before.  Neale was gushing saying it was a world class design and he wanted to photograph it for Belle Magazine.  Shaynna said even though it was white it was warm. For some reason the judges loved the vertical garden. It will be interesting to see that in a years time and whether it is still there. Maybe vertical gardens are the new feature walls in side houses.

Shaynna thought the stools did not fit properly so made it hard to use as a bench. Personally I did not like the stove underneath the bench, people with small kids could find that a hazard.

Dan and Dani was not not the disaster they thought it would be. Neale did like the polished concrete. but would liked to have seen a blind on the window. They liked the art work as well and Shaynna like the apricot paint. However Dani said she was going to re-paint it this week.

It was a two horse race for the win between Jenna and Josh and Phil and Amity. They both received 9 1/2 from Darren, and 10’s from Neale and Shaynna. However Dan and Dani used their point to take it off Phil and Amity, giving the win to Josh and Jenna. Ouch.

Also they will be splitting the prize money. Phil and Amity just caught wind of the arrangement after the judging, possibly tipped off by someone, and were not happy.

Amity said to Dani and Dan “you did not have to give us the point!”. However the producers set up a challenge where this was the prize so it was theirs to use. Did they win that point fairly well that is another debate all together.

The Block is almost a must watch episode tonight to see the fall out from the room reveal. More info on that on

The Block: All Stars on NINE at 7.00pm weekdays.



1 ND { 03.16.13 at 5:15 pm }

I guess it’s our own fault that we watch this show…
I commenced watching to get ideas re renovations but I have never witnessed such a display of ‘the total bitch’ in a long time… Look it up in the dictionary and you will see ‘pertaining to Jenna and Dani’.
Amity – hold your head high…. You and Phil did not take Dan and Dani’s house when you could have… Your house is wonderful and jealousy abounds.
Channel 9 should be ashamed that they have allowed the behaviour that we have been witnessing. Phil and Amity are quickly punished for starting the mezzanine; yet no punishment for the Gen Y’s…. ‘All Stars’ these young couples are not.

I hope P & A win or the Boys…. great people with wonderful sense of style and humor.

2 Golo i Wesolo { 03.16.13 at 7:06 pm }

Cheaters win at life? Another terrifc value that reality TV is teaching our kids!

I haven’t watched this show yet (thank god), but it sounds like it’s going down the gurgler just like MKR. Is this the beginning of the end of reality TV?

3 Anonymous { 03.17.13 at 4:54 pm }

Do you not think if the power challenge broke the rules of the show that the involved couples would have been penalised, or stopped? Honestly, get over it people. I went on the block FB for a while, but after the power challenge a lot of phil and amity fans just started getting abusive or threatening to fans of other couples. The bullying by them is sickening. And the abuse dished out to josh and Jenna and dan and dani is staggering. Phil and amity fans say they are sick of the negativity and whining and bad behaviour from the two young teams…. I think a lot of them need to look at their own bullying, intimidating and negative behaviour. IMHO.

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