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My Kitchen Rules- Tassie And South Australia Duke It Out

I really don’t need to hear Pete Evans say again “If it was cooked properly I think we would have a stand out [dish] here”. It is great he is always trying to find the positive in some of the very ordinary cooking that is presented to him.  Of course if it was cooked properly it would be a good dish

Last night after I finished watching MKR it was great to turn on Masterchef: The Professionals to see some good cooking albeit with no tension or drama.

It was Mick and Matt from Tassie facing off against the “domestic goddesses”  from South Australia and again tonight it was not who had made the best meal but who had not made the worst.

How did Mick and Matt get the top score of their round? As since then it has all been downhill for those boys with culinary low lights of cinnamon rolled chicken, and Pesto Pasta Chicken. Tonight they dished up a too sweet and not spicy entree of Hot and Spicy Thai Prawns. For main they over cooked their fish in the Grilled Trevalla with Lentils. They also undercooked the lentils. The entree must have been bad as the judges thought the main was better.

For dessert Mick and Matt made Cappuccino Cheesecake. They over cooked them, but what was weird was Melina and Angela were whispering to each other that the boys had forgotten to take them out but they did not yell out take them out of the oven. Well not that the viewers saw. When Matt finally realised he grabbed the and knocked the cream cheese top off a couple of them.

When he was plating dessert up he decided to scrape the tops off all of them and top them with Italian meringue. Why didn’t he just serve the dud ones to the other teams? He only has to get three good ones to the judges. Anyway the presentation wasn’t the problem it was the cheesecake it was grainy, also not helped that the bottom of the cheesecake tin was left on the plate.

The whole father son schtick of Mick telling Matt he was in charge was getting a bit repetitive with Mick then trying to butt in at the crucial moment. Matt ended up telling him to f**k off, the first time ever apparently, so it was a positive the Matt achieved that rite of passage on the show.

Jenna and Joanna thought they were having a disaster, however compared to the Tassie boys they were putting on a gourmet meal.

As ususual Joanna was carrying most of the burden of the meal making the bulk of the entree and main, whilst Jenna prepped dessert.

They were smart and kept it simple. Joanna made a Poached Squid and Fennel Salad for entree, which the judges liked but Colin Fassnidge thought squid was a bit muddy. Whilst Manu thought it was pleasant without the wow.

For main Joanna made Beef Ribs with Chick Peas and Broccolini, it did not look good on the plate, if you were being kind you would call it rustic. Manu loved it as it reminded him of the Sunday night meals his “mummy” used to make him. The flavours were there but it was not braised for long enough. It was strange that Joanna did not put them on first in prep time but instead did the squid.

Finally Jenna made Mango Mousse for dessert it was meant to be served with sago but that turned into a disaster and they did not serve it. Not that it mattered as the judges loved the dessert and Colin said he would serve it in his restaurant. He asked for the recipe and unfortunately they did not respond “you can find it on the official website after the show has aired!”

All the judges gave the South Australian girls a seven so they received 42 out of 60. There was no tension as the five out of tens started being revealed by the other judges and they were eliminated after receiving 31 out of 60.

If you think you can cook better than this years lot or have talent in getting your scrag on you can apply for next year’s show here. No surprise with the mega ratings that there will be a season five.

My Kitchen Rules is on SEVEN Monday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm.



1 VioletsRBlue { 03.13.13 at 6:05 am }

Littlepetal, Joanna made a good choice getting Jenna on her team as you don’t want to have two team members with the same strengths. Its great to have a ‘dessert queen’ so that you have both basis covered. Desserts can win judges over as well so its important to have a strong dessert person in a team. That also leaves Joanna to really be in charge of the savory dishes so none to interfere with her creations, which is just as well as she doesn’t need one! :-)

2 Anna { 03.13.13 at 6:39 am }

Questions to ponder for the next week

Will Kerrie cook with Lamb again?

Will Tatts & Braces be more concerned with what A&M are doing then with their own dish

Will they keep on saying Bsbe & smash it

Will MKR gods send them home …