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Survivor Caramoan Interview With Latest Evictee Laura Alexander

Another Survivor episode and another person from the fan tribe voted off. Last week the tribe lost two players Shamar who left because of an eye injury, and Laura who was voted off at tribal council. In an interview with the latest evictee from Survivor Caramoan, 23 year old admin officer Laura Alexander, we talk alliances, Shamar and strategy.

Reality Ravings: You went on the show knowing that you were going to be physically weaker than the other contestants, what was your strategy for when you stepped on the island, and what did think you needed to do to stay on there as long as possible?

Laura Alexander (LA): My stategy as soon as I got on the island was to form alliances as soon as possible, especially in the first few hours who you bond with is very important. I knew for myself coming into the game that I had to get into a majority alliance as quickly as possible, and once I was in the alliance I needed to forge some trust with those people as early as possible. Because if I could avoid those people noticing how weak I was in challenges that would be great. I knew at some point I would be exposed so I needed an alliance to back me up later in the game.

RR: In the first episode it looked like you were going to align with the Cool Kid’s alliance of Reynold, Eddie, Allie and Hope. Why did you change your mind and go with the Sherri alliance?

LA: Sherri was the first person I spoke to when I landed on the island so Sherri and I had a really tight bond right off the bat. But I did have a friendship with Allie as well and I potentially could have aligned with them. I think for me it was about really forming a six to four majority division. So four people could be on the out, not me, and they could be targeted at future tribals. Eddie and Reynold were definitely targeting Shamar the first tribal and for me it wasn’t good for me that they were only targeting one person as who would be next. It was just four with Matt playing the swing vote, and I really did not like the idea of Matt playing the swing vote. There were a few elements in why I decided to align with Sherri, Michael, Julia, and Shamar. Shamar was a very easy vote for Sherri and me it was nice to have him guaranteed. It was really about forcing Matt to really choose sides so that he couldn’t play that swing vote  and potentially go one way or the other later down the road. For me the swing vote is a little too strategic. Matt was really playing the game hard early on so I did not like that I wanted him to choose sides and to drive a line between Reynold, Allie, Hope and Eddie and also leaving four people to be voted out before me.

RR: After Shamar was talking to Hope about his alliance voting strategy it looked like you were going to flip to Reynold’s alliance. Was that just strategy on your part or were serious about doing that?

LA: I was definitely not serious about flipping my vote to Shamar. It was my way of guaranteeing the vote that night went the way I wanted it to by eliminating any possibility of Shamar potentially flipping to Reynold, Hope and Eddie and voting me out.I knew that Eddie, Hope and Reynold  were planning of writing my name down and what if Shamar changed his vote, so it was my way of solidifying that their vote would go the way i wanted it to. I did have a side conversation with Julia, but it was completely fake. It was just Reynold saw Julia and I speaking to make it look like we were strategising but it was really just to trick Reynold into voting for someone other than myself.

RR: Did you know when you went in to the season there were going to be returning players. When you saw the returning players were there any you wanted to work with  or ones to target when you got to the merge?

LA: When I saw them coming off I did not immediately think about who I would target, but I remember thinking Brandon and Phillip were huge liabilities. I remember looking at Andrea and Brenda and thinking they are very strong women.  I thought Erik and Cochran could potentially align. I was looking at them thinking who could I potentially align with down the road, who is definitely a threat. They are all threats. I could look at Cochran and think he is very smart or look at Brenda and see she was going to win a lot of challenges so she is a threat. It was very surreal being next to them.

RR: Was Shamar as bad as he is being edited?

A part of me has to say yes, the arguments for very real. He was always down he was never in a good mood, he definitely attacked a lot of people in our tribe. He was hard for all of us. At the same time he was not contributing to camp life in any way. He was a challenge to live with. Sherri and I had the most conversations with him and i think I got to see a certain side of him that maybe not everyone got to see  and I think there is hope that there is a good guy inside of Shamar and that he doesn’t always let it out.

RR: What next for you? I understand you are currently working in admin in Washington. Are you hoping that being on Survivor might change your career direction?

LA: I don’t think it has really changed my career direction much. I work in Washington DC and I plan on going to law school this fall.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show? What reality TV show would you go on regardless of talent?

LA: I would not go on just any reality show. I am not going on Teen Mom  and you won’t see me on The Bachelor any time soon, I have a bit more dignity then that. I would like to go on Survivor again, it is my favourite show ever I am a huge fan and even though it did not work out how I wanted it to the first time I would actually go back again. If it wasn’t Survivor I love to travel so I would jump at the chance to go on The Amazing Race.

Survivor: Caramoan Fans V Favourites on GO Channel Thursday night at 7.30pm and repeated on Saturday at 4.30pm.


1 JStar { 03.12.13 at 8:50 pm }

Hey RR, great questions. I wasn’t expecting such a quick turnaround with her interview. When would you like us to send in questions that you may want to ask the latest boot next time? Will you be interviewing Shamar next? If so, can you ask him why he found it so difficult to live with strangers 24-hours a day given that he has a military background and has served on the frontline. Surely he has lived in close proximity with strangers he did not get along with during his military career.

I will say that Laura, particularly in her answers, definitely could have gone much further if she wasn’t so pathetic in challenges and looked like someone who hadn’t had three full meals for the last six years. (Although Courtney did come in second in China despite looking like a walking-stick insect). I liked how she and Sherri had a good read on her fellow tribemates and correctly anticipated a lot of their moves. Sherri is getting a lot of air time and is one to look for to go deep. At least Sherri can rest assured that her last minute trip to the botox factory prior to stepping on the island is not going to waste as she is getting enough confessionals.

And we should both be patting ourselves on the back for correctly picking Laura as the latest boot! Who is next? Hmm…I’m still catching up with this season but I’m slowly putting some of the clues together from the usual “animal metaphor images” as well as the hints Dimples dropped when selling this season. Do you recall him
stressing that Brandon was psychologically cleared to play. He also mentioned that there would be major emotional meltdowns and an impromptu tribal council this season. Brandon is seriously getting the major “CRAZY” edit and the previews for this Thursday’s episode shows him going ballistic at camp.

My speculation of the next boot are as follows. I’m leaning towards a tribal switch at the next episode as surely they can’t let the fans continue to implode. Brandon will still remain in the majority “favourites” tribe with the upperhand in terms of numbers. But after losing immunity he goes ballistic (possibly set off by seeing Brenda or Andrea gather firewood in their sexy bikinis) and makes people fear for their own safety to the point they demand that he be removed from the game ASAP. Hence the impromptu tribal council. If Brandon doesn’t get voted off, I’m leaning towards Julia being sent packing given that Sherri was so adamant about not wanting to send the wrong message about young females being seen as “weak” in Survivor and easy pickings during Tribal Council. If the botox would allow her, Sherri will do another about face and send yet another young female fan home. 😛

2 Sioux Denim { 03.13.13 at 12:14 am }

Agree totally, great questions to Laura.

It,just feels like Brandon’s meltdown is all friggin staged to stay on camera, yeah I know Der…… But i am really looking forward to a game with no return players, no loonies, all fresh meat and game on!!

3 Reality Raver { 03.13.13 at 9:07 am }

Hi JStar – Great comment and far more observant than me on all the shenanigans that is going on.

I am in interviewing Shamar shortly. Send in questions by Tuesday night for the latest person eliminated as I interview first thing Wednesday morning. Will definitely ask Shamar that one.