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Masterchef: The Professionals – We Have Our Three Finalists But Not Without Controversy

Rhett and Michael have at least been consistent for a lot of the competition saying in the car to collect the produce that they had not won a service challenge, and tonight was again not their night.

Each team had to plan and cook a menu for a pop up restaurant, and because Rhys got dish of the day yesterday in the Peter Gilmore challenge he got to choose who he would cook with. He chose Sarah. Rhett’s take on that was she had pulled him through a few challenges previous and he hinted that Rhys was probably hoping to sail through to the final on her coat tails.

Michael and Rhett thought because both of them were head chefs they had an advantage, but Sarah thought that Rhett had the arrogance of a chef and it is either “his way or the highway”.

Rhett’s strategy was to make sure service went smoothly, therefore he kept the dishes in his and Michael’s Asian themed restaurant simple. Whereas Sarah and Rhys went for more complex dishes in their European themed restaurant. This complexity of menu from them meant the diners were waiting quite some time for their mains. In fact it was over an hour between entree and main and it did not look like that was a factor in the elimination.

The green team of Sarah and Rhys made Goats Cheese and Mushroom Tortellini with a burnt butter sauce, and Seared Scallops with Corn Puree for their entrees. For mains the diners had the choice of Lamb Loin with Potato Fontine and Snapper with fennel and Carrot Puree. Dessert was a Chocolate and Hazelnut Layer Cake.

Both Rhys and Sarah seemed to take on Marco Pierre White’s “perfection” mantra very seriously.

The red team made Salt and Pepper Quail, and Sashimi of Tuna and Kingfish for entree. Mains was Swordfish with Sweet Chili Jam, and Pork Belly with an Asian Broth, and dessert was Lemongrass Pannacotta.

Rhett was behind two of the most criticised dishes. The Sashimi for being too simple and the tuna pieces being to big which made it difficult to eat with chopsticks. He also cooked the Swordfish with Chilli Jam which Marco and Matt said was more of a miss then a hit. It was irrelevant that Matt thought some of the diners might think the swordfish was undercooked, because the same criticism could have been levelled at the lamb which look like it had been cooked to medium rare.

However Rhett’s cooking strategy is getting repetitive it is always about doing whatever is easiest for him to get through service. This is not what you want to see at the pointy end of the competition. Also Michael making the same dessert of Lemongrass Pannacotta again was lazy and unimaginative.  This was a bad strategic error and to make it worse it was not as good as the first time around.

They really could have flipped a coin to decide who should go home. Michael has had more cooking highlights in the back end of the series, but Rhett has been consistent. However Michael was sent home because he had been a follower not a leader in service just taking direction from Rhett about menu and cooking. It was a shame to see the energiser bunny sent home, as he was one of the stand out cooks in the competition who put 110% into each challenge.

What do you think did the right person get sent home?

I am interviewing the final three later this week, are there questions you would like me to ask them?

Masterchef: The Professionals on TEN this Sunday at 7.45pm.



1 Anna { 03.13.13 at 3:56 pm }

Bring on the truffle season!! Love them and will try to go to a truffle dinner or two….

Rhatt needs to learn to take chances or he will fail along the line…

2 Anonymous { 03.13.13 at 4:15 pm }

@ reality raver

Yes but there was a food element to why kiah left the undercooked souffle which was caused by him being a team player. There wasn’t a food reason given to why michael left. Rhett had negatives on two of his dishes while michael had one negative on three of his dishes and one dish was quoted as best of competition. It was a personality reason. I dont’ think it was acceptable and has completely put me off the show.

3 Anna { 03.13.13 at 4:17 pm }

Cannot see Rhatt winning, then again saw a comment on social media weeks ago that stated ‘the winner of the comp is a joke’… hope it’s not Rhatt.

Sarah and Rhys deserve to win

4 LB { 03.13.13 at 4:37 pm }

For Michael to miss out on the flimsy pretext that MPW gave is a shame & slightly taints MCP for me. I would have liked to see a Sarah/Rhys/Michael final. As has been noted all three of them have grown during the series, whereas Rhett seems to be exactly the same as when he started.
Hope that Michael gets to open his restaurant in Red Hill – I would definitely give it a try. It’s one of my favourite places on earth & a fabulous, new restaurant would be a welcome addition. But he’s currently working at one of my other fave places, Sorrento. He’s a lucky guy.

5 Littlepetal { 03.13.13 at 5:28 pm }

I also can’t see Rhett winning. I think the winner could be Rhys.

6 Anna { 03.13.13 at 5:47 pm }

Very early on in the season Marco referred to Rhett as a cook not a chef. Told him to stay behind the stoves

There is time and a place for raw food….I do order it from time to time.
However Rhett made it to a reality tv show where one of the greatest chefs in t he world was mentoring them…. would have been smart of him to push himself just a little bit… plain lazy

7 Daisy { 03.13.13 at 6:20 pm }

Hi RR I noticed the link below; manage your subsriptions and I have blocked the notifications. I’ll let you know later if it worked.

8 Magda { 03.13.13 at 9:17 pm }

I too thought the decision was the wrong one. The test of being the best chef shouldn’t amount to whether you can stand up to a bully (the prevalence of such beings amongst chefs notwithstanding).

One of the nice things about Masterchef up until this series has been that those who weren’t team players were eliminated for that fault. I assume its Marco who is responsible for the ‘everyone for themselves’ philosophy that has prevailed here and it is not a positive development.

The previous series have prized personal development as a cook and I really liked that. Rewarding laziness and a nasty personality undermines the guiding principles of the show. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why it hasn’t rated as well…

9 nick.c { 03.15.13 at 3:41 am }

Forgive my deviating from all the interpersonal drama for a moment, but watching the Red team fillet and pin bone the fish had me thinking.

I’ll never understand the filleting and pin boning of fish in an Asian dish. Anyone who has been to Asia will notice that fish is almost always served on the bone, whether it’s a whole fish, or chunks. In fact some dishes even feature fish heads, because in the bony crevices and cheeks you will find the most succulent meat on the fish.

So if cooking food true to it’s cultural origins is a criteria, why does it not apply to the way an entire continent of people eat fish?