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My Kitchen Rules – The Zoo Challenge Saw Some Teams Hit While Others Missed

My Kitchen Rules broke the entertainment rule of not working with either children or animals, last episode they did both, however the animals were behind bars.  The teams were taken to Taronga Zoo where the brief was to serve a dish that was healthy and delicious for school children.

Again in this challenge the food was variable. There was overcooked, undercooked, dropped food and just plain weird dishes plated up.

The children got to vote for their favourite dish, and the team that received the most votes from them would be safe from elimination and the worst dish as judged by the Pete Evans and Manu would find themselves in the elimination challenge.

Angela and Melina are like the team with nine lives they again dished up a not very appetising meal of vegetable muffins including a psychotic smiley face on top of it. Ashlee and Sophia were quite right when they were quipping the “pupils were dilated” and ” it looks like it would get you in the bath”.

The Italian Real Housewives were also quite funny when they showing how the kids were just by passing their table turning their nose up. They were right to, even the judges did saying it was too dense and the side of popcorn did not go with nor was it cooking.

Jenna and Joanna made Crumbed Chicken with Sweetcorn with Orange and Thyme. The first time they took it out of the oven it was still pink, and also the second time when Joanna said it was ready it still looked pink. However they did win children’s choice much to their excitement.

Andi and Josh also received great feedback regarding their Baboon Beef Burgers and Zoochini fries and the judges were right there will be a heap of parents downloading that recipe today. The judges also awarded it dish of the day.

As well as Dan and Steph’s miso cob of corn that looked delicious they also served it with the children crowd pleaser of sushi.

Sophia and Ashlee looked like they were in trouble dumping the meatballs for their subs on the floor. However they must have quickly made some more. The judges thought they were to difficult to eat due to the size but the flavour of the meatballs were nice.

Kerrie was getting angry with Craig about his plating up. She takes charge when it comes to the cooking and he takes charge in the too camera pieces. Clearly he was loving those ball jokes. This time she made Very Hungry Catepillars which was a great concept, but the lamb balls were burnt and the lettuce and herb balls just sounded weird.

The Vic cousins of Smiley Sam and Chris were smart making Pork and Vegetable Sausage Rolls again the execution let them down with the sausage rolls being under cooked as were the chips they were serving with it.

The Bondi boys were going for a vegetable packed Spag Bolognaise with a smashed pea and broccoli side. The judges thought the flavour was a bit flat. As Pete said they only fulfilled one side of the brief the nutritious side not the delicious one.

Jake and Elle made Chicken Taquitos, but Jake was hilarious when he noticed the kids did not know what it was and started selling it as a rolled up nachos and a Mexican Wrap. Some of theirs were burnt as well but the Pete thought “it was hard to fault” and told them they were a force in the competition. Also I hope we get to see what Jake’s hair looks like with out all the hair product in it, it would be interesting to see how long the swirly thing is on top.

However it was Ali and Samuel who produced over cooked  Chicken Skewers with over cooked vegetables who were sent to the elimination challenge. They were unlucky as there were quite a few teams who could have been there in their place.

My Kitchen Rules – on SEVEN Monday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm.



1 brain dead dave { 03.13.13 at 10:40 pm }

Viewers can discern between gatecrashers and hatecrashers.

Right now, the 7.30 Report never looked so good or I’d sooner watch River Monsters than kitchen monsters.

2 Littlepetal { 03.13.13 at 10:43 pm }

Oh no. Not fish sauce, Gabby. It stinks when not added to food.

3 Gabby { 03.13.13 at 10:50 pm }

Right BDD you said it, Channel 7 need to do something about this. It’s gone far enough. Every time those two abhorrent creatures are shown it is to bring down th Angelina and Melina and as Anon @ 37 said what if their children are watching this show and they have to hear these despicable excuses for humans beings talking about their mothers like that. What about all the other children watching this show listening to two grown up women spewing forth with hate like this four nights a week against two women that never say a dicky bird about them. It is bullying and Channel 7 is condoning this on our screens for our children to see. I am really angry after tonight.
I wonder if one day those idiots, because there is no other word to describe them, they will look back and watch these shows in a few years, and maybe they might feel a tinge of shame for the way they have behaved. Meanwhile it is Channel 7 who should be ashamed.

4 Anna { 03.13.13 at 10:54 pm }

Wonder how many people rang ch7 tonight to complain

Moronic editing team should be sacked.., is this what we are teaching out kids??

Nasty, toxic bullies are allowed to get away with it? Nice going ch7 especially during kid friendly hour

5 brain dead dave { 03.13.13 at 11:00 pm }

I feel like taking a dump in Ch7’s front foyer tomorrow, it will probably make more impact than a phone call. The again, they might recruit me for one of their shows for doing it.

6 nanaliz { 03.13.13 at 11:02 pm }

Ch 7 just don’t care. It is all about rating, stuff what bad messages are being sent to kids.

7 Pea beau { 03.13.13 at 11:05 pm }

When I look at dear Pete and Luke, all I notice is how their skulls will look nicely sculpted when stripped of all skin. That’s like not meant to sound macabre ok

8 nanaliz { 03.13.13 at 11:15 pm }

What is the name of the free-air TV watchdog? They occasionally have ads about where to contact them re complaints about programs.
On another note, why do A&M avoid cooking Italian? I was hoping to see some authentic recipes from Nona. Must have run out after instant restaurant. Lovely ladies, but not very bright I am afraid.

9 Anna { 03.13.13 at 11:17 pm }

Almost 2000 comments on MKRs fb page. Some are suggesting that everyone boycott the show….

Cannot see ch7 taking notes, angry viewers means ratings

10 Anna { 03.13.13 at 11:17 pm }

Almost 2000 comments on MKRs fb page. Some are suggesting that everyone boycott the show….

Cannot see ch7 taking notes, angry viewers means ratings

The only way Ch7 will do anything if sponsors pull the plug

11 Gabby { 03.13.13 at 11:25 pm }

Littlepetal, no I won’t throw the fish sauce or anything, because then have a guess who would have to clean it up? ME!
BDD, I noticed Craig licking his fingers and sticking them back in the anchovies jar, yuk.
I am glad the Mummas did lose though, I would have been upset if the boys or Dan and Steph had have lost after they had done so well in the previous contest. Best outcome of all would have been for the Bitches to have lost, could you have imagined if they had lost? Anyway, knew they wouldn’t lose. They have to start cooking non Asian dishes, it’s the only way there is going to be a chance in hell of getting rid of the evil pieces of no good #%{^}#%.

12 brain dead dave { 03.13.13 at 11:34 pm }

Yes ,Gabby , I’m always looking for lapses of hygiene on the cooking shows and Craig really lowered the bar tonight. I’ll say it again -there are almost as many bacteria in the human mouth as people on earth and who are we to know if Craig has just been out the back, scratching his piles, as well?

13 Littlepetal { 03.13.13 at 11:38 pm }

Its o.k, BDD. Only Manu and Pete will suffer.

14 Tuppence { 03.13.13 at 11:42 pm }

I went to the The Australian Communications and Media Authority website, and they said that you complain to the television station first.
Make your complaint heard by directing it to the right place.

Television complaints

If you have seen something on TV that you think breaches a code, you must first complain in writing to the station that you saw it on.

If you have already made a complaint to the station, and have either not had a response within 60 days, or aren’t satisfied with their response, you can make a complaint to the ACMA.

The ACMA cannot accept complaints about the quality or scheduling of programs, the content of advertisements, or advertising on the ABC.

If you have seen something that you think breaches a licence condition or a standard, you can make a complaint directly to the ACMA. Standards applicable to television include:

Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice
Section 1.9.7 of the Code:
present participants in reality television programs in a highly demeaning or highly exploitative manner.

A depiction or description, sexual in nature, which is a serious debasement of persons, or a group of persons, within a program.

Clearly appearing to purposefully debase or abuse a person, or group of persons, for the enjoyment of others, and lacking moral,
artistic or other values

15 brain dead dave { 03.13.13 at 11:49 pm }

Thanks for posting that, Tuppence. It’s certain that a written complaint will have more influence than a phone call. Keep a copy of your letter.

That could explain Pete’s gauntness, Littlepetal@ #63. Too many bouts of gastro.

16 Christina { 03.13.13 at 11:54 pm }

Fair enough you don’t like someone or their food, but to resort to name calling (even lower to do it behind their back) is very mean and sad. I think the girls are good cooks, excelling in the cuisine they know…but I do wonder why they aren’t told to mix it up and try new things when everyone else (in this series and those past) are asked to push themselves and try new things. Dan and Steph are doing fabulously since being in the MKR kitchen, really mixing things up a showcasing a variety. So happy for Josh and Andi too.

It looked like the right decision tonight. Sadly I think the Mummas did have a bad night, bad week really. Can’t see them winning against Ali ad Samuel, unless they really stuff up. Pretty sure the producers equally would like to see good cooks stay (as much as they’ve enjoyed the drama). Possibly that’s why it’s been milked so much this week as they know its their last opportunity!!

17 Daisy { 03.13.13 at 11:56 pm }

Stacey, I love Ellie’s hair. Such a pretty colour.
Thomas was bad but never made me want to switch off like the Bratz. If they win, no-one except Golo will be glad. You want to be able to be happy for the winners. And Whinge, whinge, whinge, “It’s their fault we’re in this cook off”. So what if your such fantastic cooks. Why would you care if you can’t lose against the other “morons”.
Nanaliz, I was just thinking how we used to watch this with the grandkids and all use MKR jargon. I wouln’t let them watch it this year. Adults behaving badly.

Please, please, please MKR. Never fall so low again.
BDD Yes. Take out the TRASH.

18 Littlepetal { 03.14.13 at 12:02 am }

I am going to write a written complaint to Channel 7. C7 has really lost the plot.

19 Gabby { 03.14.13 at 12:03 am }

Haha BDD, So am I, I am quite anal about it, and his lick wasn’t a little lick it was a big three finger slurpy lick, it was disgusting. Also, he gave Kerrie a tast of the sauce later on and then the spoon went straight back into the pot.
Just been on Facebook and everyone up in arms over there as well.
As one person said its too late to do anything now as its all done and dusted, but we can remember when it comes to voting for the dreaded ‘Logies’ for those of you who vote. Don’t vote for MKR !
Hopefully it will not win any awards this year. Pity there wasn’t an award for least favourite reality show, or least favourite reality personality.
It’s good to see that the majority of us reality television viewers are all decent people and will not tolerate that despicable behaviour that those two excuses for women are dishing up. Way to go fellow commenters!

20 Daisy { 03.14.13 at 12:16 am }

Good one Gabby. No voting for MKR.
When/if the Mamas go watch what the Bitches in Braces do. After the big gloat I bet they go after J&J next. They have so much contempt for everyone. I don’t even think they are great cooks. It’s just that the overall standard has been low. They wouldn’t stand a chance against Princess Jen.
I’m voting with my remote and not watching tomorrow.
Aaah! The promo just came on. I can see why you want to throw something at the telly girls.

BTW. Always fry your spices first, Mamas. They really don’t cook well but boy what has ahppened to Dan and Steph? The have been cooking food.

If it helps, I already have spoken to a lot of people who don’t watch MKR this year because it has become trash TV. Ugly, ugly girls because of their ugly, ugly natures.