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Masterchef: The Professionals – Interview With The Final Three

The Masterchef finale is on tonight, and I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with the finalist Sarah, Rhys and Rhett. We talked about future plans, how random those knife draws were, and sexism in the Masterchef kitchen.

Check out the interview below:

Reality Ravings (RR): Rhys why did you go on the show?

Rhys: To challenge myself it was something I had not thought about doing before, and the opportunity came up and just went for it.

RR: What about you Sarah?

Sarah: To raise my profile in the industry and the opportunity came up, it was something I would not really think of doing.

Rhett: Same reasons really, and big challenge, it is almost expected for us to keep going… this is the opportunity you get and you take it.

RR: Rhett what did you think of the editing you received on the show? Do you think it was a true portrayal and are you happy with it?

Rhett: No they have got to have a villain on these shows and I think it was me towards the end. I treated the show as work really I was not playing games or anything like that and that’s me on the show.

RR: You’ve created quite a bit of chatter how have you found the social media side of it all?

Rhett:  I don’t read it a lot, I’m not on Facebook or anything like that.

RR: Rhys what was the aspect of the competition you found the most challenging?

Rhys: The time constraints really. Putting up meals I was not 100 per cent happy with.

RR: Was it frustrating for you in those challenges in the time you were given was just too short, just so they could get some drama going?

Rhys: Yeah definitely it annoyed me a few times, but that is the game you just have to roll with the punches.

RR: Sarah – What was the aspect of the competition that you found the most challenging?

Sarah: It was all really challenging. The time restraints were a big thing, also being with so many chefs constantly was challenging as well, chefs are a breed of their own,  so being with so many of them in the house and on the set.

RR: One thing we did not see much of on the show, and we only saw hints of it, was the tension between some of the chefs. Firstly there was some tension between Cameron and Cassie, and in the latter episodes there was apparently some tension between Rhett and Luke. Was there tension on the set and did it impact on who you wanted to hang out with?

Rhett: Not really, we’re all chefs we all got along pretty well actually. I think they are  definitely trying to create some now, but I just did not see it there really.

RR: Then you and Luke did get on then?

Rhett: Yeah we’re fine. You could film one service in anyones kitchen and it would look like there is insane tension there. It is a very volatile environment, so you could easily make some up.

RR: Was there anything that surprised you about being on a reality TV show? Was there anything that shocked you?

Rhett: The editing.

RR: The slice and dicing?

Rhett: Yes, they can make you whatever you like, that’s the biggest thing for me.

RR: What about you Sarah? What was the most surprising thing about being on a reality TV show?

Sarah: Before I went into the show I knew nothing about TV, so just little things, like how many times you were asked to do things to get it right, and the right camera angles and stuff like that. That was an eye opener. Also the number of cameras there were. I was fairly camera shy for the first few weeks and having cameras on you all the time it was hard to get your head around.

RR: What was your favourite challenge Rhys?

Rhys: Was probably the Mansfield challenge, though the pop up restaurant was pretty fun as well. The ones I enjoyed most was the ones we lost unfortunately. I enjoyed them all really.

RR: What was it like working for Marco Pierre White, was it what you expected?

Rhys: I was pretty scared at the start before we got there because of his reputation, but after you got to know him a bit he is an absolute pleasure working with him.

RR: Rhett – Was there any pet peeve you had about the judging and what aspects were being judged?

Rhett: It depends what they were looking for on the day. Sometimes they would say Rhett this was too simple, and then other times  they would say Rhett this was too complicated and why don’t you do your simple stuff again.

RR: The Wednesday night episode [top four pop -up restaurant], how it was edited it looked like you and Michael the focus was on having a smooth service and picking simpler food to prepare, as opposed to Sarah and Rhys’s more complex dishes as we know they took longer to get out. Do you think that the time factor, they should have been penalised more for taking over an hour to get their mains out?

Rhett: Yes and the editing was one second that was shown that a person said they had been waiting over an hour for their food. In my industry where I work you wait an hour and half for your food it is not right.

RR: Sarah – Were you surprised who did not make it through the competition? Was there anyone that was eliminated early that surprised you?

Sarah: I definitely thought Nathan would be in the top three. I knew Michael would be up there. There were a few decisions that came down to who performed on the day, like when Coop left, he was a really good chef and he got eliminated before chefs that were not as good.

RR: One of the things talked about early on in the series on Reality Ravings was there was some sexism in the kitchen when it came to the service challenges that the female chefs were shunted onto desserts, as Cassie and Bonnie were stuck on them quite a few times.

Sarah: I did not feel that personally.

Rhett: It depends what you do in the kitchen. I’m a head chef so I was happy to do the dockets it is what I do a lot of. A lot of those girls had done pastry work, and pastry is harder then anything. It was not like they were put down the back, they were put down there because it is difficult and I am better at calling dockets and they were better at that.

Rhys: I don’t know if it was a fair call about girls just being put on pastry, I did many myself. Bonnie was good at doing pastries, Bonnie was happy doing pastries and there was probably a time where Cassie got put on pastries when she did not want to be there, but we are all professional chefs and you should be able to work anywhere in the kitchen in the end.

RR: So Rhett were you ever put on desserts in a service challenge?

Rhett: Yeah I did it once or twice. The very first episode and here and there on a couple of other ones. It is definitely not what I do a lot of. It is one of those things you are either good at it or your not.

RR: After being on the show is it going to change your direction now or where your career is heading?

Rhys: It won’t change my approach to food, I have always loved food and I always will, but as far as careers go I can see myself going a different way, like in TV or something like that. I will have a crack at anything.

RR: So you would be open to any media opportunities that might emerge out of this?

Rhys: Definitely.

RR: What about you Sarah?

Sarah: I have still got the dream of a destination restaurant on the South Coast of NSW.

Rhett: I want my own restaurant. I think you have to use the show whilst it is on and get anything you can get.

RR: What type of restaurant do you want?

Rhett: It will be in Queensland. It will  be Asian/Vietnamese/Thai. A bit more outdoorsy, somewhere where people can come on a Sunday afternoon and eat into the afternoon and drink into the night. I bit like Thailand really where it is really laidback and relaxed.

RR: What was the worst challenge for all you guys?

Rhett: The Morrocan/Mexican challenge [Sarah agrees].

RR: With those “random” knife draws how random were they?

Rhys: Very very random.

RR: So your saying the conspiracy theory that they all had the same names on it were not true?

Rhys: I have a feeling the first one, the fish and chip one, may have been rigged, as there was a lot of seafood in the pantry, but after that I am pretty sure they were all pretty much random.

Rhett: They would have to be – you can’t hold that much produce. If you have nine knives there with nine different cuisines you need nine different pantries.

RR: Wasn’t there the Shannon Bennett one the rabbit? That would have had to have been rigged. You just don’t have a stack of rabbits just sitting there.

RR: Rhys would you go on another reality TV show and which one would you go on regardless of talent?

Rhys: [Sarah suggests Big Brother] I don’t know about Big Brother. I would not have a clue, I don’t know if I would not go on another TV show.

Sarah: If I had to pick one I would like to give The Block a crack.

Rhett: I don’t know about reality, I would definitely do something else if it was related to television.

RR: Rhys I have a question from a fan for you. Where in Western Australia are you cooking?

Rhys: Out of Broome on a charter boat.

RR: Well that makes it a bit difficult for fans to stalk you. Would you be looking at moving into a more restaurant environment?

Rhys: I am just going back to the boat, but I would not mind running my own restaurant that is for sure.

RR: Good luck with the finale on Sunday. 

The Masterchef: The Professionals finale is on TEN tonight from 7.45pm.




1 Daisy { 03.17.13 at 1:52 pm }

Rhett, Rhys and Sarah, I loved you all. You’re all bloody great chefs and amazing in the kitchen. Rhett, I loved your editing, even if all of your Mr Nice Guy shots ended up on the cutting room floor. You kept it as real as RTV can be. I called you Rhatt and I thank you and Cameron (Wags) especially for lighting up my loungeroom with your character. I love your restaurant ideas. By the sea is definitely my choice of venue.
I would eat at any of your restaurants if I lived nearby, only now I won’t be able to afford to because you’re all so famous, you’ll be able to charge mega bucks.

Thanks to all of you and good luck. I liked that none of you had to play the warm and fuzzy card.

2 Daisy { 03.17.13 at 1:54 pm }

Emma, thanks for the great interview and the opportunity for us to personally respond to the contestants.
Three cheers for Emma. Yay!

3 Ana { 03.17.13 at 2:16 pm }

RR – How were they all? Did they have the same energy/personalities in person as they do on tv?

Thanks for this – I wish this show got more coverage!

4 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 2:41 pm }

Broome Tourism Board must be working hard this year. MKR also filming in Broome and just at the bottom here, RR has an add for Broome Package Deals for $820…….

5 Reality Raver { 03.17.13 at 3:18 pm }

Ana – I did the interview over the phone so unsure about their energy levels they were probably a bit knackered as I think they were doing a lot of media that day.

6 Paul { 03.17.13 at 3:47 pm }

Your interviews have been an absolute pleasure to read this series.

Great to read these types of Q & A’s rather than the pap served up in the mainstream media.

7 Daisy { 03.17.13 at 4:55 pm }

RR any chance we could get an interview from Pete, Manu or MKR producers on what they think of the direction that this years show has taken, and the viewers response to it.
I know we’d get the spin, but it would still be interesting to hear/read what they had to say.

8 Anna { 03.17.13 at 6:36 pm }

Emma, great interview !!!

Still not sure why Rhett is still there, may be the finale will change my mind…

Sarah will go places …. The show was great exposure for her

9 Anna { 03.17.13 at 8:37 pm }

Watching the finale, seems like they are setting up Rhett to win from get go.., total BS

10 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 8:39 pm }

It seems that way but he could fail.

11 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 8:42 pm }

My guess is that Rhys will win

12 brain dead dave { 03.17.13 at 8:50 pm }

I’m amazed with how quickly Rhatt’s chicken skin disappeared down Jowl$y’s gullet, so he gets a “7”. Keep me posted ,please.

I give Jowl$y a”2 ” for the clashing lemon yellow shirt w/polka dot cravat. Poor show for the big Finale.

13 annajjj { 03.17.13 at 8:53 pm }

Agree, as always, with Daisy; thanks RR for recapping so brilliantly. Have enjoyed every recap and comment.

14 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 8:55 pm }

Matt P face was so powdered at the start of the episode. More natural when he was doing the tasting.

15 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 9:02 pm }

Didn’t Rhett team lose in the previous service challenge?

16 brain dead dave { 03.17.13 at 9:21 pm }

Rhys thinks Jowl$y is the best food critic in the world.

Marco’s going feral for the service challenge.

17 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 9:24 pm }

Laughing at Rhett. This is what I do best. I am a head chef and…….he has a big blue plaster on his finger.

18 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 9:29 pm }

Matt P said they filmed 3 endings for the finale. In other words they can decide who they want to be the winner.

19 Dr T { 03.17.13 at 9:52 pm }

Honestly, I would have been happy with any of the 3 of them winning. I have massive respect for all of the people who ended up on this show… so sad that the ratings weren’t great, and it’s unlikely we’ll get another go around… enjoyed that so much more than the amateur version

20 Ana { 03.17.13 at 10:01 pm }

Really upset by the spoiler I read on another site. Hopefully it’ll make sense when I watch for myself. =/

21 Anna { 03.17.13 at 10:02 pm }

I score Jowlsy a 0 for his body language when eating… That eye rolling when he is enjoying the dish is seriously off putting !

22 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 10:07 pm }

His eyes also pop out when it was too sour.

23 EmTee { 03.17.13 at 10:10 pm }

Great work RR and an enjoyable read as always.

I think all three contestants deserve high praise on their performances in the finale especially under such pressure.

Look forward to reading the recap tomorrow and the posts to follow.

24 Anna { 03.17.13 at 10:15 pm }

Seriously not to win because dessert took a while to plate up? Even though every dish was faultless ? Calling it BS

25 Reality Raver { 03.17.13 at 10:18 pm }

Anna – And if those same service standards, or a score for what was happening in the kitchen had been applied on the top 4 night Michael would have made it into the final.

26 Barney { 03.17.13 at 10:19 pm }

I’m thrilled with the winner – my favourite contestant throughout the series.

27 Littlepetal { 03.17.13 at 10:21 pm }

It was the second challenge where MCP was won. The service challenge can’t change the total that much

28 Anna { 03.17.13 at 10:29 pm }

RR, I agree! Michael should have been in the finale

They always film a few different endings … Scripted to the last second

Not sure if the winner will take the win & make the most of it…

29 Barney { 03.17.13 at 10:36 pm }

Why is Rhett cooking on a boat off Broome? I thought he was head chef at some place in Qld?

30 Reality Raver { 03.17.13 at 10:43 pm }

Barney – my bad meant Rhys.

31 Dr T { 03.17.13 at 10:47 pm }
32 misotto { 03.17.13 at 10:56 pm }

If they had let the restaurant critic sitting with MP score the finale, Sarah would have won with her perfect beef main and dessert so good it almost made him cry. And that would have been the correct result….in my view.

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34 Joseph Skyrim { 03.18.13 at 8:17 am }

Hehe good interview Emma! I think all of them are great chefs regardless who wins/won. :)

35 Littlepetal { 03.18.13 at 11:36 am }

Of course Michael want Rhett to win. He was the one doing the dessert and he was on his team.