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Survivor France Contestant Dies – Production Is Packed Up

I always find it difficult to believe there are not more deaths on reality TV shows considering how they drive on The Amazing Race, however in sad news a 25 year old has died on location of Survivor France in Cambodia. are reporting  on the first day of filming 25 year old Gerald Babin died after cardiac arresting. He was seen by a medic after the a tug of war challenge where he was complaining of pain in both sides of his arms, he died whilst being transport to hospital.

The production company flew everyone back to France and cancelled the program.


1 Joseph Skyrim { 03.27.13 at 2:21 pm }

Is it ironic that on a show called “Survivor” I kinda expect every contestant but one to survive? Interesting that they stopped production over it though – I thought that would attract MORE viewers.

2 brain dead dave { 03.27.13 at 3:24 pm }

Why couldn’t the other contestants get on the front foot and use the guy for food?

3 Daisy { 03.27.13 at 3:25 pm }

DAVE!!!!! Only crazy Phil would do that.

4 Dr T { 03.27.13 at 11:11 pm }

BDD – I thought you’re first comment would be to mention your amazement that Jowlsy hasn’t died live on air yet…

5 brain dead dave { 03.28.13 at 12:06 am }

Jowl$y has put away eleven bone marrow risottos at one sitting , Dr T.

If indeed , gluttony is a deadly sin, Jowl$y is skating on thin ice.

Then again, an African male lion can eat 120 lbs of meat at one meal. No need to swallow their pride, either.

6 A.P { 04.02.13 at 10:33 am }

Just read on the telegraph site that the doctor involved in treating the heart attack contestant has killed himself, leaving a note blaming his demise on the media.

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[…] by Reality Raver There seems to be a lot of reality TV deaths in the news at the moment, and sadly the Doctor on the set of Survivor France has committed suicide as he feels his reputation has been sullied by the recent death of the contestants on the set in Cambodia. […]