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My Kitchen Rules – What Is Going On With The Schedule?

Everytime I think I have a handle on what is happening on My Kithchen Rules new information is released that confuses me.

Firstly the show was rested this week as it was non-ratings, which if fair enough, a Network has to make money and by winning ratings is how you do it. However it is kicking off again on Easter Monday a non-ratings week.

Then there were advertisements saying next week was finals week, with eight teams left I thought well there will be mass eliminations, with the “grand final” the following week to go head to head with a The Voice episode to try and put a dent into it early and hope people stick to SEVEN and watch House Rules. 

However then the schedule comes out for next week and there is only one elimination? Were the finals week a mistake? As you can’t have seven teams going into a grand final or even into the semi-finals. Also add in the rumour that Tassie team Mick and Matt is this a second chance twist or do they replace a team that leaves, as promo suggests Kerrie and Craig might have been involved in a cheating scandal.

Thankfully I am not the only one confused with NINE also now holding back shows as they don’t want to go head to head with My Kitchen Rules.

The Daily Telegraph reports NINE is holding back on the start date of The Great Australian Bake Off as with only eight episodes they don’t want it to be wiped out by My Kitchen Rules.

If you think you have an idea when the grand final of the show will be please let me know.

My Kitchen Rules on SEVEN at 7.30pm from Monday to Thursday.


1 Daisy { 03.30.13 at 1:48 pm }

Sometimes Rolf reads RR. Every so often he comes out with an indignant “Hey!!!!” Like when I mentioned leaving messages on RR for him to pick up his undies.

I dropped myself in it mentioning here that I had eaten a big box of Ferrero Roche. I didn’t share.

2 brain dead dave { 03.30.13 at 4:29 pm }

Seeing you mentioned Rolf, have to say I’ve done the legwork and the 82 yr old high profile Aust entertainer facing sex charges in England in connection with the Jimmy Savile case is going to be Rolf Harris. Dirty old bastard. Lock him up.

He’s 82 , in fact he turns 83 today. I’ve checked his bio. Makes me sick.

3 Daisy { 03.30.13 at 4:33 pm }

BDD That was my old Mum’s guess.

4 Daisy { 03.30.13 at 4:34 pm }

BDD That was my old Mum’s guess.
Whoever it is, there’s nothing lower than a child harmer.

5 brain dead dave { 03.30.13 at 4:42 pm }

My friend guessed it too,last night. Female intuition , perhaps. I simply Googled his age and that was verified but there’s already been discussions on Twitter about his being questioned under caution about it.

6 Georgie { 03.30.13 at 5:19 pm }

A bit more I’ve read on the subject suggests that Rolf might not have engaged in the activities Jimmy Saville is being accused of back whenever, but instead might have been aware of them and failed to speak up about it.

7 A.P { 03.30.13 at 5:30 pm }

Yes, I googled this morning “82 yr old famous Australian entertainers” and up came the whole story.
He’s been released so the claims might not be true, but its a bit silly the media saying his name cannot be released when its all over social media.

8 Reality Raver { 03.30.13 at 5:40 pm }

I knew you guys would be discussing that 82 year old entertainer who was arrested. Derryn Hinch and Mark Colvin both named him on Twitter.

9 Daisy { 03.30.13 at 5:43 pm }

He might only be guilty of flashing his extra leg.

10 brain dead dave { 03.30.13 at 6:45 pm }

He’s been released on bail pending further questioning. If it’s true he was on suicide watch in a clinic after first being questioned last year after his house was searched, things don’t look good for him.

I’m biased against him ,however, I’ve always disliked him intensely and know I’m not alone there.

11 layla { 03.31.13 at 8:21 am }

Just read this before:

Many of us called it ages ago but I’m surprised they’ve actually revealed what happens!!!

12 Littlepetal { 03.31.13 at 8:57 am }

Thanks layla for the link. I guess C7 want to reveal this as many viewers like Mitt and Matt, Ali and Samuel or A&M. They will like to see one of their favourite get back in.

If one team get back in there must be another elimination before the Broome challenge. 7 teams left after Wed night elimination, bring back 1 team = 8 teams. We knew there were only 7 teams in the Broome challenge.

Also the promo about Kerrie and Craig doing something wrong is another over the top promo since we all know nothing happen to them.