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Survivor Caramoan – Interview With Matt Bischoff

Matt was unlucky in the game of Survivor and lost his alliance in the crack of an egg shell. When the tribes switched he was in the much physically weaker one and it was no surprise his tribe lost the first immunity challenge. What was surprising was they chose to get rid of him as he was one of the stronger ones in a weak team. The rationale was because of his close relationship with Michael.

In this interview we discuss strategy, how he thinks Special Agent Phillip is not a special agent and Whiska Wars.

Reality Ravings (RR):  Sorry to see you voted out I thought it was the wrong decision.

Matt Bischoff (MB): I thought it was the wrong decision too.

RR: The tribe switch happened and the fans did not have the numbers what was your strategy?

MB: My strategy was this – I’m a social guy and I immediately went over there and tried to be completely honest with them to hopefully gain their trust. Dawn and I hit it off great on a friendship level. The same goes for Phillip, Cochran and Corrine. I was just trying to create these relationships with them in the hope that they trust me and keep me in the game until the merge. I knew that I was out numbered. They told us that if we don’t win challenges it would be one of the three of us going home. There was really no chance of us of having someone flip on someone, they were pretty adamant on sticking together. I knew when the good looking muscular people got on the GOTA tribe that they were going to be forces in challenges and I was kind of doomed. It was just bad luck for me.

RR: The tribe switch was really a bit of a dud, both for the viewer and for the people playing the game. Were you surprised you went ahead of Julie? Did you know you were going or was it a surprise at tribal?

MB: Going to tribal I was nervous as I knew that I didn’t have an idol and I was vulnerable and it could be me. I was hoping it was going to be Julia, and I truly thought that was the smartest way to go at the time was to vote for Julia. But the second that my name was read out I knew I was a goner. It was very heartbreaking when Jeff put out my torch.

RR: Back to your original fans tribe, people that have eliminated told me at the beginning that you were going to be the flip vote so you were going to be the one that sided with either alliance. Did you go into the game with that strategy and what was your reasoning behind that?

MB: Going into Survivor I knew that my social game was going to be my strong point I get along with everyone in my normal everyday life and I knew I would get along with everyone on Survivor. So I immediately went out there and started making these relationships. I formed an alliance with Sherri and Michael immediately, then Allie, Hope, Reynold and Eddie wanted me in her alliance. I was in a really, really good position. If we would have won challenges and not have had to go to tribal council I could have decided which way to play I wanted to go. Michael was completely on board with me if I wanted to go with the cool kid alliance he would have gone with me but I was never really fully committed to the cool kid alliance. They thought I was and I was kind of playing them but I chose to stick with my main alliance of Sherri and Michael and they we had to break up those couples. I was in a good spot I was the only one the tribe who had alliances with multiple people.

RR: Special Agent Phillip what was he like to live with?

MB: Phillip is hilarious. Phillips pretty smart though because people know and think that Phillip is this crazy guy. I think he is a little crazy, not in a bad way, I just think he is kind of funny hilarious personality. I think he truly thinks he was a former secret agent I don’t buy it for a second. I think it was a brilliant strategy to act the way he does out there as people are going to perceive him as a crazy dude but for me I thought it was pure comedy and entertainment out there. I had no problem with Phillip I thought he was a funny guy.

RR: You were at the tribal council where Brandon Hantz flipped out what was it like seeing and observing that?

MB: When the Brandon Hantz thing happened I was not scared I was just completely in shock. This was pretty much the craziest thing I had ever seen on the history of Survivor, this has never happened before. I was sitting here witnessing this thing it was unbelievable, it got really really intense and I felt bad seeing someone mentally freak out out there. But it is a very very tough game and just breaks you down mentally and physically and I could see how he had some issues, psychological issues can really take its toll out there. I think Brandon just had enough and freaked out. It was crazy to see it first hand.

RR: When the tribe switched over and you were in with the favourites what did they say it was like living with Brandon? Did they say they were concerned about his mental welfare?

MB: We really did not talk much about Brandon at the tribe swap. Immediately we went over there, they were welcoming us to their camp they were being overly nice to us it was like the Brandon stuff was in the past and we were moving on to what was going on at that time. We really did not talk that much about it.

RR: Was this the first time you had applied to go on the show? And why did you want to go on it?

MB: I have been a big fan since Season One and I applied back in 2003, no one ever got a hold of me and I thought  too many people applied to be on Survivor. But that is not how I live my life everyday I go for it and in October in 2011 I told my wife “I am going downstairs and I am making a video, I am going to and I am applying to be on Survivor and I am getting on this show”. It was a  dream of mine to get on the show and it was an unbelievable experience.

RR: What was the reality of being on Survivor like compared to what you thought it was going to be like?

MB: It was the toughest mentally and physical thing that I have ever experienced. When you watch it on TV you don’t realise how miserable it is. When it is raining for days on end and you are soaking wet and miserable and cold and you are starving and you are tired and your having to compete in  challenges. Meanwhile you are trying to strategise and keep everything going with your alliances, it is taxing on you. Until someone actually plays the game you don’t really understand what it is like.

RR: Would you go on anaother reality TV show? What would it be?

MB: Obviously I would like to play Survivor again, but Whiskers Wars as I have a long glorious dread-locked beard and it would be awesome to compete in all the beard competitions and be on the Whiskers Wars reality show.

RR: Best answer yet as everyone usually says they want to go on The Amazing Race!

Survivor Caramoan on GO Channel Thursday nights at 7.30pm repeated Saturday at 4.30pm


1 Daisy { 03.29.13 at 2:20 pm }

I think the team rearrangement was fixed. What are the chances of getting the young, athletic good looking ones on one team and the motor moron, dags on the other. Except for Cochrane and maybe one or two others, the dag team are being pathetic. I am liking Cochrane this time around. He had a hard time keeping a straight face listening to Phillip’s crap. Dawn is annoying me because she’s dobbing to Major Dick. Go Malcom for first place. I didn’t like Brenda last time but she’s doing a good job of flying under the radar this season. I don’t mind the hot frat boys.

2 Daisy { 03.29.13 at 2:23 pm }

Bring Matt back for Survivor Hillbillies v Beverly Hills.

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4 JStar { 03.29.13 at 2:38 pm }

Great interview RR. Now enjoy your Easter break!!

5 Sioux Denim { 03.29.13 at 5:02 pm }

Thanks RR – Matt was really my fave, spewing he went so early….interesting his take on Phillip – it is very hard for me to believe he is ‘hilarious’ hahahaha!