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Geordie Shore Coming To Sydney But What About Responsible Service Of Alcohol Laws?

Geordie Shore is coming to Sydney, in fact to beach side Coogee which is full of backpackers so there will be no shortage of people to party  and hook up with.

But how are the show’s producers going to get New South Wales strict responsible service of alcohol laws where anyone with a slight speech impediment have been known to be refused service. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it. Also people have been know to go out side for a cigarette and not be allowed back in.

Seriously, Geordie Shore is all about getting drunk, and laid unless of course they are going to fake being drunk when they are in a drinking establishment or will they have a special arrangement with the night spots they will frequent or just arrange private parties.

Not sure how many hotel proprietors will want filmed evidence of people being inebriated at or after they have been at their licenesed premises.

The current series of Geordie Shore is on MTV.

Source: The Australian