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My Kitchen Rules – Well The Blind Tasting Was A Farce Last Night

Normally I equate Reality TV  to vaudeville, but last night it was more like the gladiator fights of ancient Rome where they would cheer on Romans beating slaves from other provinces. Last night most of the 2 million Australia’s watching were hoping that Andi and Josh would beat Ashlee and Sophia.

Ashlee and Sophia are clearly not popular with the other teams and they don’t do themselves any favours when they don’t even bother saying good luck to Andi and Josh before the elimination kicked off.  Even if they don’t mean it fake it babes fake it.

It was mildly ironic that Josh who has been vehement about not doing Asian against the girls a few days earlier   $10 challenge was now putting his life on the line in the competition cooking an Asian three course meal. They made a Tamarind Snapper, a dry Burmese Curry, and a Coconut Parfait for dessert.

Sophia and Ashlee made Crispy Skin Duck with Banana Blossom Salad, Pan Fried Bream with Green Mango Salad, and Coconut Blamange with Jackfruit Coulis.

Both teams were tense but none more so than Sophia and Ashlee, with them fighting with each other at the end of the entree round. Sophia had been bossing about the amount of sauce to go on, in hindsight she was right, but her methods of communication leave a lot to be desired. Ashlee spat the dummy and said we might as well go home.

It was blind tastings, well at least until the main course when Manu revealed who had cooked what….

Colin thought the  Tamarind Snappper as cooked perfectly but thought there was too much chilli. Liz disagreed she thought it was fine. All of the judges criticised the presentation.

The girls Crispy Duck with Banana Blossom Salad was let down by the lack of crispy skin, but the duck was cooked perfectly pink and tender said Karen Martini. They all thought more dressing was needed.

Sophia wer making Pan Fried Bream with mango salad and it was a disaster when she pan fried the fish as it curled up. Props to her for the great knife work with the mango, which she revealed her mother had taught her to wield the knife at a young age.

Andi’s Dry Burmese Curry was not looking very dry and she had poured some of the juice off it to try and reduce it quicker.  In the end it was  good decision as it ended up being the texture they wanted but the flavour might have been reduced because of it.

However if the judges had no clue of who had cooked dishes they did now after the debated the heat of the garlic and chilli sauce. Manu said “This team cooks a lot of traditional dishes”. Which means you would have to be a moron not to realise this dish was the Asian girls.

What was interesting that Colin Fassnidge thought they should cook for the customer, whereas Manu did not. Well in a sense they are not cooking for the customer they are cooking for judges which is different in my opinion. Also it again shows these judging panels need an asian judge on the panel. As at the moment an anglo bastardising an asian dish has a better chance of getting a good comment. The same goes for Masterchef, fans will know that George Calombaris does not like heat in his dishes and it looks like Colin is the same. Yes I know Adam Liaw won and Poh came runner up on the show, however Matt Preston is probably the only one who has some knowledge of non-anglo cuisines.

With Andi and Josh’s curry Guy thought the curry needed to have more juice. Um it was meant to be a dry curry Guy. They thought there was not enough flavour, though at the end when scoring Liz Egan praised it. Manu also told the judges how they had poured the juice out. Not sure if information like that affects the scores they give them.

Things were getting stressful in Andi and Josh’s kitchen at dessert time with Andi telling him to get a fire cracker up him. Ashlee noted he was soo slow, as did Kerrie and Craig.

Though he was a  bit quick off the mark to get the Coconut Parfait out of the freezer and it melted. Colin Fassnidge said I wanted to eat a parfait not drink one. Guy thought the flavours were good. 

The girl’s Coconut Blamange with the Jackfruit Coulis received mixed reveiews as well. Some judges liked the lightness of it in the mouth but they all thought the coulis was too sweet. Karen did not think it was cohesive dessert whilst Guy thought it was the better dessert.

It was a close contest. Josh and Andi received a 7 from Karen and Guy, and sixes from the rest of the judges. This gave them a total of 38 out of 60.

Ashlee and Sophia scores were a six from Karen, a low five from Colin quickly killing any crush Sophia had on him, and the rest gave the girls a seven leaving them the winners on 39 points. No one clapped but was this to do because there was about to be a big announcement?

Obviously the three people in Australia who did not know about Andi and Josh’s preganancy would have been shocked. In the paper today it said she had only just discovered she was pregnant at this point and been thinking of quitting because of morning sickness.

Which does raise the issue of whether they were just made to lose as they were going to leave anyway?

Did you think Manu revealed who had cooked what dish?



1 brain dead dave { 04.05.13 at 1:33 am }

There was a cockroach just on my television. It’s called a Tom Waterhouse.

2 Georgie { 04.05.13 at 1:35 am }

I’m pretty bad too Techhater. I even had lessons once and took 26 shots to get out of a bunker. I fluked the last shot by second hitting the ball while it was in the air from the previous hit. I gave up after that. Funny cause both my parents were good golfers.

3 Techhater { 04.05.13 at 1:35 am }

Daisy it’s only 12.30 here don’t know about centipedes only seen small ones here. Like I said earlier way too much time on my hands. Change of life keeps me awake most nights and before tonight just used read everyone’s posts now I can join in. Absolutely loving it. Lol

4 Georgie { 04.05.13 at 1:39 am }

Tom’s pretty cute bdd, shame about his line of work. Love his mum though.

5 brain dead dave { 04.05.13 at 1:47 am }

Me too. She’s made of the right stuff. I’ll be watching her on Saturday.

6 layla { 04.05.13 at 8:25 am }

Yes it’s a competition and if you don’t want to make friends, fair enough, but that does not excuse your level of rudeness you have shown towards everyone throughout this comp. It’s 250k – not 250million. Remember bitches you need to split that prize money too… good luck going half/half with each other. I’d pay to see that. To see that you’re the only ones who have acted in such a way throughout this competition just shows how out of touch with reality you are.

Oh and Sophia, being a diehard Nirvana fan myself I can say Kurt definitely would have adored having you as a fan because he definitely produced the music he did for people like you to listen to and sing along to. *rolls eyes*

Fuck Manu, seriously. Even though most men are oblivious to female bitching – how he and the producers would tolerate contestants running around calling each other c*nts while filming a PG show I’ll never know.

7 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 11:15 am }

Layla, he enjoyed the girls claims of adoration.

8 littlepetal { 04.05.13 at 11:22 am }

Well said, layla. Manu is just full of himself. Just because he has many fans, he think people idolise him. He may be on the high one day but just a nobody the next.

Heard Colin on Wavefm. He said the cooking has been abomination.

9 Christina { 04.05.13 at 11:22 am }

Firstly I love Asian food, it’s a big part of Australian culture now, however it baffles me that on the last ep A&S can say things like they deserve to win because no one cooks traditional Asian like them. It’s not My Asian Kitchen Rules is it?? I also love seeing cooks add their own tweaks to recipes – making it their own so allowing a viewer learn something new and be inspired. And that’s nothing to do with them being biatches….but indeed they are. I agree they have been good entertainment, but it would be nice to have finals week without them. At least with the Comeback Kitchen we will have a break!

10 littlepetal { 04.05.13 at 11:36 am }

There are many traditional way of cooking. It may be traditional to me but not to my neighbours. The way the girls go on about traditional dishes are like nobody cooks Asian as traditional as them.

I can say my dish is a traditional dish because I learned from my mum or my grandmother. But maybe nobody cooks it this way. Just our own interpretation of the dish.

Unfortunately we only have one episode i.e on Sunday without the girls. They will be back on Mon but hope they get eliminated soon.

11 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 11:48 am }

Georgie, Techhater, BDD, did you dream of cockroaches last night?

12 littlepetal { 04.05.13 at 11:55 am }

Since we are on the subject of cockroaches, does anybody have a way of getting rid of cockroaches without using chemical spray? Please share if you do.

13 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 12:06 pm }

Little Petal, BDD Has a good one. But you need beer.

14 nanaliz { 04.05.13 at 12:08 pm }

Littlepetal, I use the cocky baits scattered around the house and the geckos take the rest of them inside and frogs love the ones outside. Luckily ours are native ones but still don’t want them around.

15 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 12:14 pm }

RR My comments are going through but after the edit period they are still standing with your comment is awaiting moderation. They are not going to recent posts.
Have I been too immoderate?

I’ll clean up my comment to CB: DO you want to see Dawn’s rear bumper?

16 Georgie { 04.05.13 at 12:21 pm }

No Daisy, I just put the earbuds in and turn the music on and I’m gone for all money.

Littlepetal, I could say a few funny things like –
eat them but make sure you chew them well before you swallow hit them with a thong but they will still drink your beer
an atom bomb, but apparently they’d survive that too

But I know you’re being serious so you could try sprinkling Borax powder around wherever they are active – enough so it gets on their legs when they scuttle about. I also make sure that every one I see that isn’t in the death throws gets a hot bath (run the hot tap until it’s as hot as it gets then drop them in. I make sure they don’t leave an egg behind too. I don’t know how you feel about using the little cocky trap things but they work okay too but you have to keep changing them every few months.

17 brain dead dave { 04.05.13 at 12:48 pm }

I’ve got a couple of blue tongue lizards in the garden. They take to cockroaches like Jowl$y to a risotto.

Consider getting a cat! If your family is looking for a pet, cats will keep after those roaches! It will keep them busy and you happy. Speaking of cats, catnip will keep away the roaches also! Sprinkle some outside around the house, behind the fridge, around the oven, underneath your sinks or other similar places. The catnip will repel the roaches but only if your cat doesn’t get to it first! You can find catnap very inexpensively at pet stores in big containers to last you quite awhile. In the same way you use catnip to repel the roaches, you can do the same with bay leaves. You can keep them whole or crush them up and sprinkle around.

If a cat isn’t in your plans, keep the spiders! Spiders will kill and eat the roaches they find in your home. Unfortunately, it is another insect in your house but if it gets rid of the roaches you might be able to make an exception!

To replace the chemical sprays, you can still spray the roaches with mixtures that will kill the roaches and keep them away. Find a water bottle and fill it with water and dish soap. When you find a roach invading your space, spray it with the soapy water. Once you spray the roach, the spray containing the soap will create a filmy layer over the roach, making it unable to breath, eventually killing it. Another mixture to keep in a spray bottle is:

Tea tree oil

Rosemary oil

Citronella oil

You can find these oils online or at your local health food store. Take these oils and mix them together with water. A few drops of each should be sufficient, depending on the size of your bottle. It will keep the roaches away and will kill a roach on contact.

You can also kill roaches with baking soda. If a roach ingests baking soda, it will dehydrate and die. To get a roach to eat baking soda, you need to mix it with something that will attract them. There are a few things you can use, such as: cocoa powder, brown sugar, white sugar or powdered sugar. Whatever you have on hand that is sweet will work. Mix the baking soda and sugary ingredient together and place in small shallow containers. You can use plastic lids or sprinkle the mixture around where the roaches are likely to come out.

Here are a few “recipes” to make with baking soda:

Take sweetened condensed milk and mix with bread crumbs to form a soft paste. Then add 1 – 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the paste. Spread the paste around roaches’ favorite places. Don’t use too much at once since roaches only like it when it’s fresh. Reapply every couple of days.

You can also make dough balls with baking soda. This method is a very easy and mess free way to use baking soda. You will need:

1 – 2 cups of baking soda

1 cup of flour

1 chopped onion or onion powder

1/4 cup sugar (any kind should work)

1/2 cup shortening

Mix these ingredients together and add water to form a dough. Roll the dough into small balls and place around your home. You could make a bunch at once and keep them in an airtight container to keep it fresh and use as needed.

Roaches are extremely frustrating and can be difficult to get rid of. . Sometimes it can take a few weeks to see any difference, but be patient! Your efforts will pay off and eventually you will be roach free by using natural, chemical free practices!

18 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 12:50 pm }

On mice traps, I had zero success on the ‘humane’ mouse trap I bought from Bunnings, that was supposed to catch up to 10 mice which I apparently would then set free 😉 Sorry AP.
Also be careful when buying sink plugs. I bought some for about $4 and they were faulty because the ring comes off almost immediately (no hole just a dent for it to sit in) and then the whole plug comes apart. They may have sent them all back by now.

19 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 1:08 pm }

OMG BDD You are the Barry Jones of roaches.
I don’t have cockroaches but I like the baking soda idea.

What about a possum in the ceiling. At least we think it’s a possum. It’s not rats. It makes a knocking sound at dusk and sunrise. It doesn’t move around. It’s not plumbing or ghosts.

20 Culinary Boner { 04.05.13 at 1:13 pm }

So, Daisy, is the presumption of these new fangled ‘humane’ traps that we go to the effort of catching a shit load of rodents and then SET THEM FREE (otherwise known as tossing them into the neighbour’s yard or shouting them a night at the local cinema)?
Can someone more tech-literate than me over-dub ‘Born Free’ or ‘Bright Eyes’ to this footage –

21 Littlepetal { 04.05.13 at 1:15 pm }

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been using the citronella oil. Will try the baking soda paste. Can’t stand them.

22 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 1:31 pm }

CB The neighbours are too far away and we like them.
I bought the trap so my grandkids wouldn’t eat Ratsack. I was planning on handing them over to Rolf who would inject them with nembutal whilst playing a track from Cat Stevens.

23 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 3:51 pm }

On the ‘blind’ tastings; does this imply the judges can’t be trusted to be impartial.

24 brain dead dave { 04.05.13 at 7:21 pm }

I meant to thank Michelle26 @#49, too. Ta.

I had too much Krill Oil yesterday.