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The Biggest Loser – Continues To Get Flack

The Biggest Loser is getting the usual criticism this season, that it is bullying and the practices they use do not lead to healthy sustainable weight loss.

Even Today Tonight are having a go, but were they going a bit far to bleep out a word from Michelle Bridges to make it look like she swore at a contstant. TV Tonight writes a very amusing article about the segment titled Pussy Street Scrap Ten Accuses Seven Of Misleading Viewers.

The Age got into The Biggest Loser action with this article a few days ago which actually made me wonder if the expert had actually watched the show. Dr Vivienne Lewis thinks they should be working on their self esteem, and that  “It’s not what size you are that’s important, but how healthy your organs and brain are,” she said following the first elimination episode of The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation.

I suspect most of these contestants enter the house with poor health low self esteem.

The Vine also has a crack as does The Advertiser.

Interesting that not one of the articles has asked former contestants how they felt about being on the show and the effect it had on them. It would be interesting to survey former contestants to get their thoughts on the show. I suspect it would be a mix of positive and negative responses.

The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation on Sunday to Tuesday on TEN at 7.30pm.



1 Joseph Skyrim { 04.05.13 at 1:13 pm }

Some funny stuff there, obviously a lot of people like hopping on the perceived moral bandwagon. Dr. Vivienne wrote something along the lines of, one episode we see Kevin barely able to do a warm up – next he’s running a half marathon.

Yes, because one episode happens right after the other in real too. Also Kevin obviously did more than a little “warm up” and he did NOT -run- a half marathon. None of them did. They got divided up and shared the distance in a relay that for some people (like Kevin) was mostly just walking.

All the people who find the trainers to already be “abusive” should go watch some japanese game shows to learn the true meaning of the word. No matter what stories they weave in, all the contestants are in it for the fame or money. They willingly sign up for the stupidest things because of greed and lust.

As I posted before if these people were serious about losing weight without the “ridicule” and “bullying” they could have easily done it outside the show.

2 Daisy { 04.05.13 at 1:35 pm }

Joseph, after one season, how would they not know they were signing up for self-shame and ridicule. It’s probably in the contract.
You can weigh people while they’re clothed, but nope, must get naked to get weighed.
Do they care about that?

3 Samiiluvbugg { 04.06.13 at 3:38 pm }

I really like this show, I never really watched it from start to finish, but this year I have!
I must say, it’s not really realistic at all, like most tv shows they have on tv these days :-( I thought this show was meant To b realistic?! But I guess not! A shows a show, nothing’s realistic these days, but ‘real life’ lol
But I look forward to watching it n seeing what else they have in store for the biggest looser!!

4 Golo i Wesolo { 04.07.13 at 2:19 am }

“Interesting that not one of the articles has asked former contestants how they felt about being on the show and the effect it had on them. ”

Haven’t most of them regained all of their weight anyway?

Says it all really.

5 Samiiluvbugg { 04.07.13 at 10:12 pm }

Wow what a show tonight, kept me on the edge of my seat with excitement…
Geez the dark blue team really know how to put on a show n make a big deal ova nothing!!! Can’t believe rose having a go tho, what a big mouth n rude bitch she is, so happy their gone, after Kev not following the food plan n rose loosing her mind!!!
A big congrats to the green, grey, n light pink team for all ur hard work in loosing the weight :-)
I also didn’t mind the twist were they asked the trainers to vote, would of loved to have seen whom would of stayed in then…

6 seepi { 04.08.13 at 8:24 am }

Rosemary and kevin have a really interesting relatoinship. she is so fiery and he is so passive. It is almost like he has opted out of life he is so passive, but then he has a job and a girlfriend, so I find him an intersting one.

I was so pleased to see him making an effort on the outside.