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Fashion Week Day One – Johnny From Project Runway, Alex Perry And Terry Biviano

It is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and this year there are not as many reality TV types around but on Day One I managed to catch up with Johnny Schembri who won Project Runway Australia. His runway show was packed last night and if you are interested in buying his stuff go to The Iconic as it is on sale now. He talks to me about what is happening for him fashion wise.

Terry Biviano who was one of the highlights on WAG Nation last year talked about how being on the show gave her business a boost and what it was like having the cameras on her. It does not look like we will be seeing her in The Real Housewives of Australia.

Also I popped into the Alex Perry show and you have to wonder how he fits everything in. He is the ultimate energiser bunny. The show had a naughty, elegant school girl vibe about it. However Sarah Murdoch was there wearing an Alex Perry number and supporting his show as was his Project Runway colleague Megan Gale.

Former Australia’s Next Top Model Cassi Van Den Dungen walked in his show as did Amanda Ware. At this stage I have not spotted Montana Cox as there are rumours that she has put on weight, whatever that means in the fashion world.

Alice Burdeau is also there here is a shot of her at the Aurelio Costarella showcase.

For photos about the fashion go to Frockwriter Live


1 brain dead dave { 04.09.13 at 5:23 pm }

It wouldn’t surprise me what Alex Perry ” fits in”….

2 Culinary Boner { 04.09.13 at 8:35 pm }

Hey Raver, should you run into young Tezza Biviano can you please, please ask her to try and convince her hubby, The Count, to swallow his pride and admit that, legendary league player that he was, he has gone three steps over the deadball line trying to match it in the fullback position with the new breed of players. He’d still do good on the wing, though. Yours, a hopeful but pessimistic Roosters fan.