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My Kitchen Rules – Comeback Kitchen Another Team Eliminated And Why Was Mick Cast As The Nice Guy?

Colin Fassnidge was finding his inner Gordon Ramsay in Comeback Kitchen, albeit without the swear words but that could be because of the 6.30pm timeslot.

However Colin will be a bit disappointed that he was not the biggest prima donna in the kitchen as this title had to go to Mick from Tassie. Talk about being belligerent. In the first round when they were making their dishes for Colin to decide who was going through to do service, he was getting stroppy that they could not get a clear thirteen minutes to cook their roulade. He then was even more pissed in the main service when they could not get their meringue in the oven to cook because the Angela and Melina were using them for their Middle Eastern Rose Water Cakes, and to crisp the prosciutto for the Saltimbocca. He thought they should have put all their tins in the one oven. News flash Mick they did not fit.

Also he was trying to blame Angel and Melina for the reason he had not been ready to plate up in time in service. Angela called him out on it saying “you said two minutes two minutes ago” and he got quite aggressive with her. He sniped to camera about how his meal of Crayfish was prepared fresh and not pre-cooked like the others. However he was the one who had told her the time when he would be ready.

The whole Dad and Dave style he has going is getting irritating as well. “Back yourself son” and “I trust you” as he hovers over him as he rolled the roulade screeching out “let me hold it” was just one example of him saying one thing and doing another.

However props to the Tassie team for being clever and using high end ingredients in a challenge where you could be safe of your dishes were the ones the customers paid the most for. Most customers  would be happy to pay something for crayfish and abalone as it is normally so expensive.

Comeback Kitchen is where the eliminated teams have a chance of getting back into finals week of the My Kitchen Rules. The episode consisted of two rounds, the first one was where the teams had to make and present dishes with Colin deciding which two would go through to do that night’s service. However the twist was they all went through as only one team was being eliminated this episode so it would not make good televison to do this half way through the episode.

There were changes made to the dishes before they were given to the unsuspecting public. Angela and Melina were told to refine their stuffed artichokes to make it easier to eat, Mick and Matt were told to make the dish a bit more modern, so they changed the abalone mash to Israeli Couscous. This took the dish out of the ’70’s era and into the ’90’s.

Also Joanna and Jenna were told to make a sauce for the duck.

Jenna again showed that she was a liability for the team. For someone who has the title of dessert queen it has been quite a  few challenges since she has not stuffed one up. Something that Ashlee and Sophia mentioned in this interview in today’s Sunday Telegraph.

This time all she had to do was make three elements for her strawberry tart. The pastry, the creme pastisserie and chop up the strawberries, but it was still a disaster. She was slow and then curdled her first batch of creme pastisserie because she was mixing the egg yolks into the milk whilst it was on a flame!

She had four hours to make four tarts and the creme patisserie was runny and clearly it was the worst dessert of the three. Even Joanna’s main the Duck Breast With Honey Glazed Turnips and Hazelnut Beans, which they judges said  was the best main could not save them and they were eliminated.

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Source of Photo is from Facebook My Kitchen Rules Meme Page.


1 Ruby { 04.16.13 at 9:03 am }

Nanaliz, thanks for that link . Don’t watch the entire show, but just catch up with the recaps here and articles such as Ben Ps.

I wonder how they orchestrated the tasting seeing that three of the vans were in Queen’s Square, Sydney and the other three were at Darling Harbour – not exactly around the corner.

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