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My Kitchen Rules – Another Team Eliminated

Luke and Scott made sure they picked the ginger which was the ingredient that they and the other team wanted for the first cook off in tonight’s episode. Kerrie and Craig were given cherries and Jake and Elle were given the dreaded eel.

Jake has cooked with eel before. Now that is impressive and for that he should get bonus points. They decided to keep it simple and cook it Japanese style Unagi Eel. It looked great.

Pete was impressed on the way he was filletted it and Manu thought the sauce was delicious but hinted there was not enough sauce.  Manu needs to get over his sauce obsession the eel dish was grilled not a katsu curry. However later he admitted that it did not need a lot of sauce.

Luke and Scott were over doing the ginger putting it in all the components of their dish.  It was in the rub for the kangaroo, in the sweet potato mash, and in the sauce. Scott shoved raw ginger into the mash and then said he was trying to keep the flavour subtle.  Pete said this is a dish I would expect to get in a Spa or a Health Retreat. Manu praised the retro plating of it. Both  judges thought the ginger was nearly overpowering.

Kerrie and Craig did Duck with Cherry Sauce. There was a lot of technique in the dish as well and according to the judges they nailed it. Manu praised them for the amount of sauce on it.

Jake and Elle were told their dish was ten out of ten and they were put through to the final.

Kerrie and Craig and Luke and Scott now had to cook of with a dish which was them on a plate.

Luke and Scott of course picked a trendy grain, freekah. They were making a Blue Eyed Trevalla, with Pea Smash and Freekah Salad. They continued to push their health mantra and as he put in a chunk of butter said he was not going shy away from it as it was healthy in moderation.

Pete was in a lather about the freekah and reeled off a few more trendy grains in a chat with Manu.

Kerrie and Craig also Stuffed Lamb Backstrap with Roasted Capsicum, Eggplant and red wine jus. They made their own Beef Stock clearly they did not want to use the standard Campbells Stock. But by not using the sponsored product resulted in a sauce that was too thin.

The blind judging is a bit of a fallacy as soon as the judges saw the Freekah they would know it was the Bondi Boys.

Liz said her fish was slightly under cooked as was Pete’s.  Colin said there were too different dishes on the plate. Manu was underwhelmed as well. 

Kerrie and Craig did not hit any culinary highs either and they also left some string on the lamb. Guy liked the eggplant. Liz was not a fan of the stuffing. Pete said he enjoyed the dish and thought it was better than the fish. Was this his way of proving the viewers did not think he was biased?

One episode before the finals Kerrie and Craig barely got a pass mark only getting 37 out of 60. Luke showed that maths was not his forte and asked Scott what their score added up to. Craig knew right away that he and Kerry were eliminated, losing by one point.

They join Ashlee and Sophia, Angela and Melina, and Matt and Mick in comeback kitchen. Already the promos are pitching it as a showdown between the all girl teams.


1 Morgan { 04.18.13 at 1:48 pm }

It really shows how extremely underwhelming this year’s lot are compared to past seasons. There are no real stand outs. Joanna was a great cook but Jenna was a wreck and was going to screw Joanna over sooner or later. Josh and Andi were also pretty good but they were going to eventually quit due to Andi’s pregnancy. Not a knock on Jake & Elle but they really are the best of the worst.

2 Anna { 04.18.13 at 3:32 pm }

If we are to believe the promo for Sunday night Braces is boohoooing that she has a lot of fish to clean..

Who the bark asked her to pick whole fish?

3 layla { 04.18.13 at 3:48 pm }

I’m not a fan of big hair, heaps of makeup and fake tan but each to their own. I’ve seen Melina without it in other photos and she looks heaps better but no doubt they’re made out to look the way they do on the show thanks to the producers.

Hopefully someone locks Sophia in the fridge that night. It’ll make it a more peaceful evening for everyone.

4 Anna { 04.18.13 at 4:16 pm }

I was reading facebook comments & a lot of people found last nights viewing of the show to be pleasant…. some requested that b*tches not be cast as they were this year…

Saw 2 of Pete’s cookbooks side by side today, one from 2 years ago and he looks healthy, & the new one from this year… he looks sick