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Survivor Caramoan – Interview With Julia Landauer

Julia Landauer from the fans tribe may be able to command attention on the race track  however on Survivor Caramoan we barely saw her. Cochrane called her “vanilla” and even at one point Dawn noted she was happy that she was even thinking about strategy.

Here in an interview with her we talk about being vanilla, Brandon Hantz not being at Ponderosa, and Special Agent Phillip wanting her to be a double agent.

Reality Ravings (RR): You were given a very quite edit and you weren’t given much screen time were you like that out there on the island?

Julia Landauer (JL): I didn’t think I was that quite, at the fans tribe we had to do a lot just to keep our morale up. We played games, we were joking, making voices, Michael, Matt, and I had a lot of fun times together. They did not show a lot of camp life. Also I did a bunch of strategising, I was in a position of control in my alliance and I think my alliance would agree with that was the case while we were on the fan tribe. They did not show you a lot of the hard work that goes on around camp that makes it function. Getting water boiled all that stuff that is very valuable that people look for in tribes mate. I did a lot of that and they just did not show it. It was a bummer as I am not that quiet in real life, I could not live my lifestyle if I was. It was weird to watch it and not see a whole lot.

RR: How did it feel being called vanilla by Cochrane?

JL: I was not really called vanilla, we had a soliloquy about me, it was tough especially coming from Cochrane as I don’t think he is the most vibrant personality either, so to hear that type of critique from him and have it go on for ever was rough. I have pretty tough skin and that even made me get even tougher skin. My followers and I had a lot of fun with that comment on Twitter and Facebook.

RR: Speaking of Cochrane obviously he gives some zingers to camera but what is he like in camp? What is he like as a personality?

JL: He had some funny one liners he was kind of quiet too. He did not really help out a whole lot around camp. We were both sun burnt. He was probably more engaging with the favourites that he had been with for 14 or 15 days. He was not a loud personality that you see in all the confessionals.

RR: When you got out there did you know that some favourites were coming back or was that a surprise on the first day of filming?

JL: I had a pretty good idea as we were only with ten people and I assumed there would be some fans versus favourites twist. Otherwise it was cool that casting thought we were all strong enough to go against the favourites. On the other hand it is really annoying as it is not a fair game, they [the favourites] have such a leg up on us on so many levels. If it had been all fans it would have been a much different game.

RR: Phil thought you were his double agent, but you went and talked to Dawn about it all. What was your rationale for that? Did you think Dawn was one of your friends or allies? Or were you just trying a last ditch attempt to save yourself?

JL: It was a combination of those. He had talked to me about being a double agent, but pretty quickly he went to Michael and told them to vote for me. He said you vote for who I tell you to vote for and then he didn’t tell me who to vote for. His actions were not really matching up with what he was saying about me being a double agent. I got the sense he was not giving me any kind of truth. I had two options – I can try and suck up and hope he will keep me or I knew people were really frustrated with him so why don’t I try and play of their emotions and try and vote him out. I decided to do something that could potentially really shift up the game. Corrine said she was not going to flip before the merge, she was not going to go against her tribe. Cochrane was friends with Phillip so that left Dawn and I tried something and it did not quite work.

RR: So when you first got into your original tribe ( the fans tribe) did you have a strategy?

JL: I thought I would fly slightly under the radar, work hard, contribute to the challenges, and Eddie said I was the strongest girl. Then as it got closer to the merge I started playing a bit more of an offensive game to try and shuffle things up. Before the shake up I thought I was sitting pretty well with my strong alliance. The mix up caused a lot of issues, we were then playing for our lives at that point.

RR: You saw the Brandon Hantz meltdown at that tribal council. Were you hesitant about meeting him when you went back to Ponderosa?

JL: I was prepared for that…… but he was not there.

RR: Where was he? Am I able to ask that? Where was he? I am able to ask that? (laughing)

Advised not to ask question.

RR: What is Jeff Probst like and how long do Tribal Council’s go for?

JL: He is like what you see on TV. Sometimes he calls people out and he is very honest and he expects the truth. But sometimes he puts you in the hot seat and your just like ‘Jeff leave me alone’. Some tribals went on longer than others, some were straight to the point and others we had a lot of stuff to work out, it just depended on the night.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show? And what reality TV show would it be?

JL: It would take a lot of incentives for me to go on a different type of reality TV show. If I could do Survivor again without it conflicting with my racing schedule I would totally would. There are very few reality tv shows I would go on to be honest.

RR: You’re a race car driver are there any reality TV shows based on race car driving in the US?

JL: Not very many, but they are not very prominent, nothing like Survivor.

Thanks should go to Reality Ravings Survivor savant JStar for sending in questions for this interview.

Survivor Caramoan on GO Channel Thursday nights at 7.30pm.


1 Trent { 04.18.13 at 1:16 pm }

Loving these interviews RR –

I think Julia was very underrated and highly regarded in her original tribe.

Its a shame the first 6 or so episodes were focussed on Phillip, Shamar and Brandon. Would loved to have seen more scheming and game play from Julia and the others.

2 Daisy { 04.18.13 at 9:15 pm }

I didn’t mind her at all. People like Julia and Brenda aren’t getting air time because of the crazies so we’re not getting to see what thet have to offer. Imagine what we’d be thinking of Brenda right now if we hadn’t seen her being cunning and feisty in the past.

3 Trent { 04.19.13 at 9:48 am }

Totally agree Daisy,

And the fact is Brenda is playing a much better game this season then Brandon, Shamar and Phillip because she is still there, but we are not seeing it because the editors are showing us what they think the audience wants to see. Crazy Phillip harping on about stealth r us and Shamar being lazy (That took up the first 4 episodes). The show is finally heating up now we have got rid of those screen time stealing desperados.

4 JStar { 04.21.13 at 11:43 am }

Too kind on the shout-out RR. I just try to think of different questions that contestants may not have been asked during the US rounds of interviews. I’m pretty chuffed for you to get that Brandon scoop though!

Doesn’t surprise me that the Favourites may have seen her as quiet. Who wouldn’t be quiet when facing a numbers disadvantage? It definitely was a time to agree with the majority and not rock the boat. However, I agree with the other posters that the antics of Shamar, Brandon, and Phillip sucked airtime out of the quieter contestants. No surprise that Julia was intrinsic in the majority fan alliance in determining the order of elimination. Just a shame we never got to see more of her and her interesting background. She would have been dangerous post-merge as she would not have been seen as an obvious threat.