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Survivor Caramoan – Interview With Corrine Kaplan

Corrine Kaplan is the full Survivor package, attractive, physically capable in challenges, entertaining and  a good strategist.

After the merge Corrine flipped from her favourites alliance to vote with the alpha males and Michael, however she mistakenly told good friend Dawn of her plans who told the main favourite alliance who quickly voted her out.

I talked to Corrine about why she flipped, why Brenda is so quiet, and why Andrea was targetting her.

As you would expect from the LA based Clinical Consultant known as a pharmaceutical rep in Australia, it was an entertaining interview and  read on tos see if it was Special Agent Phillip or Brandon who she described as a few fries short of a happy meal!

Reality Ravings (RR): On day one you made an alliance with Phillip. You have seen him before on his season, did you think you made the correct decision in doing that?

Corrine Kaplan (CK): That’s at good question. I did not have the advantage that others had as I had not met any of these people previously. I did not know them, I did not play with them, I don’t go to Survivor events, so I go into the game blind. I know from watching their seasons and watching them around camp that you either go with Fran or you go with Phillip. Fran was very vocal and obviously very intelligent but she had a lot of opinions, whereas Phillip, and it was a very smart move on Phillips part, kind of sat back and was very easy going, comical and seemingly someone I could easily manipulate. He is not intelligent. So it seemed if you had to pick one side or the other it would be easier to control Phillip than to control Fran and I don’t want to be in an alliance where someone is bossing me around. But this ended up being the case anyway and it was a huge error in judgement. I did not know these people and I just went with my gut. I liked Andrea and I knew Andrea wanted to play with Phillip and I was amiable to going with what side these people were gravitating towards. I did not really want to get into an alliance with Erik because I felt like he his to difficulty, he is too flighty. He said openly in the beginning that he only wanted to know who we were voting out ten minutes before the vote as he was afraid he would tell the person and ruin it. How do you play with someone like that who has no strategy? I thought Brenda was going to be like a snake so I did not feel like playing with her. They both aligned themselves with Francesca so by default I ended up with Phillip, which was clearly was a huge problem.

RR: That was one of my questions I was going to ask was about Erik and Brenda, is that we have basically seen very little air time and Erik looks like the dumbest player ever. Is he as stupid as he is portrayed on TV and Brenda seems to be keeping a low profile or is she strategising?

CK: They are very different people. Brenda is very smart. I know I asked her once what she got in her SAT’s [Ed’s note the US equivalent of the HSC or year 12 exam].  She is smart and when you talk to her that is clear. She barely said two words the whole time and I am talking about even conversationally she just doesn’t speak she is like a mute. When you are all sitting around camp you are joking and telling stories and that is what you do to pass time and she never said anything. She was very quiet and that is dangerous. I did not know what she was thinking, I did not know if she was strategising or not. I think she was having internal turmoil as she missed her boyfriend and weird stuff. She would go off by herself for hours on end. We would see her go off into this cave area in the ocean and she was stay in the cave and cry for hours so we really did not know what her deal was. It is hard to play with a player like that. If you are not talking to me then who are you talking to?  I was like forget her. And Erik is probably low intelligence but that is not that that is the problem. He is flaky, he is never putting all the pieces together. When you look at him you feel you can see the hamster fell off the wheel in his head, somethings not going there. I don’t know what his intelligence level is but he is not putting pieces together like a normal person.

RR: Back to Andrea, she appeared to be going for you to get you eliminated quite early in the game when you were in the favourites tribe. Do you know why that was?

CK: Yeah! I know what my theory is. I did not know that until I watched it back and she wrote me an apology note saying she was just really threatened by me and was really sorry, but she liked me as a person. I think what happened here was she is 23 years old and she is very insecure and I think she really liked Malcolm, like in a romantic way. I took a lot of Malcolm away from her. The reason you gun for someone that early when they are in your alliance is because your 23 years old and you have a crush on Malcolm and your operating on your heart and not your head. There was no other reason for her to go after me especially that early. Literally you see her in the first episode after she has aligned with me and after we have gotten to tribal council where the others [the Fran alliance] wanted her out, they had written her name down and she is gunning for me. It makes no sense.

RR: You were stuck in this tribe with Phillip and Brandon and both appeared to have some weird and annoying traits. Who was more annoying or difficult to live with out of those two?

CK: I know Brandon has given interviews where he says he just hates me. I really liked that kid, I thought he was sweet, he worked really hard around camp and he worked really hard in challenges. I genuinely liked Brandon and I would have so much rather Phillip getting mentally/medically evac’d than Brandon. I like Brandon, sure he is a few fries short of a happy meal, but he is a nice guy and he is very cool, he has a good sense of humour, he usually very happy and upbeat. He certainly had a little bit of a disorder there. I don’t really know what is going on with him but much much more pleasant to be around than Phillip.

RR: So was Brandon medically evacuated?

CK: I call it mentally evacuated. I would never claim that we went to tribal and he was voted out. You can either say he quit or he was mentally evacuated. But either way it was not a normal situation. In my opinion we did not vote him out.

RR: I agree with what you say about Brandon, I interviewed him and you can’t help liking the kid and he had a really high likeability. You just wanted to protect him. I thought you played a great strategy [flipping her alliance] and I thought you had locked it down and then you told Dawn and then your whole blindside unravelled and you got blindsided. Why did you tell Dawn?

CK: What they don’t show, and I have no idea why they don’t show this, but Dawn was my best friend. I had Malcolm but I also had Dawn as a secondary alliance to Malcolm and I. Also Malcolm was on the other team for six days, whereas I spent six days all day every day with Dawn. From Day 1 to day 22 when I was voted out, everything single thing I did I did with Dawn. If I went to the well, if I decided to go swimming in the lake or if I decided to wash my hair in the ocean. She would braid my hair, she and I were very very close. When I saw her start to unravel, and you see when she goes alone to cry. I as someone who cared for her very much and I was someone trying to play the game with her, I thought if I gave her this information it might make her calm down and make her less of a liability for me. I don’t know what the viewers think, but what I said was here is an option. She’s crying she’s freaking out she says “I am at the bottom of this alliance, I don’t know where I am going, are you sure you will go to the end with me, as no one wants to go to the end with me”. She is freaking out. I said here is an option, “we have a couple of desperate fans, I have Malcolm and Michael and I think Malcolm can get Erik”. I am basically laying out a hypothetical situation for her, which unfortunately seemed too real and she took it as that is what I am doing and she basically said to me “I don’t know if that is something I should do or not”. The whole time I am talking to her I was saying we, we, we, this is what we can do. So I thought that I made her feel better after we left that conversation. That conversation, by the way, occurred twelve hours before tribal it was before the food challenge. It was not like I went to her before tribal and she went and told everyone. This happened over a period of many many hours. I felt I did the right thing in telling Dawn, I also thought I was looking at the situation from a complicated strategical standpoint. I did not really want to go into an alliance with Malcolm where we were sharing an idol and he has Eddie, Reynold and Erik on his side and all I have is Michael. I thought I needed Dawn and I did not even trust that we had Erik. I thought we needed Dawn. When you play  you play for the long haul so at that moment I probably did need to tell her to set myself up for future tribals.

RR: What next for you Corrine do you just go back to your normal life or are you hoping something will come out of your appearance on the show?

CK: Sweet Jesus no that is the lamest strategy. If someones tells you they go on Survivor because they think they are going to be famous you should just hang up the phone. No I am a regular human being with a regular job, it is a fun adventure to go on but I go right back to my normal life once it is over. I have no delusions of grandeur, unlike Phillip. I barely show up to a charity event, I am not trying to milk my 15 minutes in any way.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show? What one it be?

CK: I don’t watch reality TV, the only ones I watch are Sister Wives [Ed’s note: it follows a mormon family] and I don’t think I eligible for that show. I think it might be cool to meet those people.

Survivor Caramoan on Go Channel Thursday nights at 7.30pm or repeated at 4.30pm on Saturday’s.


1 Q { 04.19.13 at 10:52 am }

nice interview RR, good insights into Brenda and ERic which I haven’t heard in other interviews

2 Anonymous { 04.20.13 at 9:10 am }

Yeah, good interview. Just goes to show so much doesn’t get shown. She pretty much said the same thing in her other interviews, about how close her and Dawn were. Still annoyed she wasn’t the first member of the Jury!!!

3 Sioux Denim { 04.20.13 at 10:55 pm }

Great interview RR, would have liked her to have gotten further.
Really interesting about Brenda, wonder why she committed to the show if she was just gonna pine for her boyfriend the whole time….you think she would be playing harder for the million then…weird!

4 JStar { 04.21.13 at 11:32 am }

RR, I thought you would enjoy your interview with Corrine! She has a mouth on her and she gave plenty if gems during your ten minutes. I gather you were “advised” not to ask where Brandon was again by the minders? No worries. We all know Brandon was shipped off to a place with margaritas and pristine white sand – Temptation Island.

Corrine gave interesting insights about Brenda, Erik, and Andrea. She also kind of confirmed that Andrea is aware that she is a Survivor pariah on the alumni party train. Writing a note to apologise? Maybe try picking up a phone next time!

Disappointing she did not make the jury. She would have a lot of bile to spew out both at Ponderosa and during the Final Tribal Council. I think she realised her downfall may have been not to keep her strategy simple (in terms of planning ahead with numbers) and instead jumped the gun a little too soon in vocalising her plan to blindside Phillip; particularly whilst all the Favourites were content to play it safe with a predictable fan vote-off during the first vote after the merge.

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