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The Voice – The First Battle Rounds And Some Singers Did Not Stand A Chance

Katie, Louise and Tim should go for drinks after the show and bitch about how they had to sing against  contestants that were assured of getting through to the live shows. It was like they were walking the plank before they had even sung a note.

It would be interesting to know who actually chooses who is going to sing against each other it would not just be the coaches and mentors making the decision.

What do the mentors do. Last night saw Connie and Jess Mauboy just standing there looking pretty. Ryan Tedder who is a mentor for Delta looked like he was being allowed to give some input, but Connie is probably learning that it is Seal’s way or the highway. Oh and Ben Lee just looks amused that he is there.

Louise Rossety went up against Michael Paynter the guy who has record contracts and singles and that Delta said she loves him so much because she knows him and has just about endorsed him into the finals. Personally I find him a blander version of Adam Lambert. Also Adam Lambert would not have missed the notes that he did. Louise did not stand a chance and I think she knew it. The arm in a sling did not help, she probably needed a “proper disability” to get the requisite sympathy and support from the audience.

Michael is trying to create a humble persona and in his appearances talks about humility. He is being very careful to not look like that he thinks he has the competition in the bag. Memo to NINE if you don’t want to let the audience know who wins the battle, perhaps wait until after they decided who is going through before flashing up who will be on the Today show the next day.

Katie Reeve was up against another former record contract holder Caterina Torrees but Caterina knocked Katie out of the ball park and her voice was impressive. Katie was told she looked like she was trying to hard and was swiftly eliminated learning the hard way that it is only about “the voice” until they hit the battle rounds.

Team Seal had Tim Moxley and Harrison Craig they were singing You Raise Me Up, which sat nicely in Harrison’s skill set. Seal was surprised when he fluffed the rehearsal. Both Seal and Connie obviously thought Harrison was the favourite as Connie said after hearing Tim sing they had a battle on their hands. Tim did a great job but it was not good enough to get Seal to pick him or the other judges to save him.

Two of my favourites Celia and Anna against each other. I suspect Delta and producers decided they did not want two folk type singers on her team which was a pity.   They sang 1000 Years by Christina Perri and it was beautiful. Anna was a tad flatter and Celia’s voice was fantastic and she was selected. Celia could win this year’s The Voice.

Delta gushed to them “To the person I am not taking with me I promise I will still be in your life!”. Was that meant to be a consolation prize?

Team Delta also had Michael Stangel and Rob Edwards a back up singer going head to head. Michael had touching back story about having a tumour in his brain and his heart and he does not have the all clear. He also had a good voice and stage presence. Edward had a nice voice as well but maybe there is a reason the 35 year old is a backing singer as there was nothing captivating about him. All the other coaches preferred Michael but Delta picked Edward, does she know him?

Lucky for Michael the three other judges turned around to use their save to give him a second chance and he went with team Joel. I can neither confirm nor deny whether I had a tear in my eye, as his back story had GOT me.

Then it was team Seal’s turn. It was Skye Elisabeth against Alex Gibson. They had to sing Skyfall.Both were great in their own way. Alex got over powered by Skye in the end but of course she had the advantage of being able to hit those notes. However Alex was chosen as his tone is fantastic. He is going to be popular once the public start to vote. He has a high likeability factor.

Who did you like from last night?



1 Laura { 04.24.13 at 5:09 pm }

Could somebody please explain the rules of the “save” to me?
So the judges can only turn around once per show, or once throughout the entire battle round?
And once they’ve turned once, that’s their turn gone, even if the contestant doesn’t choose to be on their team?
I’m confused – I would have thought that Delta, Seal and Ricky could still have used their saves throughout the rest of the show?
And do the saved contestants go straight to the live shows or do they have to battle again?

2 Reality raver { 04.24.13 at 6:17 pm }

Laura question try get to save one person so Ricky and seal can still buzz again to save some one. Straight to live shows.

3 daisy { 04.24.13 at 8:57 pm }

I am looking fd to getting back to the Voice.

4 Rob { 04.24.13 at 11:28 pm }

Yeah, the save thing I really don’t get and it’s never made clear anywhere. How does that work out with the numbers of people on each team if judges are asking saved contestants to join their team? I guess each judges HAS to save one person for the numbers to balance. Shouldn’t they battle again? It makes no sense, half the time there’s never any option put to the judges as to whether or not they’d like to save someone. Just seems totally random and not a very suspenseful or surprising mechanic at all.

5 Veronicali { 04.25.13 at 7:54 am }

yeah I didn’t see the start so thought I’d missed the explanation of “the save”.
Sucks that Anna and Celia were both in Delta’s team, two of my faves. Gorgeous song. Annoyed they didn’t save Anna, what a lovely woman. If Celia gets knocked out early, they should form a duo!
Harrison wasn’t as good as Tim but looks like Seal didn’t want another coach to snap him up.
Must suck to be the rellys/friends and realise your loved one was only picked to be cannon fodder for the battle rounds. That’s the problem with the format, judges having to fill half their team with singers to sacrifice against their faves/real chances.
Caterina looks like Octomum.

6 Eliza { 04.26.13 at 12:11 am }

Cannon fodder – good one Veronicali. They certainly are that! I agree with you, RR, and it was exactly what I was saying as soon as we saw the first pairing that you can tell who they want to send home from who they pair them with. The producers definitely manipulate the pairings so that they are able to end up with the final contestants that they have already chosen. It’s all too predictable yet I still find myself watching night after night (but fast forwarding through all the sob stories and awkward to camera pieces by the coaches.. thank you Foxtel IQ!).

7 Fifette { 05.05.13 at 4:12 pm }

Developing a bit of a crush on Seal and Ricky. Ricky is so charming with his beautiful manners, he has lifted the tone of the show. NBN seems to be pitching to a higher audience with Ricky as a coach. Seal is so gorgeous. Really feeling a lot of love for Jessica Mauboy and Ben Lee. Ben the ever inscrutable outsider, so good to have him on board.

8 Izobel2 { 05.05.13 at 4:18 pm }

A lotta love going on there Fifette! I like Jess too, she seems happy to be there for sure. The coaching panel doesn’t seem to dish out much negativity that’s for sure.