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The Voice – The Second Showdown And It Is Not A Level Playing Field

Long time viewers of reality TV talent shows know there is not a level playing field on these shows. There will be contestants that consistently get the last spot to perform or will get more of their back story pushed. Also some contestants will get more words written about them in the mainstream media and gossip magazines, this happens each season of all of the shows.

What is interesting to see who is the performers who are getting the golden run, and there are reasons for this as there is a record contract at the end of it all and the record companies want a marketable artist.

However it really irked me last night that Michael Paynter was given the last spot of the night to sing. Michael has had a record contract, toured with The Veronicas and had also been the support act for Seal and has put out a single. He was given the lucky last spot of the night as was Harrison Craig the night before.  Add in Delta gushing all over him about how fabulous he is and it looks like he is being fast tracked to the live shows. If I was other members of his team I would be pissed off. Remember Diana Rouvas last year on Team Kevin know one knew who she was until she forced us to take notice with an amazing rendition of Love On Top? She had barely any mainstream media or TV time.

To be fair Joel’s team is the weakest this year but you only need one good person in your team to win it. However I don’t think Michael is it. Joel might think so as it was clear he was going to cut Danni Hodson loose tonight if she does not win the popular vote and Adam Garrett will also be a casualty leaving the intriguing Kyomi and Michael to go through.

Michael reminds me of American Idol’s Adam Lambert without the amazing moments that Adam could produce in the songs or charisma. His rendition of The Horses was very good on what was a pretty bleak night of singing, but his look and performance was just a bit too sleek something that may not make the viewer pick up the phone. Let’s see if he can give us a superstar moment in the live performances.

He needs to get rid of the pop star look and find some of the humility he keeps on talking about if he wants the audience to vote for him. He reminds me of Prinnie Stevens of last year. The judges loved her and saved her each time but the audience was not making her the most popular person on that team.

Team Joel might be lacking talent but Team Delta is strong and unfortunately once the live shows start they will have to start cannabalising each other unless the voting format changes from last year.

First one up for Team Delta was Rob Edwards who is another backing singer and she gave similar advice that Seal gave to his backing singer contestant he needs to get out of the backing singer mentality. He sang Impossible. It was ordinary but he got a standing ovations. But maybe it sounded better in the studio as Seal said he loved it. The question is can backing singers make it as stand alone artists? My music knowledge is poor so I cannot think of any examples of who has managed that leap.

Jackie Sannia sang Arithmetic. She again played the piano and this girl has talent by the bucket load and in a year when Birdy is so popular she could go far in the competition. Her problem is Delta’s team is pretty strong this year and has the similar singer Celia in it who is amazing as well. It was one of the best performances of the night.

Jazz singer Josh Kyle sang Settle Down.  He sang it well but he did not hit it out of the ball park and nor did the judges they were positive but not enthusiastic. He will find it hard to get the viewers votes.

Steve Clisby was saved Delta and he delivered for her tonight.Clearly the old dude did not need that much coaching from Delta. I have always talked about the mummy voting bloc this guy might reveal if there is a granny voting bloc. OK I was thinking of throwing him a vote.  It was a polished performance of a Billie Holday classic. He will definitely gain some gigs out of this to keep him of the pension for a bit longer. Also I bet there are some interesting stories that he could tell but obviously would probably incriminate him or others… His son was a cutie as well.

Then it was Team Joel’s turn.

First up was Danni Hodson and Joel was telling her she needs to be more confident. There is no doubt the girl can sing. She sang Stronger and she hit the notes that makes the audience go wild. Joel thought it was her best performance but he did not appear that confident that she would get through, basically he is going to cut her loose in the result show tonight.

Adam Garrett is one of the amateurs in the competition and has quit his job as a postie.  He might have been wiser to ask for leave without pay. The performance vocally was a bit thin and it is doubtful he will get through.

Kyomi Vella is gorgeous to look at but this show is meant to be about the voice. She sang Upside Down and Joel Madden is right she is not going to appeal to everybody but she was a like a ray of sunshine in a episode that did not have that many highlights. Delta said she was going to vote for her something she had not said about any of her own team!

Last up was Michael Paynter who sang The Horses did a nice job and will be safe but he needs to really pull a spectacular performance out soon as viewers will think he has had his shot of fame. His problem is breaking through the fourth wall of the television screen to make the viewers at home start dialling.

Who did you like?

The Voice results show on tonight at 7.00pm, what is interesting is Will.I.Am will be performing on the show and he told the Daily Telegraph he now does TV tours ie. performing on the big TV shows not the festivals like Big Day Out. Clearly he knows where the audience is.


1 Veronicali { 05.07.13 at 11:29 am }

So many average contestants being slobbered over by the coaches. The audience can shutup too, hard to hear the singing.
I like Kiyomi but can’t see her giving up an engineering career for showbiz insecurity.
The pros always have that strong whiff of last chance desperation which I find uncomfortable. Think I prefer talent shows with rank amateurs.
Actually I preferred Celebrity Splash last night.

2 Reality Raver { 05.07.13 at 11:33 am }

Veronicali – It was not a strong night on The Voice. I recorded Celeb Splash and watched it in half the time. Too much filler.

3 Warble { 05.07.13 at 1:39 pm }

What is the point of the contestants playing an instrument for half a song before casting it aside for the bridge and finale?
It looks even more ridiculous when they’re playing guitar whilst you can see 3 guitarist in the backing band behind them. You’re also not hearing any difference between them playing and not playing.
Such a superfluous load of garbage.

4 ABC { 05.07.13 at 4:14 pm }

I think Kiyomi is really good-looking but I’m not too sure about her voice. I don’t know why she would give up engineering for a singing competition.

Also Michael Paynter may be a good singer but there’s just something about him that I can’t warm up to. He isn’t the kind of person who persuades you to actually pick up the phone and vote.

@RR You didn’t mention Joel’s weird hamster analogy at the end.

5 Reality Raver { 05.07.13 at 4:23 pm }

ABC – I missed the hamster analogy – what was it?

6 fairybreadgirl { 05.07.13 at 5:49 pm }

Bring back Keith Urban, loved him taking the piss out of the Americans last week and they didn’t even realise when they asked about his I am the Stig t-shirt.