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The X Factor Jason Owen’s Album Debuts At Number Two!

In I never would have guessed it news  The X Factor runner upJason Owen’s album last week debuted at number five on the ARIA charts.

The guy whose voice was not one of the best in the competition is proving that his fans are still following him as they are clearly buying Life Is A Highway.

As the SMH article says being likeable is a factor. He will be hoping this likeability will also be putting bums on seats when his East Coast Tour kicks off on June 1. Go to his official website to see the location and dates.

Also the article says Rachel Leahcar debuted her album this week, Romantique, at No. 13
It looks like in this battle The X Factor has come out on top of The Voice Australia. 


1 joan { 05.07.13 at 4:57 pm }

Good on him but the real test will be next week, z5 on the charts this time of the year may only be 2000 or less sales, on other X news, our other winner starts with an A is on his way back from the states, a Kareoke bar and a bookshop performance under his belt, don’t worry about Angel I will sue in the other thread, he and his busking magician friend have been exposed, oh why didn’t his fans believe us, ps Matt his aussie managers facebook business page has ben deleted, after a prominent collecting agency posted he owes them $25000 after his cheque bounced, court proceedings on the way. Tut Tut

2 Blake { 05.14.13 at 11:05 pm }

Shouldn’t this article’s title be changed to “Jason Owen’s album debuts a No.5”?
Anyway, looks like Hason at least had management with their heads in the game, by releasing an album at the the perfect time is. Mother’s Day. Quite why bog standard cover albums are all the rage as Morhers Day gifts is beyond me but whatever…

This has got to be a slap in the face to certain runners-up who were t utterly s**t but never got to release a major label album, to be honest…