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Survivor Caramoan – That Was One Of The Cruelest Eliminations Ever

Poor Brenda really did have reason to be sobbing in her post-elimination interview, it was one of the cruelest eliminations ever.

Not only did her core alliance turn against her including Dawn the woman who had basically pledged her life to her after she had rescued her retainer from the pond. But she had also sacrificed a meal with her father and sister so four of her other tribemates could spend time with their loved ones and gorge themselves. This is no small sacrifice when you are starving and isolated.

Maybe Dawn was a little bit bitter that she missed out on it as well. After the reunion with the loved one, there was the usual challenge with them with Brenda and her father winning. She was asked to pick one person to take with her and she selected Dawn and her husband.

However there was a twist. After it was revealed their second love one was also out there she was told she could go or she could send the other four to the BBQ with their loved ones. She sent them.

Dawn howled and howled and then she realised Brenda had probably gained enormous good will from the others because of this manoeuvre as of course did Cochran. This pair are really playing strategy. By the way how have Dawn’s teeth remained so white out there.

What was interesting was in the immunity challenge Dawn and Brenda were the only two left hanging on, and Dawn tried to cut a deal that Eddie would be voted out and Brenda should give up so Dawn “I have never won one” would know what it felt like. Brenda declined but ended up losing anyway. Quite frankly there was not much in the deal for her anyway.

In the end their fear of her winning won out over common decency and they voted Brenda out of the game.

The highlight of the episode was when Jeff Probst announced to the contestant’s and loved ones they would be doing a challenge together, Cochran’s mum looked over and mouthed “Sorry”.

Survivor fans will be happy to know the finale is being fast tracked from the US and will screen on GO channel on Monday night at 8.30pm. Kudos to NINE and GO Channel for how they have screened Survivor this season.


1 emp { 05.09.13 at 11:03 pm }

Brenda got a really raw deal in terms of rewards. Remember she got to eat the pigs brain at the survivor auction. then she goes and loses the time with her family. dawn’s tantrum when they were having the BBQ was just disgusting to watch.

No one will vote for Dawn if she makes it to F3 – pretty sure most of the jury hate her now. Good riddance too.

2 Sioux Denim { 05.09.13 at 11:05 pm }

Wow it was harsh… will be a very interesting final tribal council now!

Ooooh I just dont know who i want to win……its been a ripper season and hopefully it stays on Go forever!

3 Bobbykins { 05.09.13 at 11:06 pm }

I have a few issues with this recap from watching the episode:
(1) It was Cochran, more so than Dawn, who suggested the idea of that forfeiting the reward to the other 4 was better when he said “Likeability is a liability” – he’s been the main instigator of these blindsides and Dawn has been following along with his plan.
(2) And it was a bit unfair about these loved one challenges and “twists” – if Brenda had opted to keep the reward, she would have got backlash from the other 4 and not take her to the FTC.
If she gave it to the others, she comes off as “likeable” and will garner votes from the jury making her a target to eliminate before FTC.
(3) From my understanding after the challenge, Brenda ended the immunity challenge early (giving up) to pacify Dawn who known for her constant meltdowns and paranoia.

Anyhow, from what I see from the preview, it’s most certainly looking like Cochran will be the winner and Eric/Eddie will be the one who get’s evacuated next week with the other being the one eliminated at TC.
What a shame really – but this does put Brenda up in the “Hero” category and Dawn in the “Villians” category if they do another Heroes vs. Villians series, which would be fantastic.

4 JStar { 05.10.13 at 1:04 am }

Hey RR. Ouch! I know I have posted that I thought Brenda’s blindside was going to be brutal (on account of her breaking one of my Survivor rules) but this was cruel. Honestly, winning this family reunion challenge is a poisoned chalice because people resent the “wrong choices.” I would bet that most people would have done what Brenda did, particularly after how Sherri collapsed into a heap knowing that her son was also on the island. If Brenda chose to keep the reward for herself and Dawn, she would have still been targeted by the resentful foursome and probably called “selfish” for not letting Sherri see her son. This blindside was cruel and what’s the bet that Sherri and Dawn will pay for this if they both make it to the Final 3?

In reference to what Bobbykins was saying earlier, eagle-eyed viewers would have spotted the big clue in Episode 1 about how this season would unfurl. Basically, Cochran and Dawn have been a team throughout. Dawn and Cochran know each other well outside of the game after playing together on South Pacific (aka endless praying sessions with Coach). I kind of recall Dawn approaching Cochran on the beach in Episode 1 and said she wanted to work with him but was afraid he would screw her like last time. Cochran said he couldn’t do that to her again and he wanted to work with her to the end (or something to that effect). I’m fairly confident that this was a major editing clue for the Survivor sleuths out there and Cochran and Dawn will be at the end together.

If there is a major complaint I could give about the editing the last few seasons is that it makes it clear who won’t reach the final three. This is a real shame as this season has been quite enjoyable. Brenda and Erik were invisible for 2/3 of this season and it’s not a surprise that Brenda is gone. Given how this episode highlighted Erik’s physical deterioration, I suspect he will be the one medically evacuated as indicated in the preview for Monday’s episode. (Dimples could barely contain himself in interviews during the launch of this season by hinting that there would be more than one medical evacuation).

Who will be the third person at the end with Cochran and Dawn? If Eddie wins the final immunity challenge, he’ll probably win the game. However, the final immunity challenge isn’t always a physical task. And to make matters worse for him, both Cochran and Dawn have won more individual immunity than he! Given the strong focus earlier this season of Eddie and Reynold slagging off Sherri, as well as her strong prominence in most episodes this season, I’m tipping Sherri as being in the Final Three. Don’t feel bad for Eddie. He’ll make more money by releasing a fireman “charity” calendar than what he’ll take home with his fourth/fifth placed cheque.

So who will win out of those three? Not Sherri. She has too many haters on the jury and frankly her play after the merge can be construed as passive. Unfortunately, I think this jury may just see her as a coat-tail rider. The whole “crocodile imagery” during Dawn’s introduction in the opening credits is analogous to how she played and was edited in this game. She backstabbed a lot of people to reach the end and she will pay big time as I suspect every jury member will be lining up to rip her a new hole. Trent (who has wondered in the last post as to why there was all this Dawn hate out there) should braced himself. It is going to be a bitter jury and Brenda will no doubt get the final jury member question “pimping slot” to tear into Cochran, and especially Dawn.

That leaves me…I mean…Cochran living his “Revenge of the Nerds” dream and living out his thesis fantasy of winning Survivor. Out of the three, Dawn and Cochran have played good social games and a stronger strategic game as they made and executed timely moves to oust Corrine, The Three Amigos, Andrea, and now Brenda. Out of the two, from what we have all seen thus far, it is highly likely that only Cochran can truly own up for his play. Dawn is too emotionally fragile to own the moves she made and for that, I believe the jury will reward Cochran over Dawn. Don’t be surprised if Cochran wins all eight votes from the jury members after Monday. And it would cap off a “fairytale” ending for this season. Although Cochran is a “favourite” he is arguably the biggest “fan” out of all twenty competitors so if he does win, it just puts a fantastic exclamation mark to an enjoyable season. And I’m expecting him to give a hilarious interview to RR later as well.

5 fiona { 05.10.13 at 5:45 am }

Probst said in the episode after Dawn won immunity that this was her first one ever. Not true Dawn won immunity in SP in the merge episode if i remember correctly 1 man and 1 woman won immunity that episode i think Ozzy was the other one. And it was the episode Cochran flipped. Cant wait for the final on Monday!!!
@j star i love trying to read the edit. I remember in the first episode Cochran made a comment saying he could not be the same freak he was last time. I think the editors left that in to show the audience that he is aware of his mistakes last time (remember the first Tribal in SP, he would not shut up and even though he was not the target he kept defending himself). Cochran has done a good job of correcting his mistake from last time.

6 Andrea (formerly A.P ) { 05.10.13 at 7:20 am }

It was a great episode last night, I felt very sorry for Brenda having to make that choice at the end, she couldn’t please everyone and the look on Dawn’s face was priceless when thought she’d won the reward and then when she realised she wasn’t going after all.
I still say that they over re act with these family reunions, as we’ve discussed before, many people don’t see their loved ones for months on end, and they are all going to meet up in a few days anyway.
Dawn should remember how Nice Brenda was to her with the teeth incident and should have stayed loyal to her instead of carrying on the way she did and stabbing her in the back.
I think Cochran will win.

7 Trent { 05.10.13 at 8:25 am }

Wow that was a very brutal tribal council..

I can’t help but feel extremely sorry for Brenda as like someone said she was completely invisible for the first 2/3 of the season, She got the raw end of the deal at the Survivor Auction, She won the last challenge and was basically penalised for it (It was a lose lose situation) and then totally blindsided.
I hope they bring her back for another season.

I have to say after last nights episode my thoughts on Dawn have just plummeted, i know its a game and all but i think last night was not the night for Brenda to go and Dawn seemed to just have no care in the world. She wont get any jury votes.
I think she was so empathetic and likeable in South Pacific, then again i liked the whole tribe she was on but they were whittled away when Cochran jumped ship onto Coachs tribe.

Cochran is just as bad but he is the mastermind behind all the votes he just doesn’t seem to get that heartless tag that Dawn does. Not sure why that is?

Anyway i am not the biggest fan of returning players but really think after Brenda’s treatment this season she deserves another go!

8 Reality Raver { 05.10.13 at 8:31 am }

emp – I had forgotten about the pigs brains.

sioux denim – it has been a great season and still thinking about last night’s episode I was wondering whether Sherri might actually take it out.

Bobbykins – you make some good points – agree Cochran has definitely been pulling the strings in the game. However Dawn has been such a passive agressive back stabber. She went and told Cochran that Brenda and Erik wanted him out which immediately puts a target on Brenda. Hopefully Erik does not make top three or win as he would make the most unworthiness of winners.

JSTAR – Damn you are good and observant. Agree with your assessment. I did laugh thinking ONLY Erik would climb a coconut tree with no coconuts! Dawn will struggle with the jury vote as there is no way Brenda will vote for her in my opinion. The closer you are to someone the betrayal is much harder to forgive. Also Cochran will get away with it because he is known as the Survivor savant so it is OK for him to strategise etc. Probably a bit of sexism in there as women are expected to be nice.

Fiona – great Survivor memory – you and JStar should write a Survivor book!

Andrea – I agree they were only 4 days away from seeing them but they are starving, isolated and totally paranoid so it is probably emotionally overwhelming for them.

9 fiona { 05.10.13 at 8:34 am }

Dawn seems more mentally unstable than Brandon, Phillip and Sharma combined. I would not be surprised if she checked into a mental institution after filming.

10 Carole { 05.10.13 at 11:47 am }

Ok, I’m going to say it. Brenda should have taken the reward, she won it, she earned it. Just once, I want someone to be selfish and say fuck yous, I’m keeping it. Same goes for Andrea in the auction when she took the rice & beans instead of the food she won. I could have slapped Brenda when she did that, and I felt really sorry for Dawn. She was gutted, then had to spend the afternoon seeing and hearing them, having fun and probably smelling the delicious food too. She could barely look at Brenda. When she was banging that piece of wood, I thought she probably wished it was Brenda.

People are hating on Dawn on Twitter and all the other websites. But the name of the game to outwit, outlast & outplay. They are not her best friends, she has only known them for 30 days or less. It is a game to win a million dollars not make lifelong friends. If you have to backstab or blindside someone, that is the nature of it. Yeah it was brutal, but it wasn’t only Dawn who voted her out. No one is complaining about the others.

Has anyone seen Russell’s Tweets. Apparently Brandon is not allowed to go to the finale because Phillip is scared of him. But Russell is going and I think is going to stir up trouble.

11 Trent { 05.10.13 at 12:11 pm }

Carole i have to agree regarding Dawn’s mistreatment. It really isn’t fair and if Dawn cops all the abuse and Cochran gets handed a cheque for 1 Million dollars i think thats sexism for sure.

12 Bolders { 05.10.13 at 12:12 pm }

I don’t like Dawn because of her open mouthed wails.

Every episode, all season.

13 PollyB { 05.10.13 at 12:41 pm }

I agree with you Bolders.
Dawn’s emotional distress comes across as sooooo acting. I can’t wait for Cochran, to win! I usually don’t really care who wins, but I so want him to win.
Hey, how about Dimples getting all watery-eyed. He must be due for a botox top-up if he is able squeeze out a tear!!

14 Bolders { 05.10.13 at 1:09 pm }

PollyB – it’s interesting they way they edit these things. Someone else said that you didtn hear from Brenda for 2/3 of the season and now we know why. So I always suspect the friendly edit they give to some contestants over others – I mean Cochrane is coming out as some sort of balanced, reasonable genius but where is Eddie’s cut? Last two episodes he’s nowhere.
All that time given over to Philipp and his crazy time just becuase it was good TV. I think if I was on the island with him, I would have gone native.

15 Carole { 05.10.13 at 1:46 pm }

Actually, Corrinne said in her exit interviews that Brenda never said much and would walk off on her own for hours and hardly interacted with them at all.

I read an article early this week about how it won’t be a bitter jury this time. I think they spoke too soon. I think Brenda will poison them all against Dawn.

16 boohoo { 05.10.13 at 1:59 pm }

Bolders @ 12 Dawn looks like Roger Ramjet in rehab before the nurse brings the sedatives.

17 Katherine Adams { 05.10.13 at 3:56 pm }

GOOD GRIEF! If I see the word “harsh” or “brutal” describing that tribal council one more time, I’ll lose it. This is so far from being the worst I’d laugh if I wasn’t so upset. It seems that viewers have forgotten Brenda’s big old smirk when she blind-sided Andrea just two weeks ago. It’s part of the game!

And Brenda was horrid — harsh and brutal — on her first season. She knows the game. And she was playing this time, though reports of her early behavior sound a little weird. The hate for Dawn is beyond belief. I can quickly name about 50 players who are far worse players than her. And they cried, as well. It’s seriously depressing to look at Dawn’s Facebook page and see over 3,000+ hate messages there. What kind of people do that? I stupidly wandered into the fray and made a polite point here and there. Big mistake.

Even while tweeting today, I saw a nasty comment from a former player. I tweeted back that no one on the show deserves the horrid treatment Dawn is getting. Second mistake. Uh oh — that Survivor, Nina Acosta from One World, reamed me and told me to “get over it” that fans were hateful. WHAT? (She, of course, had to add that she despises Dawn.)

I’ve watched every ep since Season 1, and NEVER — I mean, NEVER — have seen so-called “fans” treat any contestant with obscenities, personal attacks, wishes that he/she goes to hell… You name it; it was said.

Re-watch Corrine thrash Sugar Kiper about her recently deceased father during The Gabon season if you want to see “harsh.” I can name many, many more worse tribals. Brenda might be nice (now), but that has nothing to do with the game.

I’m disgusted. Even that pinhead Brandon Hantz has more class than fans this week. It’s really, really sad.

18 fiona { 05.10.13 at 5:19 pm }

@ Katherine Adams I’ve also noticed all the Dawn hate out there. I think that Dawn might get booed off stage at the reunion. When it happened to Jerri during the All Stars reunion i thought that was totally uncalled for and now i fear that Dawn might have a bigger meltdown than Brandon. So sad.

19 Katherine Adams { 05.10.13 at 5:51 pm }

@fiona: It’s even worse tonight. I swear I stepped into “the Twilight Zone.” I had made a comment at Entertainment Weekly magazine, and just now saw about 15 people saying I was stupid, etc. One person actually wrote “I wish Dawn would die.” That’s it for me. I’m going in to blast that sick person and then watch the finale, if I can. The Jerri booing hurt her, and as we know now, she’s far from being the super villain she was portrayed that season. I hope Dawn’s friends and family have told her to prepare for anything; we’ve seen some really bitter jury members. I shouldn’t go back to that magazine site and waste my time, but those people are saying incredibly rude things, and have obviously not watched the show much. I was looking up a clip, coincidentally, of Shannon Elkins — he was on Brenda’s first season. As I watched him go off on one of his insane rants (he’s homophobic, racist and sexist then, and now), I started remembering the other Brenda. Not-so-nice Brenda. Then I watched a couple of other clips. Dawn is taking the nasty stuff for reasons I don’t understand. Who cares if she cries? Some people are emotional. I’m glad she’s playing the game this time, realizing she has to do what every other player — including Brenda — has done since S1. I truly believe sexism and ageism is playing a part in the vile stuff, as well. You don’t have to like a player, but it’s unacceptable to tear them to shreds because they’re not acting like you THINK they’re supposed to act. I’d love to make all those haters watch every tribal council, and THEN spew their garbage to a woman who I believe cares too much, and that’s why she’s upset. Thanks for the feedback!

20 Sioux Denim { 05.10.13 at 6:00 pm }

Great post Katherine…..I also remember the horrid Brenda from her previous season, she was controlling and manipulative….she played like your supposed to play…to win, like Dawn!
Notice her dad told her to be ‘humble’? She obviously went into this season with a total different game plan and bang, she got blinsided…she even said she knew it was gonna happen….get over it…go Dawn/Cochrane!

21 Andrea { 05.10.13 at 6:01 pm }

Just stick to this site Katherine, its usually not too bad, I don’t think anyone has resorted to death threats yet.
I think Dawn said somewhere that she really needs the money very badly so I wouldn’t mind if she won, I don’t really have a favourite this time.

22 JStar { 05.10.13 at 8:25 pm }

@fiona – So what will our book be called? 😛 You’re absolutely correct. Dawn had won individual immunity at the merge for South Pacific. In fact, prior to that, she had agreed with Cochran to flip over to Coach’s side (as the numbers were tied at 6-apiece) but after she won immunity, she decided to stick with her tribe. And we all know what Cochran did afterwards.

@Carole. In terms of being selfish at the family reunion reward challenge, see Dumb Spice Kat’s decision on that boring One World season. She chose two people she wanted to get drunk with and party instead of what everyone else thought she should have chosen (namely Tarzan and Christina). She was in the majority alliance and everyone turned against her after that, calling her selfish and immature and she was promptly blindsided at the next Tribal Council – memorably stating she loved blindsides just before people voted to blindside her! She wailed whilst taking the Walk of Shame and had to have a psychologist console her in the car ride back to Ponderosa. It’s a poison chalice this family reward challenge! And yes, I agree, that I think it will be a bitter jury. That makes the best television!

@Bolders – How did you survive last season with Blair crying at the drop of a hat in virtually every episode? Must be something in the water in the Philippines. And let’s not forget Sugar’s constant crying throughout Gabon.

@Sioux Denim – I too remember how arrogant Brenda was the first time she played. She had a sense of entitlement as to her place in the game. No wonder her father told her to be humble.

@Katherine – all valid points. In terms of harsh and cruel – definitely Corrine telling Sugar that she would only believe her tears for her dead father was sincere if she was on Prozac will go down as one of the most vindictive swipes on Survivor history.

This is my take on what both you and RR mentioned about the possible ageism and sexism in how Cochran seemed to be getting off “scott-free” with his blindsides of allies but yet Dawn is receiving death threats on social media. I agree, there is some ageist and sexist prejudice to how people view players within the game. I also tend to believe Dawn played up to the stereotype (whether consciously or not) of the older, nurturing mother. She talked a lot about her six children and Mormon faith the first time she played and according to many of the contestants eliminated, she continued that trend this time around. One doesn’t expect your mother or grandmother to stab you in the back. One expects the cocky guys (Boston Rob), the alpha male players (Russell Hantz), or the flirty females (Parvati) to do that. But your mother? Because of our preconceptions, Dawn, like Blair last season, has not overcome people’s perceptions of how she SHOULD play as opposed to how she is ACTUALLY playing. Think of Lil all the way back on Pearl Islands (Season 7). She was stuck in a Girls Scout outfit due to that twist at the start of the game when everyone thought it was a photoshoot and then Dimples said “no, the game starts now.” She played the game like how one should and blindsided a lot of people, including everyone’s favourite pirate, Rupert. And yet, she was hammered big time in the Final Tribal Council by the jury for not upholding the values of the Girls Scout because no one could look past her uniform and see the player within it. All but one of the jury members could not put down their preconceptions of how a Girls Scout should play within a game for a million dollars. Unless you are a rational, older woman playing this game (aka Denise last season), any sign of emotional vulnerability and automatically you are deemed the “nurturing” mother who would never hurt you (until you are blindsided). Because Dawn and Blair had so many meltdowns in their respective season, I believe everyone unconsciously falls back on the default stereotype of viewing these two as the nurturing mother and then screaming outrage when mother stabs them in the back during one of her more lucid (aka strategic) moments.

But potentially another aspect to the hate Dawn is receiving is that the Survivor alumni know one another. Many of them have formed deep friendships and to not have the courtesy of being told beforehand that you are being voted out, would cut deeper than any knife. Think of what Boston Rob did to Lex, Kathy, and Big Tom in All-Stars. Parvati to Ozzy in Fans vs Favourites 1. Ozzy admitted in South Pacific to Coach (in the final episode) that it took him years to get over the hurt of Parvati’s betrayal – (that’s why he did not return for Heroes vs Villains). Even this season, we have heard from Francesca in RR’s interview that her relationship with Cochran, Andrea, and Dawn is no longer the same. They were good friends before the game commenced and they knew that Fran’s greatest fear was to be voted out first again and yet they did not give her the courtesy of letting her know beforehand that she was going to be the first boot. Playing with returning players where some of them are your friends is more difficult because the line between gamesmanship and friendship is blurred.

If Dawn and Cochran make it to the end, they have definitely outlasted and outplayed everyone else. But to outwit someone, you need to have played a smart and well-timed game so that people who you have hurt will still vote to give you the $1 million. Unfortunately, Dawn has not done that. Corrine and Brenda were there for Dawn everytime she had a meltdown and no doubt their presence helped steel her to stay in the game instead of quitting. They both believed they had formed very strong friendships with Dawn due to the quality time they spent with one another – laughing, crying, and suffering through everything. I believe the anger directed at Dawn, particularly from former players, is because people believed Dawn crossed a certain (arbitrary?) line between gamesmanship and disrespect towards a friendship. Sure, Corrine and Brenda probably did not know that Dawn’s bond with Cochran was stronger than what each thought her respective bond was to Dawn. Yet it appears that Brenda has confirmed in her US interviews that she, like Corrine before, were the only players to comfort Dawn during all the trying times. In her mind, it is hard to fathom being betrayed by people who you have helped steer you through some of the lowest ebbs within Survivor. Although we are only seeing a particular edited version of the game, many in the general public and former players appear to have drawn a conclusion that there are certain lines that one does not cross when playing Survivor. I reckon if Dawn had blindsided Brenda at the next vote, it would have hurt but possibly not as much as the vote on Day 36 after the family reward challenge. A lot of people have reached the conclusion that it was cruel and cold. Sherri too will no doubt be crucified by the jury members (if she reaches the end) when they find out that her absolute meltdown upon learning her son was on the island was probably what swayed Brenda to give up the reward to the other four. Yes, Brenda’s decision to give up reward had a “game” aspect to it but it was also a selfless, “humble” act. Sherri practically begged to be reunited with her son and I suspect the jury will hammer her for her “cold” decision to vote Brenda off as thanks. (Remember, a mother shouldn’t be acting cold). To win Survivor, one has to work out how the jury’s preconception of the player as well as the arbitrary line of gamesmanship that the majority of the jury would tolerate to give one the vote for the million. Dawn and Sherri failed in that respect by voting Brenda off at that given time. Cochran isn’t perceived as a “nurturer” and yes, it is sexist and ageist that a single, young, white male can get off “scott-free” for being hurtful with his actions deemed “strategic.” Yes it is not fair. Cochran, though, is smart enough to recognise this. Brenda has confirmed in her US interviews that her relationship with Cochran was not as close and she has also said she has ignored Dawn’s attempts to reach out to her after the game finished. Like Penner’s bitter swipe at Blair last season, disrespecting a “friend” in Survivor brings out the worst in those that are wronged.

23 fiona { 05.10.13 at 8:37 pm }

@Katherine Every week i read Dalton Ross recap on EW but i never read the comments anymore. I find that the people there are more casual viewers who don’t understand the game and are even worse than the posters on SurvivorSucks and that is saying something. Why can’t people just appreciate Survivor for what it is, a reality game show. During one world Kat took Kim on the family visit reward then in the same episode was blindsided by Kim and her alliance. I don’t recall Kim getting any hate at all and Kat was really upset and then her FTC speech was probably the least bitter one i have ever heard. I guarantee Brenda is going to be bitter!

24 Katherine Adams { 05.10.13 at 8:51 pm }

I KNEW I’d love Australia! I must sleep; I have appointments in a matter of hours, and I’ve been sleepless in Oregon. I quickly glanced through the comments, and what a pleasant, intelligent discussion! I’ll be back; what fun to discuss the show we love as adults instead of … well, I can’t even come up with a proper description of the folks posting nonsense. Cheers from the U.S. You’ve pepped me up immensely!

25 Katherine Adams { 05.10.13 at 8:57 pm }

I KNEW I’d love Australia! I want to chat, but must get some sleep; I have appointments in a matter of hours, and I’ve been sleepless in Oregon. I quickly glanced through the comments, and what a pleasant, intelligent discussion! I’ll be back; what fun to discuss the show we love as adults instead of … well, I can’t even think of a way to describe the folks who’ve been posting nonsense here. Cheers from the U.S. You’ve pepped me up immensely!

26 Reality Raver { 05.10.13 at 9:12 pm }

Hi Katherine – I hear Oregon is gorgeous and welcome.

27 Katherine Adams { 05.11.13 at 1:23 am }

Oregon IS beautiful; 80 degrees here today. Running off to appointment but will check in later. Feeling quite sad; Dawn just tweeted she’s taking her account down; “too much negativity.” I hope all those people at sites here are happy now — they’ve hurt a genuinely nice person. I really feel sick now. Australians rock!

28 cochran's nose { 05.11.13 at 10:45 am }

No love for Dawn…yawn. Sherri has done great to make it this far, just because they do not show it, doesn’t mean she hasn’t played a good strategic game. First game, close to going at the very start, may not have been great in challenges but I can definitely see a lot of resilience in her & dont think shes as crap as what people are fact I’ve liked her quite a bit. Cochran will win.