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Survivor Caramoan – Interview With Andrea Boehlke

Andrea Boehlke was an exciting to watch and she played a strong strategic game  on Survivor Caramoan. It would have been interesting to see how it would have panned out if Special Agent Phillip had not been voted out of the game.

We discussed Erik, being blindsided and playing a hard strategic game.

Reality Ravings: You took the whole blindside pretty well considering and in your too camera piece afterwards you said it is always when it is quiet and you think it is all going smoothly something like this happens. So you had no idea that it was going to happen that day. Were people talking to you? Was anyone treating you differently or was it all the same as usual.

Andrea Boehlke: I was so focussed on this blindside of Brenda I thought I was setting up so all day I was watching Brenda out of the corner of my eye to make sure she felt comfortable that’s why they were able to pull it off because my focus was somewhere else.

RR: Whose betrayal hit you the most?

AB: Cochran and Dawn, from day one I was strategising with them it did hurt, however I wanted to take out Brenda and then I wanted to take out one of them. So that is was probably why I was not that upset as I was scheming and they got me out before I could get them out. To this day Cochran, Dawn and I are closest friends.

RR: One of the great things about watching you this season was that you were strategising right from the get go. What was your strategy when you walked into the game. Was it different from the first time you played?

AB: My strategy this time was completely different from the first time. This time I wanted to be aggressive and take control if I could and I was always trying to scheme and always trying to figure out what I was going to do and it was so much fun this time because making decisions is so much more rewarding then following along. My strategy was definitely different but I really enjoyed it.

RR: You had an interesting tribe who was more annoying Special Agent Phillip or Brandon?

AB: [laughs] I would say Phillip is more annoying but Brandon is definitely more unstable. I actually really like Phillip he is a friend of mine but he is hard to deal with and to get to the end with him you could win and he was loyal so that is why I did stick with him.

RR: Did you think once he was eliminated that you were a bit more shakier in getting to the final three or were you still more confident that you were going to get there?

AB: It was tough because I knew I wanted him in my final three. However I reassessed and I talked to Cochran and Dawn and with Phillip gone I still had them and I still had some alliances.

RR: Obviously there is editing in this show and you mentioned to Cochran that you wanted to take Eddie to the final three. What was your rationale with that?

AB: I think what I was trying to do was give Cochran other options and basically tried to tell Cochran I am with you until the end who else do you see besides Dawn. You have to think about who you can beat. So I was trying to tell him that I wanted to be with you, but who else can we take.  I wanted Dawn and Brenda out so I was trying to reason  with him.

RR: Cochran thought if Eddie went to the final three that he would win as he had not done anything to him. Had that crossed your mind that Eddie had made no enemies and his back has been against the wall since day 3 and he was still there could that make win the jury vote.

AB: He really was not making any strategic moves he was hanging on by a thread. He might have got votes from Reynold and maybe Michael Snow. I did not think Eddie would win.

RR: Who was the hottest guy out there? Malcolm, Reynold or Eddie?

AB: [Laughs] That is so funny. I think Eddie is very hot and pretty foxy. They are all very attractive men to hang out with. It was not bad being on an island with those three.

RR: You could have also said Cochran I think Cochran needs his own series on The Bachelor. He would be a cracker.

AB: Cochran is amazing he is one of my really close friends he is adorable.

RR: You and Corinne did not appear to get on even though you were in the same alliance. How did you get on? Did you have an inkling that it was never going to stick between you two?

AB: My thing with Corinne was I saw her going off with Malcolm all the time. In my alliance we were trying not to have these one on one conversations. She was also talking to Malcolm and thought there was something up there. They had a really close bond and maybe there was something we didn’t know. It turned out they had an idol. It turned out they were trying to flip the game around. I actually really like Corinne. She is funny, she is a great lady but I was nervous that was to sneak in her own plan.

RR: What are you doing post-Survivor? You work in the media? 

AB: I work for Ask Men I do their Daily Brief. It is a bunch of fun and they send me out to press junkets and I get to interview people. I worked on a show called Flip or Flop which just closed and hopefully I have other projects coming up.

RR: You got those jobs after your first time on Survivor?

AB: People were interested and then they realised I had a background in it. I went to school and did acting and communications. I was not a person going on a reality show and then wanting to be an actress. Before this I was training but it helps as you get a following.

RR: Well you are obviously popular. Is Erik deemed to be safe because everyone thinks he is such a non-entity? Is that why he has gotten this far, and he has never had a target on his back at all.

AB: He is not really playing. I would point to a name on a flag and he would vote for them. He would tell me don’t tell me until five minutes before as I don’t want to screw it up and tell the wrong person. So I have no idea what is going on with him and maybe no strategy is a strategy I guess. Something is working and he is still there.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV show and what would it be?

AB: I might just be done with reality TV. I would like to do something where you challenge yourself. I am terrible at travelling but The Amazing Race would be really fun and then there is a show similar to that where you push yourself and go out into the wilderness. Something high pressure and completely exhilerating.

Survivor Caramoan Finale on GO Channel tonight at 8.30pm.


1 JStar { 05.13.13 at 6:53 pm }

RR. Great interview as usual. She seems like a fun spirit. Not sure why the hate amongst some of the Survivor alumni towards her though. She definitely played very aggressively this time so at least she learnt from her mistakes the first time around. Interesting how Corrine correctly deduced that it was her time with Malcolm that made Andrea talk about getting rid of her quite early in the game. However, Corrine thought it came from a place of envy/jealousy. Andrea didn’t exactly deny that she flirted a little bit with the Three Amigos given that she seemed to enjoy their company a lot on the show. (And no, I don’t think it was just sneaky editing that gave me that impression).

I’ll see if I have questions for you for Brenda’s interview and will e-mail them through after the finale. Do you know your timetable to interview the Final 5 yet? Will it all be next week or will it be staggered?

2 Reality Raver { 05.13.13 at 7:27 pm }

Interviews all this week Will send you an email but Brenda is early in morning so send questions now.

3 Techhater { 05.13.13 at 7:36 pm }

Great interview once again. Thanks RR. I thought Andrea played a much better game this time sorry to see go. I wasn’t all that fussed with Brenda in her first season. But really warmed to her this one. Was really disappointed to see her go. I was hoping she would win. Looking forward to tonight’s finale. Not sure who I want to win now.

4 JStar { 05.13.13 at 7:37 pm }

Wow! You’re going to be kept busy not only interviewing but then transcribing afterwards! I have some questions for Brenda. I’ll send some in within the next hour. I’m sure I’ll have more if Dawn reaches the final three and has to face Brenda. Looking forward to see that. :)

5 Techhater { 05.13.13 at 7:41 pm }

JStar Heaven forbid that Dawn makes it to final 3.

6 JStar { 05.13.13 at 7:50 pm }

@Techhater – It’s a hard one to predict because if you go with the season both Dawn and Cochran first played in – South Pacific (aka Endless Prayers with Coach) – both of them got really strong and prominent edits but ended up early and mid-jury respectively. However, I am leaning towards Dawn being at the end as her edit gives me the impression that there will be a “jury payoff” with members metaphorically lining up to smack her down with baseball bats. Plus in previous episodes Malcolm, Andrea, and Brenda have all indicated they were planning to target Cochran eventually so Dawn never appeared as a threat and seemed to have locked up multiple Final 3 alliances with others. It’s a testimony to her strategic and social gameplay. If the jury is not bitter, I hope all members give her credit for how well she played to reach the end. However, I can smell blood from that jury pool and unfortunately, Dawn may be about to need years of therapy after experiencing the jury wrath.

7 Techhater { 05.13.13 at 8:15 pm }

JStar at least it’s only minutes away and we can say “let the games begin.” I literally can’t wait. Wish it would hurry up and start.

8 Izobel2 { 05.13.13 at 10:39 pm }

How mad am I??!
Just reading this great interview, thanks again RR..
And I get to the bottom of the comments and realise the finale is on NOW and my husband has been watching the frigging footy for 3hrs so I completely forgot to tape Survivor!! I haven’t missed an ep this season either. I’ll watch it online tomoro if its there but I’m sure I’ll accidentally see the result. Grrr!

9 JStar { 05.13.13 at 11:59 pm }

Izobel2 – catch it soon online! Also repeated at 3:30pm in Saturday. But avoid the comments. Avoid!!

10 Andrea { 05.14.13 at 8:21 am }

Oh Izobel2, you poor thing!
Hope you got to see it without knowing who won, I sat up late watching it but who cares, it was so exciting!

11 Izobel2 { 05.14.13 at 6:00 pm }

Hey Peeps, thanks for the concern!! I managed to stay off of RR, Channel 9, TV Tonight etc etc ALL DAY and just finished watching in on Catchup TV Now! It was great not to know the result until I watched it myself!

Will post on the other thread, all I can say is YAY COCHRAN you’re my hero. :)

12 Anonymous { 05.15.13 at 7:51 am }

Who’s SB

13 Georgie { 05.15.13 at 8:08 am }

‘S’ is next to ‘A’ on the keyboard so that shouldn’t be too hard to work out – SB is the typo!

14 Reality Raver { 05.15.13 at 8:09 am }

Anonymous – sorry brain explosion as I was typing happens regularly to me…