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House Rules Starts Tonight On SEVEN at 7.30pm

House Rules SEVEN’s new renovation program kicks off tonight at 7.30pm.

In the first three minutes apparently the “life changing” prize will be revealed and is a clever way for people to tune it at the start. However chances of The Block running late tonight is probably 100%……

The premise of the show is state against state but all teams will work together, except whose house it is to transformed an entire house in a week.

If it is anything like it’s namesake My Kitchen Rules expect tears, clashes and a few plot twists.

The six teams competing are:

Michelle and Steve (New South Wales)

Nick and Chris (Victoria)

Amy and Sean (Queensland)

Carly and Leighton (South Australia)

Jemma and Ben (Western Australia)

Jane and Plinio (Tasmania)

Even if their houses are not done to their taste it should be an improvement on what they originally had.

Are you going to watch it?

House Rules on SEVEN at 7.30pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.


1 drb123 { 05.14.13 at 3:18 pm }

I hope they haven’t populated the teams with annoying people like the Block has again this season

2 drb123 { 05.14.13 at 3:21 pm }

Sounds like Homemade from Nine a few years ago

3 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 4:51 pm }

Drb123 it would be odds on that Ch7 have casted annoying people. Let’s face it for some reason producers think that this makes for good viewing. But at least it will give us something to talk about here.

4 Dr T { 05.14.13 at 5:58 pm }

Sorry… ABC have a competing bit of reality TV on at 7:30 that will be much more far fetched and entertaining. The casting is outstanding too!

5 Georgie { 05.14.13 at 6:09 pm }

Lol Dr T – I’ll be giving that a miss, it’s too scripted and the outcome is so predictable.

6 Littlepetal { 05.14.13 at 6:15 pm }

I don’t like the contestants in that show.

7 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 6:22 pm }

DrT I’m with Georgie and Littlepetal too far fetched and unrealistic contestants.

8 Dr T { 05.14.13 at 6:29 pm }

No, no… it’s like professional wrestling… you cheer the hero and boo the villain!

The outcome is no predictable… just when one guy/girl is down on the matt and you think they are out, they pop up again and get boxed around the head once more for good measure

9 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 6:38 pm }

DrT I think you would be a good choice to do a JStar style recap for us. Lol.:-P

10 Georgie { 05.14.13 at 6:41 pm }

You could recap that with one word Techhater – “Suckers”.

11 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 6:51 pm }

Georgie the only suckers are those that believe everything the redheaded Pinocchio and co. have to say.

12 Georgie { 05.14.13 at 7:13 pm }

They’re all exactly the same to me Techhater. Hair, nose, ears, dick stickers, dosen’t change the fact they’re bullshit artists and liars.

13 Littlepetal { 05.14.13 at 7:18 pm }

Liar, liar, pant on fire

14 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 7:30 pm }

Georgie and Littlepetal. So true. Nothing against redheads i’m one myself. Lol

15 Anna { 05.14.13 at 8:16 pm }

Might have to tune into this reno show over the weekend… as 2 reality reno’s in a day is a bit much to take LOL

16 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 8:34 pm }

My first impressions. My House Rules seems the better show. And I’ve been a Blockhead since it began. But as I said this is my FIRST impression. Hope it stays like this. And not TOO much of Goanna. Which is another plus.

17 Veronica { 05.14.13 at 8:47 pm }

Yay, no Joanna Griggs, but I did miss the first 10 minutes so maybe she was on then.
I’ve already taken a dislike to Michelle “I studied interior design part time” from NSW!

18 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 9:03 pm }

Veronica yes she was on first few minutes but my tv decided to reboot after one minute (we have satellite here) and I also missed the start. So not sure what the prize is.

19 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 9:10 pm }

Veronica yea Michelle turned me off just from the promos. But so far the rest of the cast SEEM ok.

20 I'dhatetobesharingAjay'sbedwhenshedroppedabigfatfart { 05.14.13 at 9:16 pm }


21 Andrea { 05.14.13 at 9:24 pm }

Techhater@18, the prize is that the winner gets their mortgage paid off which is pretty good.
I don’t usually like reno shows but thought I’d give this one a go.
It seems to have a faster pace than the block, we only have to wait a week to see the whole house result, then they move on to the next house.

22 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 9:24 pm }

@20 that’s so funny I wonder if that still qualifies as a “Dutch oven” I’m sure that’s you CB:'( (pic of me laughing so hard i’m crying)

23 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 9:36 pm }

Andrea thanks for the info on prize. That is a really good prize. In fact it’s a win/win situation. Whole house renoed even if you lose. And I would think from the promos any improvement to their houses is a bonus.
Desi got me hooked on reno shows and I got him hooked on cooking shows. The only sacrifice was talent/singing shows. Which was no great loss. And Survivor is on after he goes to bed. Makes for a very happy marriage. Lol.

24 Andrea { 05.14.13 at 9:45 pm }

Yes, I was surprised that I actually liked it!
Everyone wins and not only that, the owners of the house they are working on seem to go away for a week’s holiday as well while the work is being done.
I wonder if they have any eliminations or anything?

25 Ajay { 05.14.13 at 9:58 pm }

@20 I never fart and they don’t stink.
But you’d be welcome to try it.

26 Georgie { 05.14.13 at 10:09 pm }

Ajay, if you never fart, what is it that doesn’t stink?

Also, you’re in danger of your head imploding if you don’t fart – just saying.

27 Techhater { 05.14.13 at 10:12 pm }

Andrea I wonder which is better. The week’s rest at the start, mid-season or last week. Personally I think last week would be a really great reward after all those renos.

Ajay Can you prove that. I’ve seen what you eat.

28 Ajay { 05.14.13 at 10:29 pm }

Georgie on the ins and outs of farting. LOL