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The Voice Australia – The Fourth Showdown – The Boys Were Weak

It was Team Delta and Team Joel to have the last of their singers up for the showdown and there were few standout performances. Celia Davey will go through from Delta’s team as will Lyric McFarland from Joel’s but after that it is anyone’s guess.

Team Delta started strongly with competition front runner Celia Davey sing a Joni Mitchell, and you know she is a star when it was irritating when they cut to shots of the judges during the song.

Tim Morrison sang Learn To Fly the former had a a stage persona but his vocals well all over the shop.  He may have been having issues hearing as he kept of fidling with his earpieces.  But Seal and Delta both stood up and cheered and Joel thought he killed it and it was his best performance on the show.

Nathan Allgood sang When I Was Your Man. It was not pitch perfect but he has a lovely voice. Seal thought his voice was better than Bruno Mars, however Joel did not think he was not a star yet. Joel said he was on a tough team.

Ben Goldstein sang Waiting in Vain, reggae was a bold choice. I don’t know why the judges keep on saying to him I think you know who you are. What that has to do with how well you sing? Maybe it means they don’t have to talk about his actual voice.

It was time for Team Joel and first up was Michael Stangel. He has a compelling back story with his heart and brain tumour but regardless of the heart wrenching story is voice is not the worst in the competition. He sang Home, which was not the greatest song choice. And song choice is crucial in this competition. He may have been saved in the battle rounds but he is a strong chance of making it to the live shows.

Kathy Hinch singing Bleeding Love. This was The X Factor UK Leona Lewis’s winning single. Is reality TV starting to eat itself. She is one of the few pop divas in the competition along with Caterina Torres and she hit some amazing high notes but the judges were concerned she did not connect with the audience.

Ricky and Delta were not enthusiastic, but Seal said could not take his eyes off her and Joel thought she did the best she had ever done.

Lyric McFarland sang Let’s Stay Together and she brought the house down however it will be great to see her sing a more contemporary R&B song. Ricky thought it was perfection.

Super cool, well at least in his mind, Danny Ross was sing All Along The Watch Tower. He has an interesting voice but not sure he is the most likeable of contestants. He is just so super serious. Joel said you are out of your mind in the best way possible and he would take that as a compliment. He is the most likely contender to shit bag reality TV and the show after he is eliminated.

The Voice Australia results show on tonight at 7.30pm.


1 Georgie { 05.14.13 at 5:59 pm }

Not happy that Ch9 bumped this back to an 8pm start last night, to accommodate The Block. That just threw my normal Monday night viewing out. Thanks – not! How do these programming morons hope to keep their viewers when they chop and change at the drop of a hat. If I had one of those ratings machines, I’d flush it for them.

2 Daze { 05.14.13 at 6:00 pm }

This show needs an overhaul – I’ve lost interest. It was a great beginning with the blinds because the contestants knew their best range, imo………. then the coaches choose different range genres for them and it’s cringeworthy. My favourite Imogen has left and it wasn’t due to her voice, it was the song choice chosen by her coach or the producers. A few others that should still be there, have gone too, can’t think of their names now. Will wait till the showdowns are over and tune in again when the last of the best will sing it out. Still loving Joel and Ricky and hope Team Ricky wins this year. He selected very carefully.

3 Daze { 05.14.13 at 6:07 pm }

Agree with you Georgie, no respect for the viewers – they wouldn’t have channels to run without us, no companies would bother to advertise to keep their fat pockets singing! Totally disgusting for some time now with channel viewing times changing at the drop of a hat, boring repeats and I think Back to the Future has been shown 170 times already this year alone, grrr add to that every Hugh Grant movie, every Jennifer Aniston romcom, the list is endless and nowhere to rant unless one writes a god-forbid, hand written letter (what’s that?) to the channels or do they chuck ‘feedback’ in the shredder ………

4 VioletsRBlue { 05.14.13 at 6:30 pm }

Yes very disappointing round. A few good performances and the rest just a good Karaoke. And the ‘judges’ comments are completely useless. According to the show ‘experts’ every second performa is a star and perfect! Please!!! As if! What a load of crap. Thanks god for recording function so one can just fast forward through their mambo jumbo, b*t talk. It’s soooo boring!
So far Mrs Murphy is my favorite. A few are good but mostly very poor talent this year.

5 Georgie { 05.14.13 at 6:30 pm }

Hiya Daze – yes there’s only about 3-4 contestants worth watching this year and agree some good ones have already been shunted. This show is yet another exercise in reality mediocrity and the platitudes dished up by the judges are so tiresome. Seriously, they need response writers to keep it fresh. I don’t believe for one minute that a contestant’s appearance doesn’t play a part either, once those seats were turned around.

6 Littlepetal { 05.14.13 at 7:48 pm }

Now CA is starting at a later time. Really no respect for viewers.

7 Eliza { 05.15.13 at 12:41 am }

TV stations have been being jerks to us for some time now.. Running shows overtime/starting late and don’t get me started on the advertising of shows months out from when they even begin! Thank goodness for the +20 function on Foxtel IQ.

@Daze #3 – Just what I thought on the weekend.. Not Back to the Future AGAAAIINNN!! Great movies though.