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Fantasy Reality TV Show Commissioned In The USA

Reality TV producers likes to make shows about things people like. That is why there are so many cooking, renovation and talent shows. It seems that The Amazing Race producers are now wading into the Fantasy genre.

US Network ABC gave commissioned a show called The Quest.

Reality TV World has the blurb:

The Quest,which is being produced byThe Lord of the Ringsmovie franchise producer Mark Ordesky andThe Amazing Raceproducers Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri.

The reality adventure competition will “take twelve lucky contestants on the journey of a lifetime when they enter the world of Everealm,” a “fantastic world… where players will engage in epic challenges” and one player “emerges as a real-life hero,” according to the network.

The Taste the cooking show based on blind tastings with Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain as judges has been renewed. Channel NINE who have the rights to the show in Australia have yet to show Season One.

Will a local Network pick up the rights for The Quest to be made in Australia?


1 Joseph Skyrim { 05.16.13 at 9:00 am }

Ooo this sounds interesting. Though not sure how it classifies as “reality” given it’s fantasy genre unless it’s specifically around LARPing (Live action role playing). I’d probably give it a try.

2 Tyrion Lannister { 05.16.13 at 9:40 am }

Dear ‘The Quest’ Producers,

Bronn, Shae, Podrick and I are bored with being sidelined by Lord Twyin and enduring courtly life as playthings of King Joffrey; one of the four kings we currently have plaguing us in Westeros. (Oh, don’t tell him I said that.)

Anyway, we would dearly love to host a group of reality TV want-to-be’s at Kings Landing in Westeros.

I guarantee there’ll be none of this fighting the Dark Lord nonsense, but instead an all together more authentic experience.

Apart from fighting wildlings on The Wall, dodging wargs and The Hound, unlike those fantasies written by up-tight, geriatric Christian guys, there’s plenty of mindless shagging to be had by all in this quest. Whether it be at Littlefinger’s bordello or in my boudoir, the lady contestants are definitely in for a treat. This dwarf knows how to treat a lady, don’t I Shae? Oh, and just make sure those contestants are nubiles with perkies. We have standards on Game of Thrones, and floppy tits are a no-no. (This probably goes for all HBO programs, come to think of it).

On second thoughts, as much as it galls me, you better send some male contestants. Joffrey and Lord Bolton’s bastard son get a bit tetchy if they go a week without torturing someone and we never know when we’ll have to throw someone to the White Walkers or worse still, my sister Cersei.

Anyway, Shae is just drawing me a bath and it looks like I’ll be breaking my three-hour drought since my last shag.

Hoping you give this request your fullest consideration,

Tyrion Lannister,
Lounge Dwarf, Raconteur and Pleasure Machine

3 Tyrion Lannister { 05.16.13 at 1:01 pm }
4 Tyrion Lannister { 05.16.13 at 1:43 pm }

Still no word from ‘The Quest’?…

Here’s the deal. You send us… I mean me… the nubiles.

We’ll send you Samwell Tarly for the next series of The Biggest Loser –

Plus Cersei will play Queen Bee on “The Real Housewives of Westeros”. Just remember though. She only does the business with close relatives… really close relatives.

And Bronn reckons he’d go alright on “Survivor”, especially if the immunity idols are planted in obvious spots for hiding bodies. Don’t you, Bronn? Though the fact that he’s partial to broiled rat may put him at an unfair advantage. Oh well who cares about fairness. He’s at your disposal.

More wine, Shae. More wine.
What? Of course I’ll still love you when the nubiles arrive.

5 Tyrion Lannister { 05.16.13 at 3:39 pm }

Dear ‘The Quest’ people,

I refer to the very realistic, but disturbing, preview painting you sent me of the contestants you propose we host here at Kings Landing, Westeros.

The offending item: *

You might as well have sent me Lord Varys’ dearly departed scrotum. I need a new purse more than I need these off-casts.

With the exception of the cute Asian chick on the far left I’ve marked the rest as ‘return to sender’. Bronn somewhat more unkindly said they should be marked as ‘tie up in a bag and throw into Blackwater Bay’.

Appears I’d foolishly thought that heroic fantasy quests would attract the athletic types with stunning looks and toned physiques. Clearly, I need to get to one of those comic conventions I keep avoiding.

Anyway, we’ll call this matter closed.

I’ve got some patricide to organise, so please bugger off if you don’t mind.

Shae! Shae! More wine!!

* The cast of ‘new’ reality show “King of the Nerds”

6 LW { 05.16.13 at 5:11 pm }

Tyrion Lannister, you pack a lot of comedy into one so small, love it!! But I really just came here to say – is The Quest what I think it is? Just watching nerds gaming? Flippin’ heck.

7 Sceptical Smeagol { 05.17.13 at 10:59 am }
8 The original & the best The Quest { 05.17.13 at 4:29 pm }

Don’t bother with this pussy dungeon and dragon stuff. Watch instead the original The Quest. Marvel at the director’s vision. Make a hot reality TV show from this tale of redemption, perseverance and flying chop kicks. Not some pussy ass elf and fairy shit…

9 Tyrion Lannister { 05.20.13 at 4:22 pm }
10 thrones { 06.27.13 at 10:34 pm }

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