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The Block Room Reveal – Was THAT The Worst Room Ever?

Kim and Matt are so incompetent they should be on House Rules with Jane and Plino from Tasmania. Earlier this week we had the bodgy insulation job and tonight it looked like the ghost of Pro Hart was haunting their guest bed room. Sure you can be a big fan of Jackson Pollock but splattering paint over a wall, carpet and a bed spread just looked like technicolour vomit. The only positive thing about it was it made Neale Whittaker speechless for 0.5 seconds. Expect it not to be there auction day. Matt was not happy when he heard the reviews from the judges. How judge Darren Palmer gave it a seven out of ten the same as he gave Madi and Jarrod’s and Lysandra and Alissa’s was a mystery. Maybe he had an acid flashback just looking at it and that was why he was so generous with his scores.  Shaynna Blaze and Neale scored it what it was worth a four out of ten each.

As Shaynna Blaze said “I would never buy a house  with only half of it carpeted”. Yep half concrete flooring and half carpet. Though it turns out Shaynna would buy a house with an ensuite with no door. Also one of the judges muttered they had cut half their market out by doing their room like this. I would have thought 99% of people would have been turned off by it.

Matt and Kim scored 15 for their room and it was the lowest of the five. Thankfully this series they have gotten rid of the chumps award but really they just about deserved to wear a dunces hat.

This was the contestants first room and sure it was only a guest room and bathroom but for apartments that are meant to be high end there was little that was deluxe about the bedrooms. All the bathrooms were fine but the bedrooms were all pretty ordinary and Bec and George probably deserved the win even though they have been helped by five hundred of their cousins.

Trixie was upset that Johnno and her missed out by half a point. The judges loved their painted wooden tiles. Neal had never seen anything like it done before and making the door higher was a clever touch.  They fell down on not having a door on their en-suite. Seriously have they learnt nothing from previous seasons on The Block. 

Shaynna revealed she did not have one on her en-suite so did not have a problem with it. However I am on Team Darren and Neale on this one and agree with Darren who said you need one for visual and acoustic privacy.

Madi and Jarrod’s room had an industrial feel which apparently is on the way out. Neale did not think it feels fresh and thought by auction time it might be dated. However they did liked the bathroom.

The judges really liked Bec and George’s styling as they kept it simple. They were not as enthused about the bathroom as Neale thought the sink was too hard and too angular but he did like the tiles.

There was a lot going on in Alisa and Lysandra’s. The judges did like the lights, but hated the eleven cushions. Apparently any more than five is over kill. See reality TV is educational.  However they did like their bathroom.    

The winner was Bec and George with 22 points beating out Trixie and Johnno by half a point.

However unfortunately for them their winning room won’t be remembered as most will remember Matt and Kim’s which quite possibly be the worst room ever renovated on The Block! 

What did you think of the rooms?

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