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The Biggest Loser – The Grey Team Eliminated

The Biggest Loser is limping to its end, with it more being about alliances then weight loss.

It is the blue team Richard and Amber and Robyn and Katie who have the strongest alliance with Richard gifting the orange team 500grams for weigh in.

This saved them from going below the yellow line and it was grey team Mandy and Brett and pink team Kirsten and Janet. Janet earlier in the episode seem peeved with the blue team but maybe because she was not in the alliance not because she is so nice and innocent as Michelle Bridges told her.

Katie the daughter on the orange team needs to not look so grumpy at weigh in and frown when other teams get good results, yes it is a game but also be nice about it.

In the end the grey team were voted off and even though people criticise the show they leave 76 kilos lighter between the two of them and that can only be a positive thing.

The Biggest Loser Finale is on Tuesday 28 May at 7.30pm. Who do you think is going to win? Also who do you want to win?


1 LB { 05.20.13 at 3:55 pm }

I definitely want the Green Team to win – they seem to be genuinely good people and I can only imagine the difference the prize money would make in their lives.

I am only hanging in there in the hope of seeing the Light Blue Team eliminated. Both Richard & Amber are thoroughly nasty pieces of work. His continual talking himself up & her wingeing are thoroughly off putting. I wouldn’t like to spend a minute in their company.

The death stares at the others from Light Blue & Orange at the weigh ins are both astonishing & illuminating.

2 Alyssa { 05.20.13 at 4:37 pm }

It would have been very interesting if the orange team had fallen below the yellow line. Surely green and pink would have eliminated orange.

Definitely want the green team to win. Love Todd’s boyishness and love how great a father Gerald is. Inspirational.

3 Littlepetal { 05.20.13 at 4:47 pm }

I would love to see the light blue team get eliminated but if you are playing the game you will keep the light blue team. They have the lowest total percentage weight loss among the remaining 4 teams. Also the light blue team have to lose between 13 to 15 kg to have the same percentage weight loss as the orange team and green team.

Richard is so dumb. There is no way he can win. By having an alliance with the orange team will only help orange team get to the final and win.

Also Richard is so sly to tell the pink team that he eliminated the grey team so to keep the pink team in. He did that was because grey team can lose more weight then the light blue team.

Unfortunately we will see light blue team in the finale but I hope he will be embarrassed to see he that his team total percentage weight loss will be less than those eliminated earlier.

Katie still have to work on her head space. She still have lots of weight to lose but when she has a setback she is all teary and can lose the plot. Winning the comp doesn’t mean you have make it. You still have to work on it to keep the weight off. Some people just have to work on it all the time.

Love the green team. Never complain and worked their butt off. I hope they can get to the finale. If they are the finale 3, I think they will win. Go green.

4 JM { 05.20.13 at 5:42 pm }

I hope the green team win – they deserve it. The light blue and orange teams have ruined this series for me – so conniving and undeserving (light blue’s low percentage weight loss). I lost patience with the pink team – the daughter is really vile to her mother and neither of them are too bright. I guarantee they will let the blue and orange teams use them again this week, they are clueless.

The grey team deserved to go. The son should have been pulling much bigger numbers, he must have been eating too much despite putting in lots of effort at the gym.

5 Andrea { 05.20.13 at 5:57 pm }

Green team to win for sure, they have worked the hardest and are not mean to the others, they really deserve it.

6 Gabby { 05.20.13 at 8:57 pm }

Love the green team, they well and truly deserve to win. That young pink woman is a little cow and her mum deserves every thing she throws at her because she didn’t bring her up any better. Sorry but I get so angry when I see children speaking to their parents like that.

7 Littlepetal { 05.20.13 at 9:05 pm }

Agree with you, Gabby. Kirsten has no respect for her mother. She must be spoiled as a child. She blames her mother for everything. In fact Janet has the second highest percentage weight loss for individual. Can only see pink team coming last in the challenge.

8 Alicia { 05.20.13 at 10:17 pm }

I really hope the Green team win, they have worked better together than any other team and Gerald is a great role model for his children and Todd has such an amazing attitude for his age. They deserve it the most and have worked hard.

The pink kid, Kirsten, is driving me nuts. She is such a little bitch to her mother but her mother has obviously allowed that to continue for years. Her mother even apologies to her when she is told to shut up, come on!!

I really want to smack Kirsten in the face.

9 seepi { 05.20.13 at 10:23 pm }

This only aired just now in Canberra – are we running behind??

I think Gerald pushes himself too far – it doesn’t look healthy – i worry he will have a heart attack.

Pink team – on the dim side, but mum is sweet. dynamic between them is very odd.

Grey – they look much happier and healthier now.

Orange – Katie needs to smile more and frown and cry less. She is on the young side for her age, and with luck can keep growing up and gaining in confidence.

blue – slimy slimy creatures.

10 LB { 05.20.13 at 10:41 pm }

Seepi, I love your assessment of the blue & pink teams – made me snort laugh!

Agree with you on the grey team – was nice to see them happy & relaxed at home. Good luck to them for the future.

11 Eliza { 05.21.13 at 12:18 am }

I have been going for the green team from the start as they both seem genuinely lovely although I too worry about the dad. Anyone remember the time he just felt off the exercise machine and Shannon was just like “yeahh that’s how it should be done”. I don’t think so!

The light blue and orange teams have put a really sour vibe over this year’s competition and I will be really upset if orange win. I agree that light blue are silly to keep pulling them through as they haven’t lost enough weight to win. It is sickening how Richard keeps making comments about counting the money. He’s done a great job with that daughter of his.

The pink team are definitely clueless if they continue to follow Richard. They just seem so desperate to be accepted by the alliance. I often get the feeling that Amber and Katie are just SO excited to finally be the “popular” ones that they are milking it for all they can get… They are both just nasty and I agree that Katie’s facial expressions are just plain rude and disrespectful.

12 Joseph Skyrim { 05.21.13 at 8:24 am }

I certainly want the Green team to win too! Hopefully they keep it up (above the yellow line). Don’t really like the others but Robyn and grumpy pants Katie are in a very good position tactically where they are protected by the King, and can backstab or use him as a shield from their own elimination as necessary.

How does the final usually work? Just whoever has higher percentage wins or is it a “tribal vote” ala survivor?

13 Littlepetal { 05.21.13 at 10:50 am }

The winner is based on the highest total percentage weight loss. No way Richard can win. Just not happy seeing his smug face as one of the final 3

14 Andrea { 05.21.13 at 1:38 pm }

How rude was Kirsten to her mother last night, blaming her for everything when at least she had the courage to jump out of the helicopter.
I actually feel a bit sorry for Kirsten because she doesn’t realize how lucky she is to still have a mother and its sad that she can’t treat her with more respect.

15 LB { 05.21.13 at 1:45 pm }

Agree with you 100% Andrea re Kirsten’s treatment of her mother. You’re a long time without her.

Having said that, can’t believe that Janet has allowed her to get to this age & show so little respect for her mother.

Compare & contrast the respect & friendship that Gerald & Todd show each other. I was so happy to see Todd conquer his fear & do that drop & swing – he’s such a great kid & what a credit to his family.

16 Littlepetal { 05.21.13 at 2:10 pm }

The only team that deserve to win is the Green team. Gerald us such a good role model for Todd. Todd is a quiet boy and has no mean bones in his body. Keeping my finger crossed that they will survive the last weigh in and get to the finale.

I can see why Robyn is frustrated with Katie. Katie doesn’t seem very bright and can’t see her getting into the army. She does have a pretty face when she smiles but she looks old for her age.

17 buzzy { 05.21.13 at 2:11 pm }

Pink little piggie is awful. Poor Janet should kick her out even if it means retirement from the competition.

Oink oink little blue girl is equally horrible. Sorry, is this not a weight loss competition? How do they not lose weight? Their parents work hard and they just squeak and all those awful crocodile tears.

Good Robyn stood up to NQR Katie. Don’t think it will make much of a difference.

This series has generally put the parents in a good light. They have tried really hard and produced some awesome results.

18 Veronicali { 05.21.13 at 2:17 pm }

Good ep last night, beautiful scenery, lots of lols, best one goes to orange mum re Commando/men’s talking not helpful for drop & swing or childbirth.
Go Green.
Ten stuffed this show for me by letting the villian win last year. I can’t get invested in case Dick and his sulky spawn win.

19 LB { 05.22.13 at 12:19 pm }

Once again, Todd & Gerald showed what a great relationship they have & showed the others how they should behave.

How lovely of Todd to go back for Gerald on the bike ride cos he knew his dad would be struggling. I really hope they go through & win the golden ticket.

Wonder how long it took them to film this ep, cos can only imagine how long all the safety briefings & gear checks would have taken!

20 brain dead dave { 05.25.13 at 9:44 pm }

Facing my fears and watching the “rewinds “(great name for encores btw) of the show tonight.

” I love you, you little bitch” from Robyn. Priceless.

21 Georgie { 05.25.13 at 10:12 pm }

I’m watching Eurovision final on mute with Bowie singing all the numbers.

22 Each { 05.27.13 at 9:20 pm }

Omg I feel so happy to have found others who feel the way I do about blue and pink!!! I can’t even look at Amber she drives me mental. As for Kirsten she needs a good smack in the mouth. So so so happy that orange came through for green tonight. I love everything about green and I hope they win. Blue will fail miserably with no immunity to save them from their repeated crap results now! Bring on finale.