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House Rules – The First House Revealed

It was the first house reveal night and the first scores were awarded and there was a huge gap between first and last place. It does raise  the issue of if you are the team wallowing at the bottom of the scoreboard after a few rounds what is going to keep you motivated to actually to work hard later in the series? By the last house when you know you have no hope wouldn’t you just slap on a bit of paint and say here you go?

It is also interesting that Michelle is not the biggest villain on the show at the moment but Jane is from  Tassie is for her incompetence and the fact she snaffled up all the tradies at the beginning of the week. Also has she done any hands on work? Jane was not happy when finishing up that she could not find a glazier at the house to put up their shower door. In the end she managed to get someone to do it but the door was too big and had to be cut down to size to fit.

It was not going much better for the Qld team Amy and Sean who had lost a cupboard door. Considering they were only doing the beauty room and hallway neither being too technical it seemed strange they seemed to be painting the beauty room at last minute. This pair will struggle getting any bigger and complex room finished.

It was good to see Johanna Griggs turn up at the Western Australian house but she only counted down the clock and did not give any feedback or advice. Considering she has so much reno experience herself it would have been good to hear her opinion about the rooms.

By the way can they stop dressing her like she got her shirts from Millers. She is a young female, sure she is tall and solid but surely there is a stylist out there that can dress her age appropriately.

The judges Home Beautiful editor Wendy Moore and Architect Joe Snell arrived to give their opinion and to score they had a nice chemistry together and it will be good to see that rapport grow over the series.

First up was the kitchen – the judges liked the blue paint though there were issues with the judges being unable to open up the fridge door properly something the Victorian boys thought was not a problem.

Michelle and Stephen’s lounge and spare bedroom was good, only mildly criticised for having too much bling in the New York inspired bedroom. Clearly the pair were reliving their youth and by adding a shag pile carpet and cushions in the lounge room

Jane and Plino’s bathroom was actually finished and at first look was quite spiffy, however the shower head was too low even if you were not over six foot like Joe Snell is, and the laundry sink was too big so there was no where to put anything. Also where was the ironing board?

The judges thought the Amy and  Sean had not done enough, but not sure what you can do with such a small space, they were also criticised for their workmanship as their shelves in the hall were wonky and they had not finished painting a storage cupboard in the hallway.

Carly and Leighton’s master bedroom, walk in, and ensuite was loved by the judges and they deservedly got the highest score from them and Jemma and Ben. How could Jemma and Ben not love anything in their house as it was a fantastic change from the dump had been there previously.

Carly and Leighton won with a combined score of 25 points with Amy and Sean at the bottom of the table with just 10 points.  Carly and Leighton will win an advantage in the next round whereas poor Amy and Sean will receive what has been described as a “nasty surprise”.

The other scores were Chris and Nick on 20 , Jane and Plino on 19, and Michelle and Steve on 17. Michelle was not happy at all.

House Rules on Monday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm.


1 mahlia { 05.21.13 at 11:18 am }

Watching it on the weekend worked for me – I’m sucked in.

I thought the best team won.
I though the weakest team was justified – that pink wall with black and white ladies heads in photos was dead boring. Their workmanship was poor.

2 LB { 05.21.13 at 11:38 am }

Wow, some of the “workmanship” was beyond amateurish – bit of work there to fix it all up.

The master bedroom was undoubtedly the best – for one, it seemed to be actually finished and they seemed to have met the brief. The walk in robe was fabulous. I really liked the kitchen & dining area, even with the design flaws of not being able to open the fridge or pantry properly (how on earth did the boys think that wouldn’t matter?).

Jane seemed to hinge her entire bathroom on that strange little light – great for a study, but there? With a partner who is well over 6′ things like that mean little shower stand out like the proverbial dogs bits. Also very little storage in there. Didn’t like the dryer just sitting on the washer. Just quietly, Jane is delusional and annoying in equal parts & Plinth is a bit of a dill.

What on earth did Amy & Sean DO for the whole week? There was very little done & virtually no “styling” at all. To their credit, they took it on the chin pretty well – be interesting to see if they lift their game.

Onwards to what looks like a house of horrors in Tas tonight – bet Jane will mark the other contestants really hard.

3 2ndhand { 05.21.13 at 12:00 pm }

Did nayone notice that when the “home” couple left their vacation spot, they drove away in a navy sedan, but later when they were driving to their house they were in a silver SVU??? WHo gets to do all the “fixing up” once they working week is over – i.e. fix the shelves, the folding doors to outside, the back of the hall cupboard?? is it then up to the resident couple to redo all the shonky bits?

4 annajjj { 05.21.13 at 12:04 pm }

Lol moments:
Everyone frantically doing last minute stuff and Jane doing her bit by offering Plinth the aloe vera spray.

Barry Jnr and Jemma packing to go back and see what has happened to their house. Barry Jnr is nervous.
Jemma `What are you nervous about?`
Barry jnr: `The house`.
Glad we cleared that up.

Kel is stressing that he won’t have time to finish hanging the ‘wall muriels`.
Oh you’re terrrrrible annajjj!

Hmmmmm: Jane has managed to alienate everyone with her earlier tradie hogging which is probably not a good tactical move considering their place is being worked on next. I mean how much effort would you be prepared to put in for her. I think I’d take a bullet on this next week just to stooge her.
The worlds tallest style judge is about 12 years old and can’t fit under the shower head. He possibly can’t fit under any fixed shower head so I’m not sure its fair to mark them down on that.

It would be good to have some idea of budgets for these rooms.

Like: Michelle and Kels lounge room, its not the bogan bling fest I was expecting. The spare room is high on the bling factor. Rather warming to Michelle, yes she looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp most of the time and clearly loves to rib the Greek boys but she is very funny to watch and she does have a good sense of humour.

Don’t like: Jane’s awful purple drama teacher pants. Tall judge’s awful purple hipster pants. It might be the editing but Leighton seems to really dislike his girlfriend. Did I count right? There seem to be four tv’s in this house now.

Scores from the judges seem fair but Jemma and Barry jnr seem to be scoring a little harshly for people who have just scored themselves a free home makeover complete with free furniture and appliances. Strategic?
Slightly disappointed that Pain and Plinth wont be part of the action on screen next week. His long suffering stoicism and her maniacal OTTness will be sorely missed.

5 LB { 05.21.13 at 12:27 pm }

annajjj, I thought the budgets for the rooms were $20k, cos I seem to remember when there was the miscalculation on the cost of concrete there was wailing that it would take up the majority of the budget.

Having said that, find it hard that they could complete the kitchen/dining on $20k or the master suite for that matter. On the other hand, Sean & Amy probably had $19,500 left over.

6 Rob { 05.21.13 at 12:32 pm }

The whole thing just seems very dull and repetitive to me, bits and pieces of other reality shows sticky taped together and branded as something new. Nothing at all original or better than the shows they’ve stolen from.

7 annajjj { 05.21.13 at 12:52 pm }

LB you are right – they did say that. I completely forgot. I’d think there would have been different budgets for different rooms. Did they say what the mortgages were? I seem to recall Jemma and Ben’s house had a huge mortgage but I dont imagine Jane and Plinth’s would be very big.
I’m finding this series completely hilarious; the couples are interesting and with a bit of creative editing we are getting some very funny scenes. It did seem like Michelle was being set up to be the show villian but clearly we are now supposed to dislike Jane. Poor Seamy – I wonder what their disadvantage will be.

8 Jason { 05.21.13 at 1:03 pm }

I hope different teams will get different rooms each week to make it fairer. Obviously the “big ticket” rooms (eg. kitchen/dining and master bedroom/walk-in/ensuite) are always going to score better than hallway or laundry.

9 LB { 05.21.13 at 1:04 pm }

annajjj, one of the downfalls has been a bit of a lack of clarification, such as room budgets & mortgages. As you said, can’t imagine that a Tas house would have a mortgage anywhere one in Syd, Melb or Perth. So, in that case, does that mean that the prods will be angling for a house with the least budget to win? Hmmmm….

I agree, this show is hilarious and it’s kind of nice to see “villain” duty being shared around a bit! There have been some very funny bits (often due to sheer incompetence) but do like the banter between the Melb boys & Michelle.

10 LB { 05.21.13 at 1:05 pm }

Ugh, meant “mortgage to win” not budget.

11 LB { 05.21.13 at 1:29 pm }

Jason, am pretty sure they said on the first ep that the teams would rotate through different areas on each home so that each team will have a chance to do each area. Will be interesting to see what happens on different sized homes.

Was interesting to read on the House Rules website comments given by Real Estate agents to assess the home post reno. They both said it was a downfall to turn a three bedroom house into a two bedroom home, which we were talking about when they were showing the planned changes. Still, the house was appraised at $680k.

12 Andrea { 05.21.13 at 1:34 pm }

I like this show so far, mainly because we see the whole house reveal in a week and there are no silly challenges.
The winning couple should be grateful because what they got was much better than what they had, and they can always repaint a wall and fix up little finishing touches if they are not happy with it.
I think Jemma and Ben said that their mortgage was over $500, ooo so if they win thats great, but if not they still have a renovated home.
I thought they might have included the landscaping of the front yard as well as part of the deal.
The Tassie couple’s house looks like it may need a lot more work.

13 Anna { 05.21.13 at 1:37 pm }

Was out and forgot to pre tape it, pre taped the block and I’m OVER Trixie’s bitching how she should have won.

NOW that she might not be able to install the steam room due to the tip off & since she already bought all the fixtures and fittings… can see more temper tantrums. If she doesn’t win again on Sunday, she’ll blame it on not getting a chance to install the steam room

14 kess { 05.21.13 at 2:14 pm }

This is far superior to the bitchy Block.

A whole house, that looks nice – far more interesting than that hideous cement block and crappy rooms that look like prison cells.

But the Renovators on 10 was better too.

But this one is simpler, so the dim can get up to speed, and it looks like a lot of viewers do what I do, watch one early in the week episode of both shows – then just tune in for the reveals, I don’t care about who they are or who did what.

House Rules is a bit like a giant 60 Minute make-over, I love that show. I do not want to watch a week of people moaning and sweating.

15 Veronica { 05.21.13 at 2:37 pm }

That Murial sure does get around doesn’t she?
I am also warming to Michelle as I think she is quite practical unlike Jane who is just plain thick . Who doesn’t know clothes dryers are hung on walls and not perched on top of washing machines? Sure it was a small space but with some clever shelving and a little planning they could have created a workable area.
I liked the judges and, having a son who is 2 metres tall, I understand the height issue but, wouldn’t the adult be using the shower in the en-suite?
What exactly did the interior decorator do? There were a lot of stuff ups I thought she could have helped avoid.
Huge difference in scores but getting the hall must have been a bummer as everyone else would have been coming and going through it.
An enjoyable episode and looking forward to tonight.

16 JK { 05.22.13 at 9:59 am }

I like Joh Grigg’s makeup in this series, if only they could make her look like this on better homes :p

17 Jason { 05.22.13 at 10:24 am }

LB : Isn’t it still a 3 bedroom house – except they are using 1 bedroom as beauty room? Easy enough to turn it back into a bedroom.

18 LB { 05.22.13 at 11:38 am }

Jason, guess you could call it a bedroom at a pinch – to me it looked tiny, more what I would use as a study. Then again, have seen places with possibly smaller rooms than that called bedrooms :)