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Guest Post: House Rules – Now In Tassie

Over to Annajjj who has written another funny recap:

Pain Jane and Plinth’s house is described in the promos as the House from Hell and I’m expecting an interesting week even though we won’t get to see Jane annoying entertaining us as much as usual. Producers will need another villain this week and I reckon it’s a toss-up between Chris and Leighton. Expecting to see some shouty annoying behaviour towards their respective team mates.

We start (as all of these programs start) with a complete recap of the past several episodes. Not sure why they need to keep doing this; even if you hadn’t seen past episodes surely you’d be able to pick up the idea pretty quickly.

Cut over to Jane and Plinth’s house and good grief this place is even worse than the previews. Did they buy it for the sole purpose of going on this show? The kitchen is the worst spot with very few appliances. Mortgage is 315K. Must be in a great area.

Special advantage for Leighton and Reece Witherspoon; they get to choose which zone they want. Special disadvantage for Seamy is that they get to camp in the backyard. That’s going to be rough in Tassie.

Teams check out the room before the house is gutted and all Jane and Plinth’s stuff is given to charity.

Leighton and Reece choose the kitchen and family room, boys get the entrance, dining, living, Kel and Michelle get the master bedroom, study and hall, newcomers get the son’s room, toilet and laundry and Seamy get the little girl’s room and bathroom. They remind us they’ve never done a bathroom.

House Rules – entrance to remember, display for all their books (thought the books were going to charity?) Danish design with art deco, eco friendly….how could anyone possibly combine all that into something stylish? (I looked up art deco Danish in google images and got a picture of a tulip brooch.) Gemma declares she is not 100% sure what Danish is. Barry Jnr thinks it is a country. Wrong! Everyone knows it’s a pastry.

Teams start to demolish their zones and Michelle discovers a cupboard of asbestos. Teams are told to get out quickly. Um Jane, Plinth and their kids have been living in this house. Genuine question – are houses in Tassie required to have a building inspection prior to sale?

Jane and Plinth hope the other teams realise that they are edgy and therefore do a good job. It’s hard to see how they could possibly make it worse.

Jemma wipes her tears away to explain to camera that she’s not one for getting upset easily. She has had to abandon her dream of a wooden laundry floor (?!) and then tells us that while she may look like a precious polished princess she’s actually tough as nails. She smashes a few walls to prove her point.

Seamy deliberate for ten minutes to camera about how important it is to make quick firm decisions. How can you not love the editing that is going on with this program? Hilarious.

Later we get a Leighton splashback montage which ends in him running out of time to choose anything and ungraciously going with Reese’s first choice. How does she put up with him? Clever editing or not he is coming across as a prat.

Teams are gutting the house and it’s hard not to think it would be easier to pull the whole thing down and rebuild it from scratch.  Looks like Michelle and Kel have the bulk of the demolition which isn’t thrilling either of them.

Looks like the next episode is upping the feuds, so far everyone has managed to get on quite well but there seems to be trouble brewing over the kitchen, dining, family areas. Expecting fireworks and some more creative editing.

House Rules on SEVEN Monday to Thursday night at 7.30pm.


1 Reality Raver { 05.22.13 at 11:28 am }

Annajjj – thanks for the recap. I thought the findng the absestos was bollocks in all the dumps they are renovating you would expect they would be looking for that and termites before in pre-production. And amazing how quickly the absetos removal guys were there.

2 tassilou { 05.22.13 at 11:48 am }

Sadly it isn’t in a great area really :( Looking forward to the fireworks in the next episode.

3 Eliza { 05.22.13 at 2:06 pm }

I was suss as to whether the asbestos was a surprise. Surely they would be checking the houses. Oh and the sand issue with the last house.. They would have known!

On another note, does anyone else get awkward when Amy and Sean look at each other with bedroom eyes during their to camera pieces?! I feel as though I’m interrupting…

4 Anna { 05.22.13 at 3:20 pm }

Tuned in at lunch time today…. bit boring and slow moving… might just watch house reveal.

On the subject of the Block, Trixie is full of crap. One day she cries that she didn’t win, the next she says she doesn’t care if she ever wins as long as she plays with integrity.

Wonder if she will install the steam room. Twins checked with architect and Keif. Trexie and Johnno are just going a head with it… surely there is penalty in that.
Wonder why they aren’t impressed with the sign that the twins put up….

It’s total crap that Princess and hub won a ton of money and twins walked away with smurfs. Why did they have to mix the keys up ? Why not just use the key they’ve found

For now Process and Hub won 10K as well as 2 lots of cash from the security deposit boxes….something is fishy

The most annoying couples are Trixie and John / Matt and Kim

5 Andrea { 05.22.13 at 3:48 pm }

I don’t believe the asbestos thing either, if they had a bank mortgage then I’m surprised it wasn’t picked up by a building inspector beforehand, and it would be hard to get a mortgage with the house in that condition, no proper kitchen etc.
Whatever the other teams do to renovate that place it will look like a mansion compared to its original state.
It was a bit mean for the couple having to sleep in a tent, they are working hard all day and need to have a decent bed to sleep in at night and have a rest.

6 Anonymous { 05.22.13 at 5:02 pm }

Lots of people live in entire houses built of fibro! They get mortgages. Fibro/asbestos is only a problem if you are renovating (and are a total dill and just slam into it, etc).

7 Veronica { 05.22.13 at 5:12 pm }

I agree with Andrea that it would be hard to get a mortgage on a house in such terrible condition, so maybe since moving in, J & P pulled the lining from the walls and ripped the stove out in an “edgy” attempt to renovate.