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Guest Post: House Rules – Tassie Reno Continues

Thanks again Annajjj for the House Rules recap:

Day 2 in Tassie and the cracks are starting to show. Pun intended. The teams start showing their competitive sides and strategize against each other. Michelle has a bad day and cornicing keeps everyone occupied.

First up a quick nod to The Voice. Kel slaughters Bread and Barry unexpectedly sings a little George Michael. Judges fail to turn so its back to work on this reality show.

Group meeting for the decision on the cornices. Everyone quickly agrees and goes back to work. Michelle freezes, takes a beat, looks confused. She hurries off to tell Kel that they need to stop everything and go and get their cornices before everyone else. Kel is on to it.

Cross to Jenna who tells us she is nailing it today. Actually she is unnailing it at the moment.

Sneaky Chris tells us he hopes to stuff up everyone else by getting all the cornicing. He’ll be the first one to have a change of heart later.

Michelle is furious with the boys for not getting her cornice when they got theirs. What the hell is with all the selfishness hmmmm? Its not like this is a competition. Michelle is the kind of person who would help everyone else and definitely would have brought back enough cornicing for the entire house.

The trilby miso ad comes on in qld and tells us the Lord (or possibly the law) is on our side.

Barry jnr doing that cool new hold-the-phone-near-your-chin thing and I don’t care if it makes me look like a wanker, I’m doing this from now on.

Apparently there is only enough cornicing in all of Tassie to do one house.

Kel returns to site and declares he has done a MacGyver, a reference which will go right over the heads of most of the contestants. He’s got his cornice strapped to the roof of his car with bits of sausage stuff but hasn’t managed to build a biplane out of it so not really MacGyver more like Gilligan.

Michelle is thrilled with her hubby but she is actually scarier when she is being nice than when she is yelling. Nick reneges on the keep-the-trailer-and-stuff-everyone-else plot and allows Barry Jnr to take it. He even helps him get it on to the four wheel drive.

Cross to Jane and Plinth and no Jane just stop it. The rule is that if you have to tell people that you are edgy and hipster then you’re not. Oh okay not too much posing, they are simply enjoying cooking in a real kitchen.

Michelle wants to thin out the height chart so she can frame it and feature it in their room. The helpful tradie slices it right down the middle and is it wrong that I burst out laughing at this? Love that Kel reassures her that it is still retrievable but I’m imagining Jane and Plinth being both thrilled to see it salvaged and totally baffled by the fact that it has been sawn in half. Edgy huh?

Nick observes Michelle’s melt down and expresses relief that they aren’t all emotional like the chicks on this show. We are both men says Nick and Chris quickly pulls back his shoulders in an attempt to look manly. Valar Morghulis Chris.

Teams go back to their motel rooms for the night all except Seamy and I’m starting to see the point of this `disadvantage` which may be a subtle way to allow this rookie couple a few extra hours on site. Sean takes advantage of this by cutting up gyprock to create…. something.

Next day and gorgeous shots of Tasmania. Kel thinks it is rural and countrified which brings a sneer to Michelle’s face. Words just come to Kel apparently.

Chris and Nick are working well. Chris goes off to buy Danish lights while Nick goes off to get his wrist x-rayed. He ignores the advice of the doctor and calls Chris to pick him up. Chris rolls his eyes in disgust. Brothers!

Jemma is genuinely nailing it now and Barry Jnr is concerned that all his plasterboard is falling down. Couples start fighting and Seamy come running to show everyone how a perfect couple behave.

In comes Caroline McCrave-Burger who is concerned about the kitchen island bench sticking out into the family room. Reese (finally) stands up to cranky Leighton and tells him to stop arguing with her and work together. Men! she hurrumphs but really its just Leighton.

Flash to Jane who hopes Barry jnr is doing Jarrah`s teenage room as he is really immature too. Ouch.

Michelle is shopping and re-enacts her walking down a hallway interpretive dance. Can never get enough of that. She’s found a wall muriel she absolutely loves but seems to have lost focus that she is renovating for clients not herself.

Nick and Chris have pinched the heater from Sean. Sean is sure it is a misunderstanding and goes to sort it out. He assures us that although he is a nice guy he can bring it when he needs to. No one believes this.

Michelle and Kel have a little fun outside. She tries to flick paint in his eyes while he beats her off with a stick. Take note Seamy – this is how real couples last for 20 years. Kiss cam shows everyone being affectionate and Nick tries to fend off Michelle who throws her arms drunkenly around his neck.

Slightly faster paced ep tonight which is good but there was some crossover with Offspring so I daresay they lost some of the audience in the last fifteen minutes. Slotting this into the same time slot as The Block has been the biggest downfall for the ratings. The Block started earlier, allowing us to get to know those teams first and securing many potential Rules viewers which is a shame as this is a faster paced show and has the advantage of no aggro Keith the Foreman. I watched the first half an hour of The Block and steam room-gate is still going as well as those stupid challenges. Just let them get on with it and stop these time wasters.

House Rules on Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on SEVEN.


1 katmac { 05.23.13 at 9:28 am }

Awesome recap! Loved it, especially Valar Morghulis Chris.
I died laughing.

2 seepi { 05.23.13 at 10:17 am }

I thought the couples kissing montage was funny when after all the couples hugging etc they show the two brothers just sitting there. Then michelle trying to give a big hug.

3 Daisy { 05.23.13 at 10:59 am }

Annajjj: Great writing!

4 annajjj { 05.23.13 at 11:12 am }

Agree seepi – great deadpan faces from the boys. Thanks katmac and Daisy, I’m having fun writing them but I have no idea how RR manages to do this for so many shows. Did you name your puppy yet Daisy?

5 Daisy { 05.23.13 at 11:23 am }

Yes annajjj. The gkids and Izobel2’s pick was Raji (Raju/Raj). Sorry we went with only one j. Thankfully he’s a good boy and a quick learner but I am having to be out in the yard a lot these days.

6 Veronica { 05.23.13 at 11:58 am }

Annajjj your recap was far more entertaining than last night’s ep which I found tedious. The cornice/trailer thing went on far too long and then we had the wrist and heater things which I doubt did much for the ratings. Not sure I can continue to watch but I won’t be looking in on the block as I think it’s worse. Maybe reno shows have run their course.

Daisy, glad to hear puppy is being good. I remember yard duty which seemed to go on for months. We were in the mountains most weekends and it snowed that year!

7 Daisy { 05.23.13 at 1:06 pm }

Veronica, the Raji and the 2 yr old border Collie at the back just found each other. You should have seen them. They are so happy to have a freind. They each have an acre to run. Now they have two between them. The people at the back want Raj and Molly to play together so I’m happy. Now I can be off frollicking duty and stick to walking, patting and scratching.

8 brain dead dave { 05.23.13 at 1:14 pm }

Thanks,annajjj. I’m doing the same, watching half of the Block and then turning over to this.

9 The Idiot Box AU Blog { 05.23.13 at 2:14 pm }

House Rules is much better than The Block.

Neither of them are great shows, but at least House Rules seems to move through things a little quicker.

Should have gone with 2/3 nights a week rather than 4 though…

10 Jason { 05.23.13 at 2:55 pm }

Yes, I too watch The Block till 7:30pm and then switch across to House Rules – last night on The Block they were building dunnies up trees! What this has to do with renovating a block of units is beyond me.

11 Techhater { 05.23.13 at 4:08 pm }

Annajjj great recaps i’m really loving reading them. I’m recording both MHR and the Block and watching them back to back while ff through the crap.

Steamroomgate is far from over. I noticed one of the twins having a whinge on the way to the dunny challenge about Trixie and Johnno are also stealing the bath idea. Wonder what will happen when the twins find out they’re also going to have a stove in the kitchen and heaven forbid beds in the bedroom.

12 brain dead dave { 05.23.13 at 5:22 pm }

The same things are still bringing The Block down for me. Like the amount of airtime $cotty gets and useless footage like the contestants lounging in their fart sacks in the morning.

13 Georgie { 05.24.13 at 9:30 am }

Attention-wise, I’ve been half watching this. I have paid enough attention to notice Michelle-from-hell though and wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t end up entombed in a concrete pour at some stage.

Great work again Annajjj thanks.