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So You Think You Can Dance Australia Returning To TEN?

With the latest season of the new season of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) kicking off in America there are rumours now circulating that Network Ten might be considering renewing the Australian version of the show. I am hoping this turns out to be true.

TV Tonight is saying there are rumours that it might be back on TEN in 2014. This is would be a good decision by TEN as there are no other dance shows on free to air and it was a popular show. One of the reasons it did not rate so well in its last season was it kept on getting shifted around on the programming schedule.

Even though TEN flirted and lost with the disasterous Everybody Dance Now the issue was not the calibre of dancing it was the format and the cast. US judges Kelly Rowland and Jason DeRulo did not manage to engage the audience and looked like they were there just to collect the pay cheque.

The format of So You Think You Can Dance allows the viewer to get to know the dancers their stories, their styles and personalities which means we are able make an emotional connection with them and cheer for them week to week.

Have a judging panel of two staple judges like Matt Lee and Kelly Abbey and rotate a different judge through weekly. Give sassy Natalie Goronzi the hosting gig and add in some great routines and people will watch.

Also it is rumoured ELEVEN will start screening the US version of SYTYCD soon.

TV Tonight also states that TEN is considering theIrish series The Hit where emerging songwriters compete for recording artists to choose their song to record. Brian McFadden is in that show, so if there is an Australian version I hope TEN won’t sign him up.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia hopefully on TEN in 2014.